Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I am no meteorologist, but I dare say the daylight may be getting a wee bit scarce with every day we get deeper into this month. 

After I finished my run this morning, I noticed that the sun hadn't even attempted to peak through.  Usually, I see a glimpse of light when I walk home from the gym.  How unfortunate!  I'm really not ready for summer to end. 

The many reasons I love warm summer mornings is being able to cool down with the splendid bowl of overnight oats. Last night, I had this idea come to mind and put it into reality this morning. 

Banana Split Overnight Oats

Last Night: 1/4 Cup Scottish Oats, Strawberry Banana Chobani, 1 tsp Chia and Flax
This Morning: Splash of Almond Milk to loosen everything up

I sliced a banana in half and piled the cold oats all over.  Then I added a few sliced strawberries, blueberries, sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of chocolate almond butter. All topped with a cherry of course! 

Oh, and iced coffee. Another reason why I am not ready for cold mornings.  Iced Coffee is like nothing else, but I imagine I won't be feeling it once the fall hits. 

I had a reader ask me if I could do a post on what goes into my salads.  I actually get this question a lot and to be completely honest, I wish I had some kind of logical framework to share with you all, but I don't.  My salad inspirations purely comes from whatever I have on hand.  Literally, I put just about every single thing in my fridge into my salads. 

Today, I did a repeat of Monday's Pizza Salad. 

I first based this with a layer of baby romaine and spinach then added a fresh tomato, cucumber, white beans and drizzled it with balsamic.  Then I cut up a slice of leftover crab and spinach pizza and made "pizza croutons" out of it.  Lastly I added a spoon of hummus to give it that creamy consistency.  

See what I mean? No logic!  Most people would never imagine to cut up leftover pizza and put it in a salad, but this is just how my unconventional mind works in the kitchen. 

When I got off work, I made it to the gym for some light lifting.  Still feeling Jillian's effects today, so a few upper body moves was all I needed tonight. 

I cam home to my boys anxiously awaiting my return. 

Okay, so maybe they weren't waiting by the door and kissing my feet as I walked in, but I'd like to think they were. 

It's Wednesday Night and that could only mean one thing.  

BFD of course! 

Toly seems to think it's been a long time since our last BFD, so our egg sammies were well overdue. 

Egg BLT Sammies

Mine "B" was actually smoked salmon but it works so well in this. 

Slightly underdone scrambled egg, mashed avocado, dijon, tomato, and smoked salmon with some crispy romaine on a toasted Everything Bagel Thing. 

Served with "overdone" Kale chips. 

I can never get kale chips to come out perfect.  They are always either well done or not done.  Oh well, still very tasty. 

Toly had Waffle Fries with his Egg BLT Sammie. 

H20 Melon.  I think it's reaching the end of the season for this fruit.  It was still good, but not that prime watermelon ripeness that we get in mid July. 

Even though I don't want summer to end, I do love the introduction to fall.  Crisp fresh air, beautiful color changing trees, and……….

the very essence of the season…….


Maybe I am more ready than I think! ;) 

What is your favorite season? I have to say mine is definitely summer.  I am a beach babe all the way.  For me, the hotter, the better.  I love the sun, heat, and of course, all of the summer produce



  1. Fall for me! Nothing better than a big bowl of oatmeal after a cool run :)

  2. I know :( I'm so sad the sun time is getting shorter and shorter. I ran outside this AM and it was totally dark when I started out. TEAR! But what a beautiful breakfast- love the banana split concept. I will respond to your email tomorrow- so exciting!

  3. summer all the way, i'm totally with you! i hate when it starts to get colder & darker earlier every night :(

  4. I always love seeing the fresh fruit you serve alongside your meals. Grapefruit and melon are perfect meal accompaniments. I've also noticed the sun setting earlier (but I'm excited for the cooler fall days!)

  5. I'm a total summer girl.. berries, the beach, and bathing suits.. amazing! However, this past summer has been a little hot for me. I pretty much love any season I can be outside without a huge coat on though!

  6. Fall is definetly my favourite season, which is weird because where I live it's probably the shortest one, in a month we will go from Summer weather to, like "Put on your winter coat" weather. Where I grew up all the seasons had huge transisitions though, I miss that a lot!

    Those egg sammies look so yummy! Makes me want BFD! I haven't done that in along time, when I was little and my mom use to work late and my dad would have to cook, he always made breaky for dinner just cause he wasn't a great cook lol, now that he's gone I don't do it to often, makes me a little sad I suppose.

  7. love all the homemade meals u made :) looks really delicious and colorful !! nice to meet you, my name is jen. Hopped over from Monet's blog!!

    have a nice day!
    jen @