Friday, September 10, 2010

Renting or Rents?

Thanks for all of your well wishes and sweet congratulatory comments on our BIG news from yesterday.  Honestly, I'm excited, nervous, anxious, happy, and entirely terrified all at the same time. I haven't felt this way since my wedding and the first go at buying a home.  

To answer some of your questions….

We are building a new home but we have not even begun this yet.  We have to be out of our house by October 22nd, so while our new home is being built, we'll need to find a place to live.  Toly and I are both so on the fence over this decision.  We know that moving back in with our parents is the financially intelligent thing to do and we both love our parents so much and are so grateful that they would offer their homes to us without a second thought.  But on the other hand, we both realize how difficult this would be.  Has anyone been in this situation?  It seems to be a common one when building a house.  Any suggestions? 

For breakfast this morning, I reunited with Waffle Friday.  

2 Natures Path Flax Waffles with Figs, 2 TBL Siigs Yogurt, 1 small banana, Pom Seeds, Granola, Dark Chocolate Almond Butter 

As much as I enjoy my yogurt/cereal bowls, waffles are always such a nice change and treat on a Friday morning. 

And super filling!!!

I ate these at 6:30am and didn't feel a budge of hunger until 12:30pm. 

But maybe the S-bux had something to do with that…..

I couldn't resist any longer!  S-Bux Pumpkin Spice has lured me back for the season.  I treated myself to a Grande Soy Misto with one pump pumpkin spice. 

So delicious! 

I had so much to work on today and worked right up until my stomach reminded me it was time for lunch. 

I came home to take a mental break and refuel with some leftover Quinoa from last night. 

I ate it cold on top of spinach.  It was even better today than it was last night! 

The rest of lunch was some carrot and cucumber slices with hummus and watermelon. 

Then it was back to work work work!  I realized today how insane the next few weeks are going to be, not only in my regular life but in my work life as well.  Don't get me wrong, it's all so wonderful and I love every moment, but I can understand how if one is not organized, it can become entirely overwhelming. 

After work, I came home to change for the gym.  I love taking Body Attack on Fridays because of two reasons.  One. I love the class.  It's such a high cardio burst that really allows me to work out all of my built up energy from the week.  And two. I love the instructor.  She really pushes us and I actually feel like I get a decent heart pumping workout.  

Now it just so happens that El Sol Express (my favorite Mexican restaurant's take out branch) is right beside the gym.  Whosever bright idea it was to put a Mexican take-out right next to the gym needs a medal because after a major sweat session and a very long week, nothing sounded better than a burrito. 

El Sol's Burritos are the best I have ever had!  The tortilla is so soft and chewy that I simply can not resist eating the entire thing. 

Veggie Burrito with Pinto Beans no cheese no rice

Extra Guac!  I had about 3 more of these little containers.  The guac is incredible! 

Like I said, I devoured this.  You all know I have no problems eating double the amount I normally do with Mexican.  Without fail, the stomach welcomes as much as I can possibly fill it. I don't think I ever told you guys this, but even when I was going through my major stomach issues and couldn't eat a thing, the only food that my tummy seemed to tolerate was Mexican.  Go figure! 

And now it's time to relax and start the weekend.  By the way, the weekend is CRAZY but all so exciting. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday! 



  1. ooo renting or rents is a tough one - i'd say if you are financially able... rent! Living with the rents can be very very straining on a marriage!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congrats! Personally, we would probably live with his parents or rent. We love both sets of 'rents, but Cleaneatingchelsey is right. It can be a strain on a marriage to live with your parents. You have to really pray about that one!

  3. I'd say crash with the 'rents! You'd have much money saved and/or to contribute to house upgrades :)

  4. I hope you have a wonderful weekend love! And I'm so happy about your big decision. You are going to love your new house. We lived with my parents for a bit and it was a mixed bag. Let's just say it can be a very different experience living at home once you are married. But your parents will always be your parents, and there can be some wonderful things that go along with it too.

  5. i always have lots of room for mexican too...
    just catching up on your posts BIG CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!!

  6. Congrats on selling your place. Mine has been for sale since February and I still haven't sold it yet. I'd say stay with your parents as well. It's going to be so much better financially for when you may need the extra money. Good luck with your decision.

  7. Yay for pumpkin spice! Did you see that now they have two new season flavors that are surely caloric but fun - salted carmel and toffee mocha.

  8. If you are not going to be staying with your parents for a long period of time, then I say go for it! You'll save tons of money and you will be in your own home relatively soon!
    Mexican is AMAZING! I love it! Your burrito looks like heaven on a plate ;)