Thursday, August 19, 2010

My "Live-It" Approach to Diets

Good day everyone!  At least, I hope it was good.  Or better yet, I hope it was great!  

Mine, of course it was great! :) 

Today, I would like to lightly touch on the issue of dieting.  I think I've been feeling compelled to share my thoughts because lately, the word has frequented so many conversations that I have overheard in the past few weeks.  

Let me begin my saying, if there is one word I hate more than any other words in the english language (even more than ain't) I hate hate hate the word DIET! When someone tells me they are on a diet, the first question I ask or think to ask them is "so what happens when you stop your diet?"  Let's be real, a diet does not last forever.  Can you think of one person who has claimed to be and stick religiously to a diet for their entire existence? 

Neither can I!

I get this question a lot.  "What kind of diet are you on?"  I think people just naturally assume that fit people are on a restrictive diet.  That it is ultimately impossible to enjoy normal, good-tasting, and even indulgent food and remain in good shape.  

For me, I believe in full balance that includes all sources of vital nutrients.  Carbs, yes! Protein, of course! Fat, heck yeah! The body is a complex device that needs a variety of all sources of nutrients.  You will see all of this in my "diet."  I believe in eating mostly whole foods, whole grains, and as natural as possible, but it's also just as unrealistic to think that only eating raw plants is as viable as being on a diet forever.  

So, with that, I give you breakfast……

Overnight Banana Oats with Peaches and Raspberries

1/4 Cup Scottish Oats, Strawberry Banana Chobani, 1/2 Mashed Banana, Chia and Flax

Topped this morning with 1/2 a diced peach, fresh raspberries, and some homemade granola.  I also splashed on a healthy pour of Vanilla Almond Milk at the end. 

Money shot! 

I enjoyed these oats so much.  I also enjoyed a bowl of organic strawberries and a big glass of iced coffee with my oats. 

I was out for a few events and meetings this morning and in between, I passed a Barnes and Nobles so I quickly ran in to see if I could find a much desired book that I have not had a chance to pick up yet. 

I've only had the chance to page through it, but it's amazing!  BUY THIS if you have not! :) 

When I made it home for lunch, I was starving.  Thank goodness for the other 1/2 of my Veggie Wrap from Tuesday's luncheon. 

I didn't really get the chance to savor this wrap the first time I had it because I was trying to steal bites in between the award ceremony.  Today however, I fully got the sense of how amazing this wrap really was. 

Chipotle Hummus that was out of this world!!!, spinach, broccoli, carrots, sun dried tomatoes, fresh heirloom tomatoes….truly an awesome wrap! 

I also put together a small side salad and had a few pieces of melon. Great lunch! 

Look what came in the mail today!!!!

My award and prize money for placing in the 5k last Saturday.  So, it's only $5 but it was a small race and I didn't even have to pay the registration fee because my company sponsored it, so this money was hard earned and all mine! ;) 

So excited about this!!! 

Toly says he expects me to place in all my races now.  Ha! I told him to get real and maybe if he starts to run them with me, I might just attempt this challenge. 

For tonight's dinner, we were finally able to grill.  I made a lovely summer pasta dish with lemon basil fettucini in a white wine dijon pesto sauce with white beans, fresh tomatoes, grilled squash and shrimp. 

I served mine on a bed of baby spinach and topped with a bit of herbed goat cheese. 


Toly's pasta was in a white whine garlic cream sauce with corn and grilled chicken. 

Garlic Bread.

The whole shabang. 

This was great.  The White Whine Pesto sauce was light but extremely creamy and delicious. And the lemon basil fettucini (from Trader Joes) was so flavorful.  I don't like plain pasta, only ones that are either stuffed or flavored. 

So now I have to ask this.  What is your take on dieting?  I fully feel that everyone should do only what they feel is best for their own bodies and whatever they truly feel is best for their souls.  But when it comes down to it, diets are just not for me and will never be! 



  1. CONGRATS on the race placement, award and money! How cool is that? And I love reading your posts- your positive energy is contagious. I couldn't agree with you more on the diet topic. I think everything in moderation is the way to go! But I also think everyone should eat what makes them happy and makes their body feel good and this is a little different person to person! Great dinner. i want to grill again- its been too long

  2. No diets for me either. I was in that stage at one time even though I've never been fat, struggled with ED for the past 8 years and will never go down that road again!

  3. I totally agree with you! I think people need to understand that a "lifestlye change" is what works.

  4. I am loving that certificate...don't you love receiving awards? And I couldn't say amen loud enough...people need to stay away from diets and make genuine lifestyle changes. And that garlic bread was calling my name!

  5. i've tried to reclaim the word "diet" with my blog. back in my eating disorders days, i tried almost every weight loss plan known to man. the second i gave it all up was when i finally reached the size i wanted to - only i didn't care about it anymore. obviously "diet" and "body image" go hand in hand.

  6. Congrats on your award!! Feels great to place in your age group, doesn't it?!? I agree about "diets". I immediately think, so what happens when you stop it, also. I eat semi healthy but am really striving towards eat more whole, all natural foods, because they fuel me better and make my body feel good! But I definitely have treats also! It's all about moderation!

  7. Omigosh. I completely agree with your take on dieting. I had a roommate who would go for a diet for 2 weeks, lose some weight, then gain it back once she starts eating her regular foods and portions again. I've talked to her about a lifestyle change but she won't hear it. Ugh.

  8. I also agree with you on the diet thing. Changing one's eating habits for good is the only thing that really works when it comes to weight regulation. When your weight goes up and down all of the time it's hard on your body. Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  9. I guess I would say I'm dieting right now but I never actually call it that. People who have noticed my weightloss (about 30lbs to date! Yay!) will ask me what kind of diet I'm on and I always just say that I've change my eating habits and that I'm not on a diet. I just explain I'm eating better, cleaner foods and have added a bit more exersize as a lifestyle goal, not a diet. I would eventually like to be able to eat a bit more freely, I'm pretty strict with my portion controls right now but it's only because my idea of what was "normal" before was TOTALLY wrong. I find that what most people consider a dinner portion is maybe 2-3 times what they should be eating. Eeek! As time passes it's become more of a second nature than anything to choose the healthier options because I know that they make me feel better both physically but as well as emotionally : ) Blogs such as yours really help as well. Great motivation.

  10. " The body is a complex device that needs a variety of all sources of nutrients" SO TRUE!!!!! That's also why it frustrates me when doctors just try to treat the symptom rather than taking a holistic approach. I also don't like when people use the word "diet" in a way that's restrictive. For some reason people find it surprising that I eat as much as I do and that it's important for me to stay fueled. I use to struggle with keeping weight on so I'm afraid to lose the weight that I FINALLY did gain. I guess I'm in a backwards situation. I use to stress so much about it though, but now I've relaxed a bit and I just have found a less stressful way to make sure I'm getting what I need. Anyway, I guess I would use the word diet in the most general terms to describe what a person eats. For example, I have a vegetarian diet. I think that word has been tainted though :\ unfortanately. With those diet products and all.. I know it's caused some people to fear things like regular cream cheese, regular bread, regular butter, regular yogurt even. I'm the same as you in that I like whole foods and natural ones. I think that also comes from our passion for cooking though. How much can you actually cook if everything you use is processed, you know what I mean? Making things out of scratch is satisfying for my soul and much more flavorful for my tastebuds :D

    XOXO great post!!

    p.s. the eats sounds delicious! One of my favorite variations of hummus that I like to make is smoky chipotle.

  11. Girl, you KNOW I am with you on the whole dieting thing. So glad you put this out there! :)

  12. Awww - congrats on the prize, Lauren!
    I´m with you on the diet subject - I really do hate this word too :/
    Wish you a lovely weekend!