Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Power Of Social Media

Lately, I've been feeling so overwhelmingly impressed with the unbelievable connections and power of social media.  Throughout my three years of blogging, I have learned more than I ever imagined, gained more input and inspiration than I can measure, and have witnessed miraculous things take place as a result of passionate people using their skills to the best of their ability.  

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This is just one example of how people are capable of joining together in order to achieve greatness.  I'm sure you've heard about this incredible event, but if you have not, I urge you to read about it and then participate.  


Yogi Goji Berry Flakes and Clusters, Natures Path Multigrain Flakes, Nectarine, Raspberries, Blueberries, Chia, Whole Wheat Muffin Piece 


Another monthly department luncheon was on the schedule for today.  The boys helped out with this one by cooking.  On the menu was picnic fare: Burgers, Chips, Pasta Salad and Fruit.

Of course there was veggie burgers for the non-meat eaters, which actually is more than just me now.

I had a long and tiring afternoon. I intended to hit up a spin class on my way home from an appointment, but got stuck in traffic and missed the start time.  It was probably for the best because I was tired and starving.  Not the best way to go into a hard cardio workout.


Last of the Gazpacho 

Grilled Asparagus 

I was talking to a group of college students the other day about the use of social media.  Surprisingly, most of them admitted to using facebook but not to the extent that I imagined.  I believed that they would be engulfed in updates, tweets, posts, blogs, etc. but really, it seems to be more of a mid-20's thing.  The one kid had a good point….he explained that at their age, they are still trying to find themselves.  They really don't have clear interests or direction because they are in the middle of figuring this all out.  So when it comes to social media, they can't really commit to taking one solid direction with it.  It seems to me that a rule of thumb when it comes to using social media for purpose is to have a definite purpose.  If not, you would simply be using it for pleasure and thus not really see the direct importance in it.  Makes sense! 

Do you think the use of social media is more of a post college generational thing?  I used to think the opposite, but I'm starting to wonder….I know it's much more developed now, but I use it significantly more than I ever did when I was in college.