Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Hello and happy weekend! 

It's a picture perfect summer weekend here.  High temps, lots of sun, and a lot of this going on…..

 I'm not sure which looks more lifeless, the dog or the grass….

Friday's Breakfast 

Something I have not done in a long time is partake in waffle Friday.  I went through a waffle-Friday kick for some time but the last time I ran out of them, I never restocked and kept forgetting.  Well, I finally replenished my frozen waffle stash and reunited with the beloved Waffle Friday once again.

Natures Path Flax Plus w/ Fig

2 Waffles, Fig Hazelnut Spread, Maple PB, Vanilla Yogurt, Mashed Banana, Blueberries, touch of granola

It was a glorious experience.

Apparently, Toly was trying to play food blogger yesterday because look what I found in the camera….

He's been asking me why I never post pictures of his food.  Well here you go.
(Side note - I've asked Toly do to a guest post but I can't convince him.  Maybe if you all leave him some inspiration, he'll agree ;)

Friday Lunch

leftover grilled veggies, polenta croutons, over spinach, with tomatoes, feta, hummus and balsalmic 

I had a girls night planned with my best friend Jen and couldn't have been more thrilled.  It's been a few weeks and we were both in need of it.

Friday Dinner

 She made a wonderful dinner of roasted vegetable stuffed portobello mushrooms

Along with salad, homemade salsa and chips and fresh watermelon salad.  It was all so delicious.

For dessert, Jen made something new…a clafouti.

Cherry Nectarine Clafouti 

 I think we had more fun trying to say Clafouti than actually eating it.  Okay I lie, eating it was much more fun. ;)

This morning, I was up for my favorite kind of Saturday….Spin, Pump and lots of sweat!

Saturday Breakfast 

WW Bagel Thin with Almond Butter and Mashed Banana 

 This was my first spin class that I was able to use my cycling shoes.  Let me just say, clipping in makes a world of difference!!

After class, I talked with a bunch of the instructors and they were so thrilled to have me on board.  It felt so energizing hearing how supportive they were.  I am beyond thrilled to start this exciting new journey!!

I ran some errands, treated myself to a mani/pedi and eventually made it back home ravenous for lunch.

Saturday Lunch 
Ezekiel Whole Wheat Wrap, Kale, Hummus, Avocado, Cucumber, Sun Dried Tomato

I also made a Peach/Blackberry Smoothie and finished up the cherries.  

I'm actually doing some work now and then Toly and I have plans for a date tonight.  We're both parting ways next week for work so we wanted to spend some time together before we are without one another. It's actually going to be crazy for the next few weeks so I think the next time we'll truly be able to reconnect is for our anniversary trip to Napa. 

Hope you are staying cool, enjoying the weekend, and loving every moment. :)