Thursday, October 14, 2010

Celebrate with Dessert

Hey guys!

Sorry for disappearing yesterday.  I attended a work event in the evening and didn't end up getting home until past my bedtime, so sleep won that battle.

Today; however, I'm fully prepared.

First of all, did you know that today is National Dessert Day?  I'm not sure where I saw this and it's entirely possible that I just made it up because let's face it, every day of my life is a dessert day.  However, I am still a fully obliging foodie who must adhere to these made up food holiday's, so dessert tonight is not an option, it's a duty. I hope you all will do your duty as well. ;)

There hasn't really been too much going on since I left off, so I'll just recap the past two days by meals.


Lunches: (Which have been leftovers) 

And finally, we are at tonight's BFD dinner.  It's always assumed that if our regular BFD is missed on a Wednesday, the next night will be it's redemption.

And that's all the excitement that I have to share.

I do have a question for you though.  I'm working on a presentation on Student Budgeting and the fundamentals of building a basic budget for teens.  What was one thing you wished you would have known then about managing your money that you know now? If you could tell a 16 year old one crucial piece of advice about financing, what would it be?

I'm off to celebrate this wonderful holiday now.  Hmmm, what's for dessert?

Have a wonderful evening everyone!



  1. Oh, you mean every single day isn't National Dessert Day? Oops ;)

    Crucial advice = don't fall into credit card company scams.

  2. Ha, yeah, every day is Dessert Day, Lauren! ;)

  3. I love National Dessert Day! I had a cookie to celebrate! Love your blog...I'm in Central PA too and new to blogging. Your blog is very inspirational to me.

  4. Breakfast for dinner. So good. I'm really into scrambled eggs right now :) I even got them this past weekend out at brunch instead of my usual parfait! Um, hmmm....I've always been really frugal ;). I guess just to set goals. If you want something- figure out how many hours you'd have to work to save the money to get it and then determine if it seems worthwhile

  5. I think that my biggest advice for teens and financing would be that you cannot buy things with a credit card when you dont have the money to pay it back. I know alot of my friends have gotten into money troubles when they left home because they took out lines of credit and could not afford to pay back there credit balance at the end of the month. I do have a credit card, but I rarely use it and I only use it when I have the money in the bank and that I know I will be able to pay it off in full when the bill comes at the end of the month. Good Luck with the discussion with 16 year olds.

  6. Oh wow...I'm going to think on that question. I don't have a good answer because thankfully my parents were really good at giving my sister and I all the tools to be financially competent. On a sweeter note...I should have read your blog earlier! I had no idea it was national dessert day, and we totally should have celebrated. Oh well, we will have to make it up tomorrow :-)

  7. i had no idea it was national dessert day!! good thing i eat dessert just about EVERY day :) haha. <3

    my parents too made my sisters and i well equipped to handle all of our finances. one thing that i learned from them that REALLY helped, was to ALWAYS pay as MUCH as you possibly can for big items such as schooling, cars, etc. because you'll end up paying twice as much in interest if you don't!

  8. dessert day? Too bad I ate two different kinds yesterday :) Guess I"ll have to do it again!

  9. I would remind them that getting and having money is a privilege and not a right. They shouldn't feel they can demand money from their parents (and the parents shouldn't support that kind of behavior!).

  10. i love leftovers for lunch! yep, yesterday was national dessert day! the second thursday of every october! today is national chicken cacciatore day and toast pheasant day.

    enjoy your weekend, lovely!

  11. I totally agree with the credit card trouble. Do NOT every buy anything if you don't have the money for it and just assume you'll pay it off later. Because trust me when later comes, you either don't pay if off or you don't pay the entire amount and end up charging interest. By no means have I ever been in trouble with my CC's but it is very east to adapt the mind set of "oh i'll just put in on my credit card". Especially when eating out when you have buyers remorse after your meal...

  12. When I was younger, I was a wicked impulse buyer. If I wanted it then, I had to buy it then. Now, if I see something that I really want, but might not need, I'll hold off for a few days and if I still want it, I'll go and buy it.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hmm, I think the most important thing is to start saving NOW - whenever "now" is- and use debit more than credit cards so that you're not spending money you don't have and will spend years paying for!