Monday, August 9, 2010

Las Vegas: Days 1 & 2

Hello Hello! 

Well, I must admit, this city is crazy but incredible!!! We are having a blast and trying to soak up every moment of our Vegas Vacation.  Just to get you up to speed, here is a quick recap of the past 2 days. 

Saturday: (Day 1) 

We arrived at the airport with our game faces on!  

After our first flight, we landed in Detroit, Michigan with a 2 hour layover.  It was the perfect time to grab a quick bite. 

Sarah and I discovered a "Gourmet PB&J" place in the airport and even though it was located 2 miles from our gate, we had nothing but time to make the hike.  Besides, any airport that promotes gourmet peanut butter sandwiches is some place that I will seek out. 

I ordered the Cashew Nut Butter with Blackberry Jam and Banana on Cinnamon Swirl Bread. 

It was good, but the bread was just a tad stale and they definitely neglected to include my banana. Not as gourmet as I imagined but I was starving so it tasted wonderful. 

We finally landed in Vegas at around 7pm, although with the 3 hour time difference, my body was struggling at this point. 

This did not stop us from checking in to our hotel and checking out the city however. 

The Fountains at the Bellagio. 

The Eiffel Tower at Paris. 

After some sightseeing, we all decided to grab some dinner (at around 11:00pm at night) and then crashed! 

The next morning, we slept in (our bodies adjusting to jet lag and all).  When Toly and I got up, we decided to scope out the hotel/casino for some breakfast. 

We are staying at The Flamingo, which is a great central location right on the strip.  The Flamingo has a gorgeous outdoor area with tons of beautiful fountains, amazing pools, and real live flamingos! 

These are not the real ones, 

But these are! 

We grabbed a bite to eat at a coffee shop and enjoyed the it out on the patio overlooking the gorgeous outdoor scenery. 

After some more walking and sightseeing, we all eventually made our way down to the pool for some sun, swim, and fun! 

Check out these pools, I feel like I'm in a resort! 




Later on, we got showered and hit the town. 

There were a few casinos we wanted to check out down the strip. 

Brian found a Queen Slot Machine and was thrilled!  Queen is his favorite band so naturally, he felt this slot machine would do him well. 

$11 dollars richer and still a number one fan! 

After some play time, we made our way over to The Stratosphere for our 9:00pm dinner reservation at The Top of The World.  This restaurant actually sits on the highest point in the city and revolves, so it truly feels like you are on top of the world.  It's truly breathtaking views! 

Yes, I said 9:00pm dinner!  Crazy for me, right? But Vegas is forcing me to readjust my schedule for it.  Obviously, this city comes to life at night so I must comply and not miss anything it has to offer! ;) 

We arrived a little early and enjoyed some drinks at the bar. 

Happy Couples! 

It was Brian and Sarah's 12th wedding anniversary so there were many reasons to celebrate! 

Dinner was amazing! 

I started with a mixed green salad that was more beautifully presented than any salad I have seen. 

For my entree, I had the Scallops and Prawns served over a Moroccan Cous Cous drizzled in a citrus cream sauce with a spicy tomato relish. 

Toly had the Seafood Alfredo 

Sarah ordered the Salmon which she commented was perfectly cooked!  She shared a bite and I agreed! 

And Brian had the NY Strip

I think we all pretty much cleaned our plates, but when the waiter brought the dessert menu, our stomach's magically made room. 

Toly and I shared the Dessert Trio which was a selection of mini desserts. 

From Left to Right: Banana Bread Pudding, Carmel Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Raspberry Creme Brulee

Oh and we licked this plate clean too! 

Everything was amazing. From the atmosphere, to the service to the food.  What an incredible dining experience. 

We made our way out to the deck to see the city all lit up at night from the Top of The World. 

After a long fun filled day, we crashed again.  

So much planned for the next few days!  I'm hoping we can fit it all in!! 

See you soon! 



  1. Ah! So glad you're having fun. Love your outfits. And that Banana Bread Pudding dessert looks so yum. Live it up!

  2. Ohmygoodness Vegas!!! HOORAY!! Scott and I desperately want to hit Vegas at some point soon. We are both dying to go! It looks like you guys are having a blast and that food looks amazing!

  3. So glad you are having a good time! That dinner seriously look amazing. I am so jealous!

  4. Looks like an awesome time!! Enjoy the rest of your trip to Vegas : )

  5. that restaurant is on my list for if we go back to vegas - and $11 is a good amount to win (i usually win about 5 cents?)

  6. It sounds like you are having an amazing trip! A gourmet peanut butter and jelly shop opened near my old house a few weeks ago, and we gave it a try to. It was good...but a bit pricey!

  7. You and your husband are SO adorable! I am so jealous of your vacation. I'm not 21 yet, so I can't do too much there, so hence I'm extremely jealous. Have a fun rest of vacation!

  8. Looks like such a fun trip!! There's a top of the world restaurant in the CN tower in Toronto, and it's SUCH a cool really do feel on top of the world!! And anything would be made even more fabulous with that dessert trio :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. LOVE Vegas and so glad you guys are having a great time! U look Beautiful as ever Lauren! Love the sweet pic of you and your husband at dinner! Vegas has the best pools ever at their hotels for sure!

    Oh shopping is amazing there as well!!!! Are you guys going to any shows?!! The shows are awesome there! SO many to choose from too!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! xoxo

  10. ah! what a great trip, i love the recap so far. it looks like you guys really made the most of your vacation. i love vegas. oh man.. SO hot there right now. can't wait to see more. love you and have missed you!

  11. My husband and I have always wanted to go to Vegas together! It sounds like you guys are loving it!

  12. Vegas looks like so much fun! I love your outfits!!

  13. Do they still have the rides on top of the Stratosphere? I went on a roller coaster up there! Scary! This was a few years ago though.

    Glad you're having a fun vacation!

  14. I am so jealous of your vegas vacation! It looks like you had a fabulous time! The dinner looks beautiful - and the mini desserts are too cute! I also always magically make room for dessert =)

  15. So fun!! I looove your top in the flamingo pictures :)

    And holy cow, that meal!!!

  16. Wooohooo! Looks like you are having a blast in Vegas baby!! Continue to soak it up! :D

  17. THIS IS SO FUN! im so excited and happy youve been seizing each moment and truly enjoying yourself <3 <3