Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Greatest Act of Love is Acceptance and a TJ's WINNER!!!

Hello good friends. I hope you are all having a great week so far.  For some reason, I thought today was Wednesday and then when I realized it was Tuesday I was semi disappointed until I remembered my wish not to wish this week away.  This is the best week of the year so I'm pretty happy it's going slow. 

This morning, I spotted some ripe pears sitting on the counter and included them into breakfast. 

1 diced pear, Kashi Harvest Wheat, Vanilla Chobani, PB Raisin PB, Applesauce, Granola Sprinkle 

Classics never get old. 

I was presenting at a school all day and I needed to bring something quick to eat in between sessions.  I recently picked up this new (to me) Amy's Pocket. 

Not necessarily as good as my favorite, Spinach and Feta Pocket, but it was quite good in a pinch. 

When I was at the gym this evening, I ran while watching Ellen (my new favorite past time) and on today's show, she featured her wife Portia DeRossi.  Ever since I saw Portia on Oprah a few weeks ago, I've been so fascinated with her and her story.  I'm actually thinking about purchasing her book because it really does sound like a fantastic biography of her life.  

Anyways, she said something tonight that really hit me hard and I wanted to share.  Referring to her wife Ellen, she stated, "she has showed me that I am worth every ounce of who I truly am, which is really the best gift anyone can give to you."  

Wow!!!  How profound and incredibly true.  There really is no better way to express the act of love to another or yourself then to show that person that you fully accept them for who they are.  Not just who they try to be or who they once were or who they may become, but their entire being, for all of their beauties, imperfections, successes, failures, qualities and faults.  And what is even better is if you can start to accept yourself on this level at the same time. 

For dinner this evening, I pulled out another one of my latest Trader Joe's buys. 

This Chimichurri Rice may look like Fried Rice, but it's so much better! I've never had Peruvian food before, but after this, I think I would be a big fan. 

And talk about simple to prepare.  Just throw it into a skillet and cook for 5 min.  

I add some fresh broccoli and frozen veggies for a bit more vegetable substance as well as 1/2 block of TJ's Teriyaki Tofu.

Delicious dinner in no time. 

Okay, now what you've all been waiting for…..

Kristin said...4

my favorite Christmas tradition is driving around my town with my family and looking at Christmas lights on the night of the 23rd. We all wear our pj's, take snacks to enjoy in the car, and sing along with the Christmas music on the radio :)



  1. I saw that episode of Ellen when it aired before and thought that they were SO sweet together :) I kind of want to read the book too. Gosh...I heard a rumor that a TJs is opening in Charleston- seeing your dinner makes me REALLY hope that is true. Enjoy the rest of your week

  2. Congrats to Kristen! That is such a fun tradition!

  3. I love TJ's! I had their Mandarin Chicken and it tasted just like take out! Amazing. :-) Kristen, I'm jealous. Haha.

  4. How did your presentation go? I'm sure you rocked it!

    I want to read Portia DeRossi's book, too, even though I'm usually not a huge fan of memoirs. Her struggles- and how she overcame them- are truly incredible. I also just got a little emotional reading Ellen's quote you wrote out!

  5. awww, the winner's tradition sounded so sweet & fun! I totally want to incorporate that into my own family!!!

  6. You've given me a few new item ideas to add to my grocery list next time I go. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a delicious Christmas!