Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leave The Stuffing For The Turkey

Hello there! 

I can't believe we are about to embark on another Thanksgiving.  Why is it that when you are young, it seems like a lifetime in between the holidays and then you hit a certain age and bam, it seems like you're eating turkey again even before you can digest last year's feast? 

Today I read an article that gave some tips on how NOT to overdo it on the big day.  Now let me preface by saying I do not, by any means, think you should try to restrict yourself around the holidays.  Come on, why on earth would you want to pass up the sweet potato casserole to save yourself a calorie or two?  But I do know how easy it is to overdo it to the point of feeling sick.  

So here are some useful tips I've found that work for me in order to enjoy everything without feeling like you will explode. 

  • Don't skip breakfast on the day of the big day- I never understood why people feel they should not eat something healthy before they eat the big dinner.  Eating breakfast will not only keep you staying focused when faced with an abundance of food, it will help you digest after you fill your tummy.  Plus, you won't come to the table feeling starved, famished, and tired. 
  • Eat the green stuff- Don't pass on the green beans.  That doesn't mean you have to only eat veggies, but make sure you don't neglect them either.  Even just a little will prevent you from overdoing it on the other stuff.  (PS- Mashed Potatoes do not count! :) 
  • Walk it off- After you finish, instead of hi-tailing your behind right to the sofa, why not talk a walk?  Just the fresh air alone will help you digest and you'll feel much better.  Plus, you'll be making room for dessert, definitely a necessary move. 
  • Don't make it JUST about the food- It's so easy to become so focused on the food and the food alone.  Remember why your celebrating to begin with.  Take a moment to really appreciate the holiday and the time you spend with your friends and family.  Play a game, watch home movies, or just sit around and talk.  When do you ever really get the chance to do this in the middle of the week? 
In all, just remember to enjoy yourself.  Thanksgiving is a time that should be remembered for the warm memories with family not the feeling of guilt and shame for eating a few slices of pie.  

I had a busy day of running around today and getting things in order before my break.  I took off tomorrow so that I could prepare some things before Thursday so I needed to get all of my work caught up today. 

Breakfast always kick starts my day: 

Kashi Harvest Cinnamon, 1 Diced Pear, Applesauce, Vanilla Chobani, Granola, Cinnamon Raisin PB, Honey

I loved the addition of honey over this.  I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before, but it added just the perfect touch of sweetness.

I was on the road for most of the morning and in between meetings, I stopped for a bit to catch up on some work.  I brought my laptop with me so that I could pop into a place with free wifi.  Wegmans seemed like the perfect spot.

Okay, word to the wise…..

Never go into Wegmans hungry and with an adventurous palette.

You will go broke!

I hit up the prepared food bar but got very excited to try little bits of everything.

Unfortunately for me, they weigh this and charge you by the pound.  Who thought that roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts weigh 26 lbs???

And if that wasn't enough, as I was on the way to pay, the smell of Spicy Black Bean Crab Soup allured me to try a small cup.

It doesn't end.  I also loaded up on some fresh fruit to take back to the office with me.

So, yes, all this cost me $20.  I paid and realized I had just spent $20 on myself for lunch.  I told myself I was worth it and got over it.

I also picked up an Honest Tea on the way out.  I'm not sure why because I don't even like iced tea and every time I buy one of these, I never want to drink it.

Wow, I'm not doing so well with budgeting wisely today which is ironic because that is the topic I presented to high school seniors all morning.

After work, it was gym time and then dinner time.

I came home to my mom making dinner tonight. (We are so spoiled here)

She made her famous Ginger Spice Chicken but subbed shrimp to make it "Lauren" friendly.

The entertainment during the meal was Toly's milk taste testing.  My dad convinced him that skim milk tastes no different than his 1%. 

He wasn't buying it…..


Not sold but not completely turned away either.  

Now I wonder if I can get him to open his mind about almond milk? 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!! 



  1. Thanks for the healthy tips :) And another yummy breakfast idea...I always find them here! What is your job? I'm a high school English teacher and always have presenters coming in...I love them!

  2. i was just talking to my in-laws about wegmans! sounds like heaven.

  3. i like the last bullet point most!!! sometimes i get anxious over holidays and all the huge portions of food but my mom always reminds me in these situations to focus on the relationships :)

    1% definitely is different than skim haha. yummy lunch! i hate how expensive fresh food can be. still worth it though ;)

  4. Agreed! The holidays seem to fly right on by. I try to fill up with tons of veggies at Thanksgiving and splurging on the items that are truly once a year items. Great dinner! Go your Mom! Josh way prefers 2% to skim or 1 %!!

  5. I love those tipes - I remember all too well making the mistake of "saving up" for the big meal. Well, that made me: a) overeat and b) feel soo full because my stomach had shrunk during the day!!!

  6. i think the best tip is to remember that its not just about the food. its about who you share it with!

    hope you have the happiest of thanksgivings. you deserve it

  7. Thank you for the great tips!

    And I looove your breakfasts. They always look so delicious.

  8. Lauren, I love that you said to make Thanksgiving about the family and the day, not just the food. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the feast, but the feast is just there to bring everyone together and to celebrate the fact that we have each other and we are lucky enough to eat.

  9. I've bought WF hot bar before and spend $16 on the container of food alone. It's always worth it though. Love the tips- I think eating plenty of greens is always key for me!!

  10. I know! It's so crazy that it's already Thanksgiving...Christmas will be here before we know it!

    I love holidays. My family is HUGE and we always do the things that you mentioned. Board games, frisbee football, and long walks after the Thanksgiving meal are always necessities!

    I hope you have a wonderful time! Only two more days until our dinner date!:D:D


  11. My first and only visit to Wegman's was last year, and I was in love. Your salad bar/hot bar lunch looked amazing! Sadly we only visit my inlaws in DC maybe once a year. :( I used to work at supermarket, and always wanted the salad/soup bar for lunch, but it was SO expensive. It's easy to rack up a big bill when everything looks yummy!

  12. Great suggestions!!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)