Sunday, August 21, 2011

My (Brief) Reflection: HLS 2011

I can't really express how overwhelmed I am right now.  In a good way of course.  The Healthy Living Summit 2011 was an incredible experience and I felt honored to not only be a part of it, but connect and meet some of the most amazing women.

I am sure many of you are inundated with post after post about the conference, so I'm simply going to share a few thoughts, more for the purpose of preserving my memory. 

It started on Friday when a large group of us all started off the weekend by meeting for lunch. 

A kick-off cocktail party Friday night was an excellent way to meet and greet with some familiar and new faces.

 MaryAnne, Karen (my traveling buddy) and Me

Me and Allie
(Allie and I have been virtual friends for a very long time and felt united when we finally meet in real life) 

Anne, Me, and Megan 
(Both ladies I've had the pleasure of hanging out with in the past and loved seeing them again) 

Me and Monica
(I adore this girl for her heart and her humor)  

Me and Clare 
(Instant BFF's.  I feel like this girl could be my sister) 

 Saturday morning, the bulk of the summit took place and conveniently, I was up first with my session on Budgeting For a Healthy Lifestyle.

The presentation went very well.  Aside from a few tech mishaps, the turn out, the interaction and the feedback were all so positive.  I was a little nervous that the audience wouldn't be as interested in the topic of budgeting at a healthy living conference, but I was truly blown away by the amount of people who said they were so excited to hear this.  Afterwards, I had many people ask if I would share more information so I've been thinking of doing some more caveats on the blog about managing finances.  Apparently, it is much more popular than I imagined.

The food was wonderful as expected and I finally had the opportunity to dive into some Great Harvest bread.

I met so many new friends and even a few new local bloggers. 

Me and CJ

My roommates were all fabulous!!

Again, I could go on forever about every heart felt moment I experienced this past weekend, but I won't. I'll just say that being in Philly for the HLS not only gave me understanding and appreciation for blogging, but it provided a truly groundbreaking realization that this aspect of my life is something I am honored and blessed to be a part of.

I have been so far removed from the virtual world for a week.  I have so much to share from our trip, some more fun posts, giveaway announcement and more.  This will be an exciting week on SWYNTS!!