Saturday, August 28, 2010

These Are The Days

These days, time just occurs a little too fast.  I feel like lately, I've been pounding out each day and not really stopping to appreciate the true reasons in life as to what makes it so whole.  

For example, meeting my dad and very pregnant sister for our monthly father daughter breakfasts. 

This morning, the three of us met at Marie's Cafe, a quaint little breakfast cafe in our hometown. 

This may be our last one for awhile as a trio.  In just a few weeks, we'll be welcoming another little pea to this pod.  Hope he likes oatmeal! :) 

Although, today, I went completely outside of my element and ordered something I rarely have or would ever order for breakfast. 

An all american breakfast: Egg White Omelet with peppers and tomato, home fries, and wheat toast

I left most of the home fries and enjoyed a slice of the toast, but finished the omelet.  It was delicious, fresh, and just what I needed since my body felt a tad protein deprived in the past few days. 

After out lovely visit, I headed over to the gym for Body Balance.  This is a new class and incorporates the elements of Body Flow but uses a weighted bar.  It deals with high reps of rotating and balance moves, incorporated with some strength, triceps and ab work.  The hour class felt amazing on my tight muscles.  I love taking any class that forces me to stretch and breath. 

I followed this refreshing class with a trip to the farmers market to stock up on produce for the week.  Everything I bought was local.  I love when I can say that! 

I got home around 1pm and started lunch. 

Craving something fresh, light but hearty, I opted for a true favorite, a big salad with a Dr. Preagers Veggie Burger. 

I haven't made this one in awhile and it definitely hit the spot. 

Awhile later, my stomach wasn't quite fufiled and rumbled for a bit more and something sweet.  I cut up a small peach with a few blackberries (both local and fresh from the market) added a few TBL of Vanilla Oikos and some Honey Almond Granola. 

That was just what I needed.  

Tonight, Toly and I are having a date night at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  It's been far too long since we've gone out for Mexican and I'm mentally preparing for the feast of guac and salsa that is ahead! 

So far, this Saturday is turning out to be one fine day. 



  1. Ow- that omelet looks fabulous! Love all the extra veggies. Very exciting that your sister is due so soon. And I'm glad you loved yet another Les Mills class. Enjoy your date night

  2. time really is flying by! thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy :) your sis makes such a cute pregnant gal! she's glowing!

  3. It's probably night there right now. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day, Lauren, in more ways than one! You just reminded me that I've been living life too busy too. Time to slow down and enjoy each moment!