Sunday, August 28, 2011

Napa Recap: The Final Day

This is the final post recapping our Napa vacation, I promise. 

Day 5: August, 17

With all of the excursions, sight seeing, and wine tasting we had been doing all week, we decided that our last day should be spent with one goal in mind…relaxation! 

Most of the morning was enjoyed by the pool.

We actually got luck and had most of the pool to ourselves.  I guess these resorts get busy on the weekends but seem to clear out significantly during the week. 

Towards the afternoon, it was time to think about how we wanted to spend the rest of our day.  After doing some contemplation, we finally decided to engage in one last taste of the valley with a few more wine tastings up north of Napa. 

Before that, a quick stop for lunch….

Food is a very important factor before engaging in the sport of wine tasting…trust me.

Our frist stop was a well-known winery that attracts many tourists for their elaborate vineyards and elaborate tours.

Robert Mondavi Winery 

They offered two different kinds of tours, one lasting 90 min and one lasting 30 min.  We opted for the shorter one.

The tour was a walking tour that allowed us to taste and drink throughout.

We were led into the actual cellars where the wine is made and stored.

 (The red stripe on the barrels indicates a red wine) 

After Mondavi, we stopped at two more wineries but I don't seem to have any pictures.

St. Supery - known for their incredible Sauvignon Blanc
V. Sattui- one of a kind and not sold anywhere outside of Napa

Our final dinner in Napa was simply amazing.  We chose a restaurant that had been on my list of recommendations and were 100% happy with the choice.


Brix is known for having contemporary French inspired California cuisine that sits directly in 16 acres of prime Napa Valley gardens and vineyards.  The views were outstanding and dining on the patio was an incredible experience.

The problem with wine tasting all day is that by the time you eat dinner, you really can't drink another glass.  I originally stuck with water, but then I remember that it was my last night in Napa and I needed to go out the right way.

The food was unbelievable!

I chose the Strip Bass which was lightly cooked in a simple olive oil and lemon seasoning along with fresh squash, zucchini and tomatoes.  I swear it tasted just as they picked these vegetables right from the garden.

Toly went with the chicken.

Fulton valley chicken . heirloom tomato panzanella salad . tomato vinaigrette

We both enjoyed our meals so much.

Finally, no world class dining experience is complete without a sweet ending…

Our waiter raved about the apple tart that was served with a vanilla gelato and blackberry sorbet.

His raving worked.  It was the perfect way to end the night and our entire trip. 

And that concludes our 5 day dream vacation in the Napa Valley.  Coming home was hard for several reasons, and after living and breathing the valley for a week, I had a strong urge to leave my job and make wine for a living.  I can definitely see how this happens to people and why it's such a tempting offer. 

Although living there might be more of a dream, at least I have a case of memories to drink that will bring me back with every sip.