Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Alive and Well

Ah, finally alive, awake and putting this who flu behind me.  It definitely took it's tool on me but I can honestly say, I finally feel back to normal. 

Yesterday morning, I was still not 100%.  I woke up feeling much better than the past 2 days but still not fully on my game.  I tried to do something for my body and completed much needed yoga.  After being in the horizontal position for more than 48 hours, my body screamed for some downward dogs. 

It felt good, but I was still feeling kind of queasy by the time breakfast rolled around.  Not queasy in the sense of feeling nauseous but still no big appetite.  I decided to stick with my safe food.  The same thing I've been eating for the past 2 days.  Cereal. 

Cheerios and Life with a Banana, Blackberries and Almond Milk  

I was able to stomach coffee today which was an improvement. 

I had to run around all day for work and also try to get caught up.  Around 12:30pm, I noticed my appetite started to appear slightly and I decided to try to see how well I could handle a PB&J. 

Ha, this looks like a lunch of a second grader, but it actually worked so well.  I was hungry when I started eating and everything sat pretty well in my empty stomach.

When I got off work, I contemplated going to the gym.  I really did want to run but then I put on my better judgement hat and realized I still wasn't feeling in the best shape to pound out a few miles on the treadmill.

I averted to plan B, which was to come home and complete Level 3 of Jillian Michael's Shred. So glad I chose to go this route.  It definitely felt good to move again but I didn't push myself too hard.

By the time Toly got home, we had to run out the door to go pick up some samples from our builder at the new house.

It's been awhile since I've shown you guys the progress….

 Looking AMAZING!!!  We are in the end stages now and both Toly and I are flipping out.  The walls are going in this weekend and then it's all down to the cosmetic work.  At this point, we are trying to pick out our paint colors and I need your advice.  We want to go with a neutral color for most of the house but I'm thinking I want to do something bold in the dining room and bedroom.  Does anyone have any advice??

After we played house, we headed over for our dinner reservation.  Tonight, I chose to go to a place that I've been to once before and loved. I knew I wanted to go back with Toly and since we were planning to be in the area that night, I decided it would be a great opportunity for a revisit.

California Cafe is a unique little French Fusion restaurant that is locally owned and prides itself on using only fresh, local, and mostly organic ingredients.

 To start, I ordered the Vegetarian Stew, which was blend of rustic vegetables in a slightly spicy broth hinted with accents of subtle curry.  It was fantastic!

It also came with this little pillow of pure heaven.  OH MY GOSH!  I'm not a bread person by nature, but this was one of the best rolls I've had.  If you would have told me that a little old French woman was in the back and pulling them out of the oven on demand, I would have believed you.

For dinner, I went with the Vegetarian Egg roll Salad, mostly because it was something I have never seen before on a menu.  Light veggie egg rolls sat on top of a bed of romaine and napa cabbage, with sesame noodles, mandarin oranges, shredded carrots and green onions.
 My only advice to make this salad more delicious would be to add a bit more vegetables, but I'm a little biased in the vegetable department.  Regardless, it was still quite tasty.

Toly's entree came with dessert so we chose to split the one that called out to us, a Chocolate Almond Torte.
 It was very good!  Rich and creamy, kind of like a warm under baked brownie with sweet chunks of almond studded throughout.

Of course, I had to have a cappuccino.  Hazelnut Cappuccino actually!

It was really a wonderful dining experience. 

After dinner, we used some giftcards we received for Christmas and went to see Little Fockers.  Hilarious!!!!  I don't think any of these movies could ever be bad with a cast like that.  LOVE Dustin Hoffman in this movie.  I definitely caught myself laughing out loud quite a few times. 

Time to tackle the day.  I have plans to get to the gym today finally for a new launch of Body Attack.  Can not wait!  Then its off for more errands and a date with my number one girl, Jen tonight!  Sushi, wine, and MUCH MUCH needed girl talk. ;) 

Hope you all have plans for a fantastic weekend! :) 



  1. im glad your feeling better! you sure had a very nasty bug!

  2. Oh the flu is the worst. So glad you have your appetite back and enjoyed a nice meal. Happy Weekend!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! Your new house is coming along great! It's amazing how quickly they can build houses! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better - the house looks great! For our "neutral" color in the living room/hallways, we have Macadamia Nut from Sherwin Williams on the wall - we always get a lot of great compliments on it. Google it! As for our "bold color" (we have a few) in the kitchen we have this green color that is absolutely perfect. It's just light enough and doesn't look "pea'ish" on the walls (I forget the name but could looks it up if you wanted me to) and in the office we have an accented wall that's orange. We also have a great gray color in our guest room that's really neutral.

  5. Glad you're feeling better!

    The house looks great! And so does that dinner.

    I have a busy busy weekend as well: birthdays, dinners, moving people into apartments, blogger meet ups, so much!

  6. SO SO SO glad you're better!! Now my beloved Suave has it though :(((

    The progress on the house is fabulous! Do something bold in the dining room, not the bedroom.

  7. HA! My "bold" comment is very "TWSS" ;)

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better! Fabulous that you're holding down food and getting in some quality workouts! Hooray!!! The house looks great. We built our house too and I just loved being able to see it progress. Dinner out? Holy yum! The Vegetarian Stew looks amazing. I wish I could find a recipe for that exact version ;) Josh and I went out to dinner last night and his dinner came with dessert too. It was so much fun to split it with him. Lots going on over here this weekend!

  9. glad you're on the mend! So exciting about the house! That must be an awesome feeling!!!

  10. SO glad you are doing better!!! Second grader lunches are always the best ;) When you feel up to it you should reminisce with some tomato soup and a grilled cheeses sandwich hehe. And good judgment call! There have been times where I think about the consequences and it wouldn't be worth it. Here's to a speedier recovery and then you can run to your heart's content :)

    That's so exciting about the house by the way! As for bold colors.. I love warm yellows.. think Tuscany :) It also depends on your furniture and decor. I'd love to help you out girl!!! Those things are always so much fun.

    The vegetarian stew looks soooo good and chunky with veggies. I just had breakfast and now I want lunch.. but specifically that! lol.And the egg roll salad sounds so interesting! I bought some napa cabbage this week, and this would be a great recipe to try and recreate. Maybe time consuming though lol, and this week I'm kind of lazy bahaha. And the hazelnut cappuccino to end the meal :) That reminds me of my mom--she loves a cup of cappuccino anytime of the day. I always ask for a sip with the froth hehehe.

    XOXO have a wonderful Saturday!!

  11. Sounds like a great night! Glad that you are feeling better and the house looks great!

  12. I'm so glad you are feeling better girl!

  13. Your house looks beautiful! So neat :)

    And there is nothing wrong with a meal like cereal and PB&J, if that's what you're feeling!

  14. YAY for feeling better- and CONGRATS on the house!! I've always been a huge fan of blue and white toile wallpaper in dining rooms. It makes a statement while still staying timeless! And my mom sponge painted our kitchen with yellow so the walls have way more texture than just a coat of regular paint. It's pretty!