Friday, July 2, 2010

Great Food Minds Think Alike

Do you ever feel like you wake up craving one thing and one thing only and then realize that so many other people are thinking the exact same thing?? 

I really think this happens to me all the time.  I have a pretty standard meal plan during the week (especially with breakfast) but there are some days when I just want something totally unplanned.  Like waffles! 

But I swear, whenever I go outside the box and make something I normally don't make, 10 other people do the exact same thing.  Let's see, today, I had waffles, as did Bobbi, and Zesty Cook. Brandi had flapjacks, and Katie had waffles the other day, but I just saw this post today so I guess that counts. I love that I am on the same wavelength with all my foodie friends! 

Okay but back to my waffles, they were fantastic.  No wonder I was craving them. 

2 Natures Path Flax Waffles, Pom Chobani, Banana, Blueberries, Pecans and Flax and a slight drizzle of maple agave

This breakfast made my morning.  I think every friday from now on is going to be a waffle kind of morning.  

Work was pretty laid back today.  A lot of people had off for the long weekend, but I had some things to get done in the office. 

I did come home and put together a fantastic lunch! 

I'd say this is one of the most beautiful salads ever.

With my salad I had the other half of the Summer Frittata I made the other night. 

Everything was so colorful and breathtaking that I thought, why not just put it all into one bowl?  I bet it would look stunning.

I was right! 

Everything is so fresh and amazing right now.  The veggies, the fruit….I just feel good after I eat.  It's so amazing what the body does with REAL natural foods.  

I actually had a very busy afternoon at work and when I eventually made it home, I was beat!  I think after 5 days of 2 workouts a day, my body really starts to feel it by Friday.  All I wanted to do is lay down, so that's just what I did. 

Eventually, I peeled myself off the couch and took and walk with Toly and the pup.  It was literally the perfect evening.  I can't describe how amazing the weather was today. 

Tonight, all I wanted to do was to drink wine and eat pizza on the patio.  

I prepped the pizzas ahead of time and we threw them on the grill to cook.

Mine was grilled veggies with hummus and goat cheese. 

Toly's was cheese, pepperoni, and bacon.

 While our pizza's cooked, Toly and I chatted and sipped on some drinks.  It was lovely. 

After 15 min on the grill, the pizzas were ready!

So good!!!  Toly beleives he has mastered the technique of grilling pizza.  He is certainly the grill master so I won't deny it! 

Something else you may not know about Toly, he has quite a knack for catching flies.  Honestly, he is so good at trapping those annoying flies that ruin your outdoor dining experience.  He has a system for this as well. 

Haha my hero! 

Okay, guess what time it is…..

Fro Yo and Friday Night Lights!!  

It's already started so I'm out! 

See you tomorrow. :) 



  1. May I come over next Friday for waffles? :-D

  2. great foodies definitely think alike! your grilled pizzas look SO perfect. and i love that colorful bowl of goodness. you and toly are the cutest couple! hope you enjoy your holiday <3 love you

  3. i need toly to come over and grill/trap flies for me!!!

  4. I SO agree...everything is so fresh and amazing right now. Makes me totally happy. I love fruit in adds that perfect special something. Your pizzas turned out great & you guys just look so happy - fabulous. Enjoy the fourth!

  5. You look so vibrant and happy. It was wonderful to see these photographs. I have been craving waffles myself...but I don't have an iron, so I'm going to need to make a trip out for breakfast soon!

  6. Two days ago I swear everyone had stir fry for dinner! I was just posting about my stir fry when I saw all of the stir fry the East Coasters had.

  7. Sounds like an incredibly relaxing Friday night. I haven't had fro yo in much too long - enjoy!