Monday, December 20, 2010

Live in the Christmas Present

Fa la la la la! 

It's Christmas week!!!  I love this week.  Sure, one could get irritated with the craze of last minute shoppers, horribly ambitious drivers, the anxiety of feeling like you've forgot someone in your lists, but then if you really stop to think about it, does any of that really matter?  

I'm making my most conscious efforts to be entirely engaged and present this week.  I'm trying to work on living in the moment and feeling fully content, aware and oh so appreciative of my surroundings.  It's easier said than done but definitely an attainable ambition. 

This morning, I had a few extra moments to enjoy to myself before having to be at a presentation.  Taking advantage of the time, I created a bowl of pumpkin oats, realizing it has been way too long. 

Pumpkin Banana Pomegranate Oats 

So delicious and quite a nice way to keep warm on a chilly Monday morning. 

After a few presentations at my old high school, I took advantage once again of being so close to home and came home for a quick lunch.
 Trader Joe's Black Bean Soup with Avocado and Plain Greek Yogurt

I don't know about you, but I definitely like a thick hearty soup.  This one is pretty thick on its own, but just to add a bit more protein and bulk, I added a big spoon of pumpkin at the end.  Best idea ever!! 

I enjoyed this soup very much along with a few chips and salsa and an orange. 

 When I got off work, I was unusually hungry for dinner.  My appetite seems to go either way these days when it comes to dinner.  I'm either starving or feeling kinda off.  When the first one occurs, I take advantage.

Tonight, I had a large craving for eggs and brussels sprouts. Yes my cravings are odd, no I'm not expecting.
 I made a classic open faced egg sammy of Whole Wheat Sourdough, Dijon, Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Egg, Avocado, Goat Cheese and Jam and cured my other cravings with a pile of roasted sprouts.

Toly took the camera to show off his sammy.  I think he's been feeling neglected on the blog as of late.

Who is bored?  Well I have something for you to do!!!!! 

Enter my GIVEAWAY for a Merry Trader Joe's Christmas Package! 

Speaking of my giveaway, I'm beginning to think I should have gotten a box of this Cinnamon Vanilla tea for myself.  You all seem to speak so highly of this product so don't be surprised if there may be one missing from the box if you win! ;) 



  1. I agree! Its so easy to take this time of year for granted- enjoy every minute! That is one AMAZING lunch. Makes me want the exact same thing for lunch tomorrow :) Brussels! I had some last night- amazingness. Thank you again for the package. I snuck a few nuts to try- SO good!

  2. That sopu looks amazing! I love adding pumpkin to chili at the end. It bulks it up so much!!

  3. Your pumpkin oats looked so beautiful today! :)

    I'm glad that the black bean soup from TJ's is a thumbs up. I have a can in my pantry that I need to eat! :)

  4. I just bought a can of TJ's black bean soup today--so excited to eat it. I got your pecans today. Thank you SO MUCH!! They are delicious. Peter says so too.

  5. This post was EXACTLY what I needed to read tonight. After I read your opening paragraphs, I thought, "Wow. I really need to focus on being present...on not getting caught up in the stress and bustle". Thank you once again for inspiring me! You are such a dear friend!

  6. Oh, those oats look so good! But that certainly comes as no surprise from your blog :-) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I totally know what you mean by wanting to feel present. I need to focus much much more on doing so. Especially since I'm on break, around my family and BF, I really need to be conscious that I enjoy and soak in these moments.
    <3 ps. I hope you got my email about my addy for the giveaway :)

  8. I love Christmas time! This week really does put it all into perspective. There is snow in the forecast too!

  9. This year, everything has been put into perspective. I'm trying to enjoy every minute (even when the kiddies are driving me insane!) and enjoy every day :)


  10. That's an admirable ambition indeed, Lauren! Soak up all the positivities of this festival...there are so many things to enjoy!

  11. Your meals always look so cozy and delicious!
    Ha! I am giving away trader joe's tea also! Isn't is amazing?! I have been going through their teas like its nothing! :)

  12. I haven't tried that TJ's soup, but it looks amazing - especially topped with avocado (my fave) & yogurt. Yum!