Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Gala Getaway

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Another wonderful weekend was had by Toly and I.  We planned a mini getaway in Hershey that coincided with my company's annual Holiday Gala.  Every year, my work throws a very nice Christmas party for its associates and their significant others and this year, it was being held at The Hershey Lodge, an upscale hotel and convention center right in the center of the city.  The Lodge was having discounted rooms for our event, so Toly and I decided to book a room at a very good rate. 

Instead of just making a night out of it, we made an entire day out of it as well.  We woke up early in hopes of beating the rush at my all time favorite breakfast place on this planet. 

The Hershey Pantry!!! 

It's probably no surprise by now what I got.  99% of my visits to the Pantry result in the baked oatmeal.  It just happens to be the best thing I ever ate every single time.  The special was Double Cream Cranberry Baked Oatmeal.  Just look…..

Amazing!!  It tasted even better than it looked if you can believe.

Toly opted for something a little less sweet and went for the Egg Sandwich on Pretzel Bread.

After a fantastic breakfast, we hit the outlets for a few hours of Christmas shopping and were able to get much accomplished.

When we finished the shopping, one of the Executive's at my company called me to see if I would be up for a little surprise.  He knew that Toly and I were in Hershey and planned a little adventure for the both of us.

We were both very intrigued and obviously couldn't say no.

So what was the surprise?  Ballroom Dancing Lessons!  No joke!

Toly and I spent an hour learning how to do the Rumba, The Fox Trot, and The Electric Slide.  And the best part was, we had an absolute blast!

Liz, I thought of you the entire time. ;)

Once the shopping and dancing came to an end, we were both pretty tired at this point and decided to check into the hotel to try and get some rest before the party.

Frist, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the restaurant in the hotel.

Veggie Wrap and Side Salad

The wrap wasn't actually good so I decided to dump the veggies and make one big salad.  

Later on, it was time to party!  I changed into my party clothes and got ready to get down. :) 

The Gala was awesome!  We ate great food, we drink good wine, we danced all night, we mingled with all of my coworkers.  Such a fun night!

Today was spent cooking/baking for some upcoming Holiday Parties and events this week.  I feel Christmas is definitely in full swing now.  

Here's hoping you all had a fantastic weekend! 



  1. YES!!!!!!! You have no idea how much this post made me smile :D And I love the shout-out, hahaha.

  2. P.S. - now you'll be even MORE prepared for when you come back to town and go dancing with me and Slava... just sayin'... ;)

  3. i have a feeling the hershy pantry would be my favorite place ever - every time you post from there, my mouth salivates! you look beautiful - glad the gala was fun!

  4. That is SO fun! I really want to go to that place and try the baked oatmeal- it looks out of this world good. And SO cool that y'all learned how to dance. I'd like to do that with Josh. It is totally holiday time :) :)

  5. What a FUN weekend! How cool one of your coworkers surprised you with dancing lessons. You look incredible in your dress, by the way! :)

  6. What a cute dress! Looks like a great weekend :-)

  7. I love your party dress! And that oatmeal :) I totally approve of your breakfast selection :)

  8. Omg you look GORGEOUS in that dress, you totally rocked it. So adorable to see that you guys had a fun weekend :)

  9. Sounds fantastic. Look at you girl, you've got a holiday glow!

    Tinka x

  10. so fun!!! your baked oatmeal looks amazing and I LOVEEEEE ME A WRAP SANDWICH!!

    And you look freaking GORGEOUS in that dress!!!!!!
    What a handsome couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again for you support!! You are amazing!!


  11. That oatmeal looks AMAZING. And dance lessons sound so fun!! Definite date idea for me now:)

  12. Ow ow, you look fierce, lady! I'm sure you and Toly totally tore it up :-D

    That baked oatmeal looks FABULOUS! I want to make that at home!

  13. MAn that oatmeal looks freaking incredible!!! WOW!

    You are totally rockin' that dress, love it!!