Sunday, October 31, 2010

More than Enough

"Days will come when you don't have the strength
And all you hear is you're not worth anything 
Wondering if you ever could be loved
And if they truly saw your heart 
They'd see too much"

After reading every single one of your comments from my last post, my strength was restored.  To be honest, I was starting to feel as though maybe I shouldn't even write anymore.  I felt blindsided, ashamed, and depraved of something that I truly put my entire heart and soul into.  I didn't want to believe that who I was and what I was doing was corrupting an image when all I was trying to do was to portray a pure, healthy, and happy life. 

You all gave me back my confidence and I could not be more gratified for your encouragement, your protection and your friendship.  You reminded me of every single reason why I do write and why I choose to share my life on a daily basis.  

Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Let's leave this now and move along because well, I had a wonderful day yesterday and it means everything to me to be able to share it with you. 

Why was it so wonderful?

Sleeping in until 8am…..wonderful! 

Pumpkin Banana Oats….wonderful! 

Running 6 miles without any knee pain whatsoever…..wonderful!

Coming home from a killer workout and filling up on hearty protein enriched salads…..wonderful!

Mid-afternoon naps…wonderful!

Trips to Trader Joe's with my dad…..wonderful! 

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory to follow…..wonderful!

Feeling more than enough…..wonderful! 


  1. I absolutely love that song - new Mercy Me, right? I went and saw them in concert last month. Amazing show, amazing Godly men. It was incredible!

    Cheesecake Factory = the

  2. glad to hear that you reached out to the obscure internet community and it responded. confirming what we already knew. hope that you can see what we can.

    by the way, i love cheesecake factory. i force the server to half the order. one half to me and the other in a take home. it helps with portion distortion and over eating.
    enjoy your sunday

  3. awww girl! i am so sorry you have had to face such negative, unworthy and harsh criticism. it is one of the hardest things, and you dealt with it with class. you know we all love you and love all your unique food combos. keep working it out girl - i think you look like you've gained weight (in a good way) and seem radiantly healthy!

    love ya :)

  4. A perfect day for sure :) A great run, TJs (what could be better?) and dinner with your adorable daddy-o! I haven't been to cheesecake in ages!

  5. What a great day. I wish we had TJ's but there are none in Utah. So sad!

  6. I just caught up on your posts. I am so sorry that happened to you. Sometimes people just suck, and there is no way around it. I will be praying for you and Toly. Continue to find your worth in God, your husband, and your family. It the big scheme of things, they are what really matter.

  7. looks like a fantastic day :) And I'm so sorry you're having to deal with comments like that. I just don't understand why people decide they can say things like that to someone that they don't even know.