Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I Learned Today

I woke up today thinking it was Monday, when in actuality, it was Tuesday.  A great way to start things off. 

I realized that although it may be the middle of October, tropical breakfast bowls still taste as good as they did this past summer. 

1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Handful of Kashi Autumn Wheat, Pineapple, Blackberries, Blueberries, Pineapple Chobani, Flax and Chia, White Choc Wonderful Drizzle (The strawberries were for decoration) 

I had them on the side along with a few grapefruit slices and a large cup of coffee. In case you haven't noticed already, I've switched back to hot coffee.  Not because it's been too cold for iced, but because I haven't had any time to make a big batch of coffee on the weekends to supply the iced coffee for the week. 

I learned that if you leave an open packet of Almond Butter in your purse, it will explode all over your $200 Coach bag.  But I also learned that if you are anything like me, you will be more concerned over the almond butter that had to be sacrificed rather than the mess on the inside of your purse. 

Toly learned that if he were a bachelor, his house would look something like this. 

Apparently guys rely on their significant others to decorate the bare walls of their homes.  I must say, the house does feel odd without any pictures, art, or hardly any furniture. 

I learned that although I was able to fill eight large boxes full of plates, cups, and glasses, I still have about two more boxes worth of dishes to pack.  Toly made me admit I had a problem. 

I learned that leftovers from last nights dinner make the most wonderful lunch the day after.  Cold fish on a salad does taste just as good, I promise!

 I learned that after daily use and ware and tear on your Garmin, it can fall apart.  It will still work if you hold it, but this can get old very quickly.

I also learned that it's possible to purchase a replacement strap but something else I learned was that my Garmin is not a 305, it's a 405 and the 305 strap that you order will not work for this model.  Crap!

I learned that food speaks to me at various times during the day.  For some reason, my mind was stuck on asparagus all day.  I kept seeing recipes for asparagus when I was at the gym and realized how badly I wanted asparagus but didn't have any.  Obviously, I felt the subconscious messages were the food gods talking to me, so I would gladly go out of my way to ensure that asparagus was obtained for tonight's dinner.

I learned that if you walk into BJ's drenched in sweat and emerged in a strange oder from running 4 miles, people will give you weird looks.  People will also stare and point when you proceed to grab a stalk of asparagus in your disgusting state and walk out with it with your bare hands.  Yes, I was that person, no shame.

But when you see why I felt so inclined to do this for the asparagus, you will understand.

I saw Giada make a salad like this one a few days ago and wanted desperately to recreate it.  This was roasted asparagus on a bed of arugula with cantaloupe, feta and walnuts drizzled in a balsamic glaze. 

I learned that you can take food from the depths of your freezer and pantry and put together a fantastic meal. 

Butternut Squash and Spinach Ravioli Bake 

This was comprised of Butternut Squash Ravioli, Roasted Butternut Squash, Butternut Squash and Cottage Cheese Filling, Spinach, Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Marinara Sauce.

I learned that you can make your hubby a similar meal without much more effort.  Stuffed Shells were the closest version I could get to this.

I learned that although eating most meals out of bowls is my preferred way to eat, I only like to eat pasta and salad on the same plate so that way I can mix the last bites together. 

One last thing.  I learned that people on diets are always hungry.  Don't you think that there is some kind of conflicting messages going on here?  

Just my random collection of knowledge for a Tuesday. 

What did you learn today? 



  1. Today I learned even more just how blessed I am to have close friends there for me always.

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice day :) I have a lot of dishes too...I like variety....I need it. The tropical breakfast looks fantastic. Josh craves pineapple all year long so I always end up buying him the canned version. Beautiful din din- gotta go for what you're craving. Butternut squash ravioli rocks. What did I learn today- patience is truly a virtue.

  3. looks amazing. I am making a giada dinner tonight. What are your thoughts on the garmin. I had the FR 60, but it died in 7 months.

  4. I learned that sometimes you have to let go of your first plan to make room for what life's going to bring you

  5. Today I learned I cannot control everything that happens to me. Today I learned that everything happens for a reason. Today I learned that no matter how clean and healthy my lifestyle is, I am still human and my body will still fail me sometimes.

    Wow, sorry to be so deep and depressing.

    But your dinner looks good! :)

  6. I learned that grading essays can be particularly draining...and a freshly baked poppy seed roll can do wonders to help rejuvenate you! I also thought that today was Monday (weird, huh?) And I'm so thankful that my class is canceled tomorrow night. I'm definitely learning that I need to slow things down. Your food looked tasty today...I'm all about bringing the tropics right through the winter season!

  7. yeah, that dinner looks perfectly wonderful....did i learn anything today!?? i got a flu shot and basically everyone told me i might get sick now. i guess we'll see!!!

  8. We have the SAME exact couch! :) Love it!

  9. haha i did the SAME thing after basketball last night...walking into giant food stores with sweat marks all over=some obvious staring. haha. no shame is right! :)

  10. What an inventive way to add ravioli to a bake - ontop! Nice.

    What I learned today... you can get really sweaty really fast in just 12 minutes with intervals.

  11. "One last thing. I learned that people on diets are always hungry. Don't you think that there is some kind of conflicting messages going on here?"

    WORD. I love it so much that I'm going to tweet it. :D

  12. Today I learned that if Americans eat enough candy corn each year to circle the earth 4.5 times.

    Hey, it was on the back of the Brach's bag!!

  13. Oh no! I would probably cry if almond butter spilled in my $200 purse! I don't have one, but I can imagine what it's like haha ;) Today I learned that I'm not quite ready to play guitar hero on the 'hard' level yet :)Oh and I also that it isn't wise to put white body lotion right next to white hand soap...because you WILL confuse the two and put hand soap on your face.

  14. AHHHH on the almond butter! That blows. (HAHAHA i just typed "That BLOGS")

    That ravioli bake is SO clever and looks excellent.

    Today I learned that it's OK to cry in front of your boss, even if he is the one who made you cry, because then he will realize what an ass he was and will apologize :)

  15. I think it's a good thing to wake up in the morning and realize that it's NOT Monday. Who likes MOndays? lol.

    I learned that when the professor says to STOP writing and turn in your mid-term, you do it in a flash. Otherwise she will not accept it. Period.


  16. Long time no see!!!!!!!!!!!

    I learned today that we have the same couch!! hehe