Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Life is About to Get Crazy!

Guys, I have BIG news! 


Finally, after 2 long months, a billion showings, one failed offer, it's all over. 

Well, not really, it's actually just begun. 

My life is about to get crazy! Not only do we have to pack up and move in a MONTH but we don't even have a place to live or a home to move into yet. 

We are building our new home but the building has not even started, nor have we even truly settled on our final plans.  The buyer of our house wanted to move in next week, but we negotiated a month. 

So where will we go while our house is being built over the next 4-5 months?  Who knows!  These next few weeks are going to be insane and it also happens to be the busiest times work wise for Toly and I.  Oh, plus we have 2 trips planned the first 2 weekends of October and my 1/2 marathon falls in there somewhere. 

I could easily freak out over all of this uncertainty and mayhem, but I choose not to. I choose to smile and trust that everything is going to be okay! 

I love the saying, "You can not choose your tomorrow but you can choose how you react today."  I am going to try and keep it together but I may have a few freak outs in the process.  Bear with me! :) 

Before all of this news, I had the strangest thing happen to me on my run this morning. 

I was running along on the treadmill and I started to see blood dripping on the belt.  I had no idea where it was coming from, as nothing seemed to hurt on my body.  Then I looked down and noticed my hand was completely covered in blood.  It was pretty gross.  I guess my finger cut must have hit something and it started gushing out blood.  I wasn't in any pain, just a mess, so I tried to finish my run but then suddenly, the machine just shut off and started beeping uncontrollably.  I couldn't make it stop so I just hopped off and called it quits.  

I think I did around 5 miles before all of this, but I'm not really sure. 

I tired to forget about the absurdness and move on to breakfast. 

Nectarine Raspberry Banana Split

Overnight: 1/4 Cup Scottish Oats, Chia, Strawberry Banana Chobani, 1 small White Nectarine
This Morning: 1 split banana, raspberries, Vanilla Almond Crunch, White Chocolate Wonderful PB

I hate not having daylight in the morning.  My pictures seriously lack quality. 

I had a work even today that involved an advertising showcase.  It was a blast.  Free food and free stuff, what is not to love. 

The lunch was at a nice Italian restaurant and was buffet style. The spread was actually quite impressive. I piled my plate with salad, fruit, some kind of seafood pasta and a slice of garlic bread. 

The event took up most of the day, so by the time I was back at work, it was time to leave.  

I was starving when I got home, but we needed to meet with our realtor so dinner had to wait. 

Since fall has officially begun, I'm definitely craving fall inspired dishes these days. Tonight, I made another Quinoa recipe that I created on a whim purely on my own creative juices. 

Feels Like Fall Quinoa 

  • 1 Cup Red Quinoa
  • Roasted Butternut Squash and Eggplant
  • Peas
  • Honeycrisp Apple
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Walnuts
  • Goat Cheese
  • Maple Fig Balsamic with Dijon 
I served this on a bed of spinach.  

This was so delicious!!!  The sweet spice from the squash meshed with the crisp apple, the creamy eggplant and the slightly crunchy peas, the salty bite from the walnuts, all meshed with the soft luscious goat cheese. 

I am good at creating these kind of things on a whim. 

I also poured myself a few sips of Pinot Noir to accent the flavors.  Great choice! 

Okay, now I must go try and figure out my life.  This is definitely going to be a challenge because if you know me at all, I'm the most planned, organized and structured person.  I'm not your average "go with the flow" girl, but it's something I'm working on.  Nothing like a life altering change to jump start your goals. 




  1. YIKES!!! Hope your finger is 100% healed now and that everything gets settled - contact me any time if I can help in any way! And you can always call to vent :)))

  2. Congrats on selling your house! We were in that situation a year ago and had to move in with my in-laws for 3 months, not ideal but it worked!
    Keeping calm and just going with the flow is the best way to do it!

  3. WOW! Congrats! In this market- that is freaking fantastic!! So happy for you two. I'm sure you'll find some great temporary housing. Gah- how scary about the blood! I'm so glad you're ok. That breakfast looks amazing. Happy almost Friday chicky

  4. I am so excited for you. I know that it can be difficult to sell your home right now. I am sure that it will be stressful these next few months, but at least you know that you WILL NOT have to worry about having two mortgages!! :)

  5. Lauren, just wanted to say I'm glad there's another M-burg blogger out there! I feel like everyone from home doesn't quite *get* it yet!

    And congrats on selling your house. Hope you get everything worked out in the next few weeks!

  6. Congrats on selling the house!! Very exciting!

  7. Oof! Well I love you see your beautiful smile! By the way, you look really calm in that picture :D I think serene is actually a better word :) That banana-split breakfast sounds so delicious! I have been freezing my bananas since the summer.. I can't remember the last time I just had a regular one lol. Well, your creative juices and your fall menus.. I think will get me to eat more than just an old-fashioned banana. I love your cooking style, girl!!! But not as much as I love you :D


    p.s. one thing that really eases my worries is the thought that no matter what happens, it will work out. Even if it's not Plan A or Plan B.. I truly believe that things happen for a reason :) And I know that with positive thinking and an open-mind you and Toly will manage. Sammy is just along for the ride ;p Isn't he lucky?

  8. I am completely wiped, but I just had to tell you, Congratulations! I will leave a longer, more coherent comment tomorrow, but as for now...sleep tight and best wishes love!

  9. congrats on the house sale!!! That's so exciting!!

  10. That quinoa recipe sounds amazing. Hooray for fall flavors!

    Best of luck with moving!

  11. So inspiring how you're CHOOSING to handle all of this. My first reaction would be to freak out entirely; it's all to easy to forget that you can infact choose how you will react to something. I hope things work out for you and your husband, with positive thinking like that it is bound to!

  12. OH MY GOSH, congrats! i am sure you are ecstatic to have sold your home. my mom is a real estate agent so i know how hard it can be to sell. now the fun part.. finding a house you love! cant wait to see how that goes for you guys :)