Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Do's and Don'ts of Married Dating

There is a distinct difference in dating when you are married; however, that in no way means, that dating can not be just as exciting. At least once a month, Toly and I try to plan a date night and find that aside from being just plain old fun, married dates are a way for us to break out of our routine, focus on each other, and relax. 

Just like any other date, there are definite do's and don'ts to ensure the success of the night. 

DO make sure that the restaurant you pick is enjoyed by both parties.  Toly and I both love Mexican and El Sol is our favorite for mexican.  It's not only the most authentic around, it's also the most fresh and delicious mexican I have ever had. 

DON'T order more than one drink of hard liquor.  A mojitio can be classy and extremely acceptable with dinner, but if you're like me, any more than one of these babies and you'll be riding out of there on your date's back. 

DO share an appetizer but make sure it's one you both like.  The problem with us is that we can NEVER decided on a compatible appetizer between the two of us.  His idea of pre dinner apps would be Fried Cheese or wings where mine would be raw tuna or stuffed mushrooms.  Good thing chips and salsa are well loved food by all. 

DON'T share a meal, especially when it comes to good mexican food.  Let's face it, you will end up in a full out brawl when you realize he ate more than his share.  Keep it on the safe side and order your own huge plate and clean it yourself. 

Enchilada Carmaron for me (Two Flour Tortillas filled with shrimp and sauteed vegetables, toped with roasted tomato and chili sauce. Served with refried beans, guacamole, salad and sour cream)

Chicken Fajitas for him

DO take time in the night to get to know each other.  Usually a nice walk on a lovely evening makes the perfect environment for chatting.  Toly and I may already know each other very well, but even walking around the city for 30 min allows us to talk about things that we may not have had the chance to talk about before. I swear, taking a walk with someone is the best way to get to know them.  Walking forces you to engage in conversation because there is nothing else to do but talk.  

DO end the date on a sweet note.  No, I don't mean "that" kind of sweet note.  Ice Cream is more appropriate. 

DON'T kiss on the first date unless you know you want a second one.  

Lucky for him, I'll say yes when he asks me out again. 

So you see, it's entirely important to date when you are married.  You may not have the butterflies or that stomach full of nerves that puts chills down your spine, but you will have a memorable and fulfilling experience with the only person on this earth that loves you more than yourself. 

Oh, and the best part… always get to wake up next to them in the morning! ;) 


  1. This is just too freaking precious and fun! :)))

  2. I love this! So sweet and Precious:)

  3. this was such a sweet post! i'm glad you guys do date night. abe and i do too, but i don't think we call it date night - we are lucky we get to eat out a lot together alone!

  4. What a sweet post! It's easy to get busy with life and forget how important it is to work on strengthening your relationship even when your married! I love these ideas!! Thanks sweet pea! xoxo

  5. As a wife of one year and three months, I so appreciated this post! Ryan and I love Mexican food, and I couldn't agree more with your Do's and Don'ts (especially after dinner walks...we love them!)

  6. This is such an adorable post Lauren :D I hope Toly reads this because I can tell how magical this night was and how in love you are. Everyday can see that :) I love how you prepare things for him based on what he likes too! You have such a big heart and I love seeing you spread the love around!


  7. oh my gosh, this was the cutest post! i love your personal spin on date night. looks like it was a blast!

  8. you two are so cute! I know I could never share an entree at a mexican restaurant and my fiance and I can never agree on an appetizer either!