Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Start Fresh

"Don't drag yesterday problems into this brand new day. Give yourself, and those around you, a break and start fresh."
 ~ Lucy MacDonald 

I haven't shared a quote lately and thought I would begin this new month with a little fresh optimism.  I for one, am so happy to welcome March.  March symbolisms so many new beginnings.  It's the start of spring, longer days, warmer weather, and outdoor running season.  For me, it's the new adventure of moving, having a brand new home and getting our lives back to "normal" once again.   March is going to be MY month! Who's with me? 

I started off the month and the day with my favorite bowl of cereal as of late. 

1/4 Cup Natures Path Banana Almond, 1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Squares, Banana, Raspberries, a dab of Banana Peanut Butter and just a smidgen of banana coconut bread.  (it was on it's last leg and I didn't want to risk running the bowl if the bread was bad)

Cereal does fill me up, I swear.  But only when there is ample fiber, a little protein and a balance of carbs from simple and complex carbs. 

I worked in the office today because my presentation got moved to tomorrow. I was actually happy to have the time in the office because I'm planning to take next week off for the move so I want to get way ahead of myself. 

I didn't really get hungry for lunch until almost 1pm.  Finally, I broke into my leftover pizza and salad from last night.  Not even thinking, I forgot to take a picture, so just remind yourself of this….

Delicious on the 2nd day! 

After work, I headed to the gym and ran a 6 miler.  Don't ask me why I can't run outside yet.  Oh wait, I know, I'm using the excuse that I'll start my outdoor running as soon as we move but I think it's really because I'm still addicted to Ellen and ET at 4:30pm.  I need to break this habit soon.  My 10 mile Cherry Blossom Race is just about a month away and I've logged ZERO miles outside since Thanksgiving. Oy! 

I stopped by the house on the way home to check on the progress.  Things are still on track and we FINALLY got our electric hooked up today.  All I need now is running water and I'm all set to move in. :) 

Dinner tonight was made in no time.  I put together a quick Thai Stir Fry with tofu, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms in a Red Curry Sauce.  I added some pineapple and cashews at the end and served it over brown rice.  

I had just enough leftover for tomorrow's lunch, so expect to see another repeat picture.  

Hope today brought you a new promise of a wonderful month! 



  1. Yay for a new month! Especially when you have so many things to to look forward too!

  2. Another beautiful breakfast bowl! Glad you were able to get ahead at work- those days always feel amazing. Ellen is hilarious- I don't blame you for being addicted ;) It was a great first day of March!!

  3. Great quote, I love transition months! Everything looks delish, have a great week and month!

  4. I'm so excited for your move!! I'm sure time is passing by like molasses right now!

  5. TV is what prevented me from transitioning to outside runs too! I just loved my Paula Deen and college basketball. But the outdoors is definitely addicting once you start...
    Happy March!

  6. I like March because that means spring is drawing near...and it's my brother's birthday month, God bless him! :-)

    I wish you a wonderful month too, Lauren! :-)


    I am excited for March as well! and excited for you to be in your new home.


    p.s. someday you will make me a tofu stir fry! :)

  8. SO exciting that your new house is soon ready! :)

    i love the quote at the beginning, too. it's a great thing to remember!


  9. So exciting about your house!!! I bet you are so excited!


  10. I love the quote. Got to read it often to remind myself. It is always exciting to move into a new house.

  11. Love your thoughts on March - I feel the same way!

    I have a ten mile run coming up too (next week- eek!) and I haven't run outside yet either. I'm hoping to do a long run outside tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Thank goodness March and outside weather running are (almost) here!