Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Save A Life

Hey everyone! 

It's the freakin' weekend!!!!!!  

Thank goodness right?  I am all about relaxing and getting some rest this weekend because it has been quite a long week. 

Yesterday, I had a very scary thing happen to me but thankfully, no one got hurt.  I'll explain later. 

My day was long and started very early.  I had to be at an event at 6:30am and was going to be interviewed for a piece written in our local newspaper.  

Breakfast was quite and filling. 

Chobani Pineapple, Kiwi, Blueberries, Granola 

 1/2 Whole Wheat Bagel with PB and Mashed Banana 

The interview went well and after a busy morning and some more meetings, I made it back into the office right around lunch time.

Keeping up with my vow to eat lunch in for the rest of the week, I packed a salad the night before full of leftovers.

Leftover Tofu Eggplant Curry, Edamame Salad, Veggie Pot Stickers

This all came together very well.  It looks like one big mess but I promise it tasted delicious. 

Okay so after work is when my day got crazy.  I left work and had intentions of going to the gym, like I do every day.  Not a mile from when I left, I ran into a really bad accident that looked like it had just happened second ago.  I pulled over to the side, ran out of my car and to the one car to see if the girl was okay.  Me and another man were able to pull her out and take her to the side of the road, seeing that she was okay.  I told the man to call 911 and looked over at the other car to see the girl not moving.  I rushed over and started yelling to see if she was okay. No response.  My first thought was, "Oh Dear Lord, please let her be alive."  

After a minute of me screaming at her, she turned her head and I realized I knew her.  She worked in my office.  I asked her name and she told me.  I told her my name and that I worked with her and I think she started to recognize me.  

I told her the ambulance was on the way and that she was going be okay.  I sat with her (being careful not to touch or move her because she indicated that her chest hurt and she couldn't move her legs).  The police showed up shortly after and began to take over. 

This was the scariest thing.  As soon as I saw her not moving, I kept thinking, "Okay, you are going to have to perform CPR, you can do this."  I was seriously ready to dive in and try to save her life.  

This whole thing made me realize that I do have that ability to overcome fear and put my life aside for others.  I was so thankful that I had just recently became certified in CPR and First Aid and when I told the Police Officer that, he thanked me and told me I did the right thing.  

After this, I was really shaken up.  I skipped the gym (obviously) and called Toly right away to tell him that I loved him.  

Once I calmed down, I headed over to my sister's, which is where I was planning to go later that night. 

I felt better once I got there and talked about everything. 

We eventually worked on dinner. 

Frozen pizza and salad was on the menu and I had brought a new TJ's frozen Vegetable Pizza for myself. 

I'm not sure what it was, but I really didn't like this pizza.  It just tasted weird.  I'm wondering if it was the pizza or if it just had gone bad but I couldn't even stomach two bites.  So unlike any Trader Joe's product so I'm hoping I just got a bad one.  Has anyone ever had the Reduced Guilt Vegetable Pizza Primavera?

I ended up chucking this and eating a slice of my sister's Digorno and just took off the cheese.  It was actually delicious!

Once we were done with dinner, Weston woke up hungry and wanted some pizza too.  Unfortunately, he hasn't worked his way up to pizza quite yet but he has mastered oatmeal.


We cleaned up and worked on dessert.  Ghiardeli double fudge brownies!!

 I have been having a chocolate craving like no other. (Yes for those reasons!)  This was RICH and gooey and delicious!!  The only way to eat brownies is warm, underbaked and right out of the oven.

We put on a movie but I fell asleep in the first 5 min.  I think everything had just caught up with me because my body was so exhausted.  I came home, went right to bed, and didn't wake up until 8am this morning!!!!  I never sleep that long so I knew my body needed the rest. It felt great! 

Busy day today!!  I'll be back later. 



  1. Oh what a day you had! My dad is a firefighter/paramedic, and I could never do what he does. Prayers for your coworker!

  2. that kid is LIVING the dream in that oatmeal!! i love it

  3. Wow, I am impressed by your quick, calm reaction to the accident.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is definitely a scary experience! It says a lot about your character for doing everything in your power to help the two girls. Sadly, many people would just drive by and not stop to help. It shows that you have a kind heart! Glad you were able to calm down after that nerve-racking incident. Witnessing things like that always puts life back in perspective! Hope you have a great (and peaceful) weekend!

  5. oh my gosh! I'm so glad that everything turned out ok. How scary! You definitely did the right thing. I hope the girl is able to truly thank you once she is recovered. Breakfast bowl looks great. Have you tried the new Chobani flavors? They're awesome! And the kids packs are a little smaller- perfect for breakfast bowls.

  6. I love the TJ's guiltless pizza, but I also think I am extremely easy to please. I loved the blueberry Lara Bar that everyone else gave so-so reviews of. So maybe it just isn't that great...?

  7. OMG you little boy is so cute!! ADORABLE :)

  8. omg, I had something similar happen to me when i was 19! It's so scary to be the "first-responder" on the scene of an accident! And how crazy that you actually knew the girl! I hope everything turns out okay!!!

  9. omg what a day you had! that is so scary, but good on ya for getting out and going to her rescue! you are an angel!

  10. Lauren, you have a heart of gold! Wow. I probably wouldn't just driven by, minding my own business. I try not to stare at accidents because it's rude and slows everything down but you've got me thinking...maybe sometimes you need to jump out and lend a hand. You are amazing!!

  11. You are so brave. I always wonder what I'd do if I came across a situation like that. I hope I'd be calm enough to help but I can never be sure. Good for you for keeping your cool!

  12. Oh my goodness! It's really incredible what a surge of adrenaline can do for us! Sometimes you just never know how you will react in an emergency type situation until faced with one! Good for you for keeping calm! Hope your co-worker is doing alright!