Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Baby Question

This post comes a tad late but all I wanted to do when we got home last night was crash.  Truth be told, I haven't been feeling so on my game these past few days.  I hope I'm not coming down with something. 

Yesterday was nothing out of the norm.  Breakfast was an old faithful, Pear Yogurt Bowl. 

 I really do love this combination so much.  Something about juicy pears, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt and granola just fits perfectly together.

This was very good, but for some reason my stomach was feeling just a tad off.  Nothing too dramatic, but noticeable.  My back to back meetings all morning kept my mind off of it and by the time 12:30pm rolled around, I started to get hungry for lunch.

 I threw together a salad last night using the leftover tilapia from dinner.  Even eaten cold, this fish tasted great, especially in leftover form.

I ate at my desk again because I was leaving early for a doctor's appointment.  The appointment went well (just a follow up with my GI) but I didn't realize they would be taking quite a bit of blood work.  I obviously didn't prepare well for this and by the time they had sucked four viles of blood from my arm, I nearly fainted.  I re-cooperated but I was supposed to meet my brother-in-law at the track for a run afterwards.  Not feeling the best, I cancelled the run but we still kept our plans to go over to their house for dinner.

Toly and I played "aunt" and "uncle" while my sister and her hubby prepped dinner.

 Knowing that it was Wednesday and Toly and I have had to sacrifice our weekly BFD, my brother in law put together a wonderful breakfast for dinner for us.

Everything tasted wonderful!

We spent the rest of the night hanging out and entertaining little Weston.  It's so amazing to see him getting so big.  Ever since my sister had him, I get the question all the time if Toly and I are planning one soon.  Well, we definitely see this in the cards, but not anytime in the immediate future.  For now, I'm enjoying aunthood and completely content getting my baby fix with him.  We'll see though, this could be short-lived. ;)

I'm off work today!  Yay!  Some gym, some relaxing, maybe a run, and I'm planning to make a family dinner tonight.  Should be a good day! 



  1. hahaha oh "the question"- I think we get this on a weekly basis. We always try to respond with something smart like- if you promise to watch the baby 4 days a week, we'll have one right now ;)That is so sweet that your brother in law made BFD. Looks very tasty. mmm eggs :)

  2. You're too small to get pregnant. Girl, gain some weight!

  3. @Amelia-Lauren is fine the way she is. Her weight is none of your business. Grow up.

    Nephews are a great way to get a baby fix. :)

  4. @ Amelia- I'm pretty sure you're in no position to tell Lauren whether she can get pregnant. That's a conversation to be left between her, her husband and her doctors. She has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't need strangers trying to tell her what's best for her own body.

    Um, I'm 20 and I already want a baby. They're so cute!! I get my fix with my cousin's kids for now though :)

  5. HOw nice to have BFD made for you guys--it looks so good! You and Toly are gonna make the cuuutest baby when you do.

  6. @ Amelia - Please don't judge others. You obviously do not know anything about Lauren because if you did, you would know that is such an insensitive comment to make.

    newborns always make my ovaries start to ache. :)

    and ps: I think you're perfect. :)

  7. CONGRATS ON BREAKING GROUND AND GETTING CERTIFIED! amidst the craziness of it all, it must feel so good to get all that started! and of course, i am absolutely in awe at your granola French toast and that quinoa bowl of goodness. any recipes for those?

    your nephew is SO cute! isn't it so funny how there always seems to be a life question? like, do you have a boyfriend? if you do, are you married? if your married, when are you having kids? there is always something.

    love you and all your sweet kindness. mwah!!!

  8. hi! i just started reading your blog and i love it. fortunately we havent gotten "the baby question" yet, but my parents have been dropping not so subtle grandparents remarks all the time. geez, ive only been married for a few months!!

    i too am obsessed with pear breakfasts right all about quinoa, pears, cinnamon, and raisins...and sometimes PB as well. :)