Thursday, September 23, 2010

High School Visit

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So many good entries!!!!  I think mine happens to be thrown in there somewhere too just in case you were interested. ;) 

Busy day today!!!  It's not even over yet, but I've got a small break so I thought I would throw in a post now because I probably won't get a chance later on. 

It started early once again.  Fortunately, I had a bit more time to put together a more elaborate breakfast. 

1 pear, 1/4 Cup TJ's Honey Almond Flax Cereal, 1/4 Cup Natural Applesauce, 1/4 Cup Vanilla Chobani, Blackberries, Almond Butter and Granola Drizzle

I forgot to prep the coffee last night for iced, so it had to be hot today.  

I was working at my old high school all day doing presentations on resume writing.  I love going to back to my old school.  I get so nostalgic!  I was able to see some of my old teachers and catch up a bit which was fun.  I also picked up on many things that haven't changed in 7 years. 
  1. I still tried to go into the boys bathroom thinking it was the girls.  They aren't marked very well and for some reason I always think the girls is on the left.  I made this mistake many times in high school and even walked in on a few guys.  Embarrassing!! 
  2. They are still using the SAME text books!!! Seriously?  You'd think after 7 years, they would update those things. 
  3. High School boys are still the same hormonal vultures they have always been. The teacher told me that I was the talk of all of her classes and all of the boys were telling their buddies that they had a "hot" guest speaker.  Probably were not listening to a word I was saying, but whatever, it's still kind of cute. 
I only had one break during my presentations today, and it was at 11am.  I definitely wasn't very hungry for lunch this early but I wasn't getting another break until the day was over, so I knew I needed to eat something. 

I went to my car and munched on an apple to help spark my appetite. 

Sometimes, if I'm not hungry but I know I need to eat, I try to rev up my appetite with a light snack. It usually works. 

I waited a little longer before I dug into my real lunch and decided to head over to my parents house to eat.  They lived 2 minutes from the school so it was nice and close. 

They were both working and probably have no idea I was there until now, but I was greeted by this little face. 

He didn't seem too happy to see me.  I think I interrupted his afternoon nap.  Get use to it buddy, I'm moving in in few weeks! :) 

I pulled out the lunch I had packed last night.

The sandwich consisted on TJ's Rustica Bread, Hummus, Pesto, Zucchini, and Asparagus. 

Green and Gorgeous!  It tasted wonderful too. 

I also found some PoP chips and carrots and a pickle from my parent's supply. 

Lunch was good, but I couldn't eat very much of it.  Maybe it was just too early, but either way, I could only eat about 1/2. 

Thankfully what I did eat was just enough to tide me over until I got home. 

I knew I would be hungry for a snack though and I was. 

1/4 Cup Total Raisin Bran, Cantaloupe, Greek Yogurt


Now I'm about to meet Jen for an afternoon walk and then it's off to work for some evening events!  

I'll probably just heat up the last of my Butternut Squash Chili that you've seen 3 times now, so I won't bore you with the same picture. 

Hope you all are enjoying the day!!! 

***Edited to add-

I changed my mind on the chili.  After a HOT run to Jen's (1.5 miles) a mile walk with Jen and a HOT run back (1.5 miles) I was so grossly overheated and simply couldn't cool off.  Even after chugging 2 glasses of water and a cold shower, my body was on fire.

I was hungry though and remembered I still had leftover Pumpkin Kasha.

I ate this cold with 1/2 a chopped apple, Laughing Cow Blue Cheese, Cranberries and Walnuts

So good!  Kind of like overnight oats for dinner. :)



  1. Very cool that you got to work at your high school today! Haha- the note about the boys cracked me up. Delicious looking sandwich- love the asparagus on there. Enjoy the rest of your day :) Almost Friday!!

  2. I don't know if I could handle going back to my old highschool! Ha! What are the details about this new build that you guys are doing? Is it going to be in the same area where you are now?

  3. It is always weird going back to an old school of yours, isn't it? Yes, they should be using new books by now!!! So not good.

  4. I keep meaning to stop by my high school when I visit my ten year reunion is coming up, but alas, I never cross the threshold. Outdated textbooks sounds about right though; when I taught 9th grade, our history books still spoke of the Soviet Union!
    Asparagus on a sandwich is a great idea!

  5. I totally voted for you! No doubt about that! And it sounds like it was a fun experience going back to your school...I had some similar "fun" moments when I returned to my high school earlier this year. I found myself feeling a bit awkward walking down the halls...something about the environment just zaps my confidence. Thanks for sharing with us today...I hope your Friday is full of joy!

  6. You always have the BEST breakfasts!!!! Your sandwich looks really good too :)


  7. Hey girl!! Your eats all sound sooo delicious! I'm the same way with my appetite. Apples really make me hungry for some reason lol. It's like your body is telling you.. that's not enough I need more! That sandwich sounds soo good. I just want to have it in my mouth now lol. And popchips :D I just bought some Aged Cheddar Pirate's Booty.. the airy texture reminds me of the popchips--soo good!

    XOXO have a great weekend :D I hope you made it to the next round!

    p.s. of course you're a hot mama!!

  8. Ooh! Asparagus in sandwich! I saw that once at Paula Deen's show...of course, she slathered on a whole lot of butter on hers, though. ;-)

    Hope you're having a great weekend, Lauren!

  9. You can make iced coffee in the morning! All you do is use the same amount of coffee grounds that you usually would, but only half the amount of water. Then pour that concentrated hot coffee into a glass 80% full of ice. The ice will melt, and mix with the coffee, and it'll turn out perfectly! Then just add a little more ice!