Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake, Rattle, Roll

I know I posted yesterday about it being my first official day back from vacation, but today was my first official day back to work from a long but wonderful vacation. 

<<< Insert sad face here >>>

Actually, it wasn't that bad.  I thought I would feel more overwhelmed with a full inbox and a thousands tasks to get to, but surprisingly, I was more at ease just knowing my month of chaos was over and I could focus on the things ahead of me. 

Breakfast this morning included a souvenir I found in San Francisco. 

With all of the hype that revolves around Biscoff and its glorious spread, I knew this was making it back with me. 


1/4 C Natures Path Flax Plus Strawberry, 1/4 C Natures Path Multigrain Flakes, Berries, Banana, Almond Butter, Biscoff 

And my thoughts….good, but super sweet.  A tiny bit is really all you need or else I think it would be a little too overpowering. 


All day yesterday, I had a major craving for eggs.  I was thinking of having them for lunch, but then opted out last minute.  Then, when Courtney posted her egg lunch, I was envious and craving them even more. 

It had been far too long…

2 Egg Whites, Broccoli, Pepper, Tomato, topped with hot sauce

I made a quick frittata that took no more than 10 min, start to finish.  I also had roasted brussels sprouts and some melon. 

Dessert was my latest love….

I've been swooning over these for months.  Apparently, they are not sold around here anywhere, so when they appeared in my HLS swag bag, I melted.

The rest of the afternoon was eventful.  I'm sure most of you heard about the earthquake on the east coast.  Well, here in PA, we definitely felt it.  It was frightening but I'm sure even more alarming in VA and DC.

Even more eventful was RPM tonight.  I went with the intention of just practicing because it had been a few weeks but the instructor asked me to ride on stage and teach 1/2 of the class.

Totally unprepared and a little sore from a 12 mile run, I managed to kill it.

I'm teaching again on Saturday and can't wait!  Nothing is more thrilling than coaching a group of people to kick butt on a bike.


I got home quite late from spin and thankfully asked Toly to start dinner.

Amy's Roasted Veggie No Cheese Pizza with added veggies, basil, and nutritional yeast 

The leftover strawberry orzo pasta salad was a perfect accompaniment and required no prep at all.

I practically inhaled dinner.  

If you notice a difference in my photos, you are not seeing things.  Although I'm no photographer, I am using my dad's extremely nice DSLR Cannon Rebel T2i and I'm clearly obsessed.  I'm kind of hoping he forgets he lent it to me. :) 

Did you feel the earthquake today or have you ever felt an earthquake? That was the first time I had ever felt one and it was definitely quite scary. I can't imagine what its like to feel them all the time.  We apparently have no idea here on the east coast.