Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hershey Park Happy

Yesterday was one of the most physically and mentally tiring days I've had in a long time but every single second was incredibly fantastic! 

Let me start from the beginning….

I woke up early to get in a few miles before breakfast.  I forwent my "long" run that I usually plan for Saturday mornings and banged out 3 miles doing negative splits in just around 26 min. 

I'm telling you, negative splits are just as tiring as doing a long run.  I really pushed my last mile and got in under 8 min!  

After my run and a much needed shower, I got ready for my monthly FD (Father/Daughter) Breakfast with my glowing sister…..

And goofball dad…..

I took them to Cornerstone Coffeehouse.  After Sue told me that they had some of the best baked oatmeal, I knew it was a hands-down decision that this would be our next choice in the rotation. 

The Baked Oatmeal was perfect! 

After a delightful breakfast, I set off for Body Pump. 

Do you guys remember when I told you about that fantastic Zumba class I took a few weeks ago with my favorite instructor, Nancie?  Well, she not only teaches killer Zumba classes, but is also famous for her Body Pump.  Yesterday was her launch at Golds Gym and she invited me to come along as a special guest. 

Truth be told, I've never taken a Body Pump before.  I've heard innumerable reviews on how fantastic these classes are, but I never had the chance to experience one until yesterday.. 

I really didn't know what to expect.  I knew it was going to be an interval workout with weights, so immediately I was thinking "Jillian Michaels Shred" but even more pumped up.  

Body Pump was amazing.  60 min of full body circuits, working each muscle group intensely for a 5-6 min timeframe.  I was able to keep up and didn't think any of the moves were too difficult to handle, but I kept my weights manageable to avoid looking like I didn't know what I was doing. 

I left Body Pump feeling quite sore and today, I can without question tell that my muscles had an intense workout.  

I loved it and I can't wait to take another class! 
Thanks Nancie and The Body Pump Team for letting me experience the Body Pump phenomenon. 

As soon as I got home and cleaned up from workout number 2, we were off for an even more rigorous conditioning….

Taking our 2 1/2 year old nephew to Hershey Park which was honestly more intense than any workout I've done in a long time. 

We arrived to pick up one excited little boy and took a few moments to get in some Abby love before we left. 

Our friends Jen and Brian joined the fun with their 3 year old son Connor (his name is Connor too) as well. 

The boys were thrilled and instantly became the best of friends….

As much fun as the boys had on some of the rides, the real highlight of the day was finding the water park area and spending most of our time splashing around in the fountains. 

By the end of the night, we were all EXHAUSTED!  And by "we" I mean, the four old timers who could barely walk.  The boys didn't want the night to end, so we made one last stop for obligatory ice cream on our way out of the park. 

I told Jen I have so much respect for mothers like her.  I never knew how completely demanding it can be to be a parent of a 2 year old. 

Toly and I were both drained…..

But entirely fulfilled at the same time.  As much work as it is, our nephew makes every single strenuous moment completely worth it. 



  1. What a fabulous day :) A wonderful breakfast (the baked oatmeal looks so yummy) and an awesome fitness class. Isn't pump great? Your ice cream from hersheys looks awesome. I nee to find some soft serve ice cream around my house yum yum! I can't believe its Sunday already :(

  2. i was just saying yesterday how badly i wanna revisit a water park!!!! there's nothing like that wonderful feeling of exhaustion after a full day like that...

  3. How sweet of you guys to take your nephew to Hershey Park! I'm sure he loved every single minute of it! Kiddos are exhausting some days, but so much fun!!

  4. I just need to say that you have absolutely fabulous arms!

  5. Lauren,
    What a fun, action-filled day. Isn't it wonderful to reach the end of the evening and feel exhausted from all the fun you've had earlier in the day? I loved that baked oatmeal wish I could get my hands on something like that here!

  6. Hershey Park Happy for sure!!! :)

    I just started going to Body Pump classes again, and now I totally remember why I used to love it so much. Such a great workout!

  7. I've been wondering about Body Pump! I never knew there were any classes in the area! The only one I ever read about before was on Tina's blog from Carrots n' Cake! Anyway, I hope you and Toly had a blast with the kids at Hershey! I was there not too long ago and the water park was a pretty impressive addition! :)

  8. Two year olds are totally exhausting!!! I'm a stay at home to a 7 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old.