Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Show Can Start Now

Oh my, this was not my usual "restful" Sunday.  In fact, I think this is the first that I have actually sat down all day. But there was much to do in order to get the house ready for showing.

First, we needed fuel to get us through the tasks ahead….

Nectarine Raspberry Oats

These were delicious.  All of the fruit was purchased at the Farmers Market this weekend and all is local and homegrown.  

We took our time enjoying our Sunday breakfast as we normally do. 

Shortly after, the horns sounded and we were off! 

Toly and I cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I'm not talking our usual weekend cleaning of dusting and vacuuming, I mean we scrubbed every nook, dusted every corner, cleaned every window crack, got into the depths of cabinets and drawers and basically gave the entire house a deep clean.  

After we finished the upstairs, we took a break for lunch. 

Grilled Veggie Burger with Corn and fruit. 

No time for rest, after lunch, it was right back to work. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the kitchen and downstairs. 

I cleaned out the pantry, got rid of so much unused items, condensed some similar items, and started to think about how it would be a good idea for us to start "eating up the kitchen."  

After 8 hours of cleaning, the house is immaculate!  Now I feel good about having complete strangers tour my house. 

I sat down for about 10 min and then decided that if I didn't start dinner soon, I would probably fall asleep. 

We fired up the grill for round 2! 

Grilled Shrimp Tuscan Salad with Pesto Grilled Squash

I also made a fantastic Fruit Bruchetta.  Just combine one peach, one plum, one kiwi, a few cherries, a little lime juice, cinnamon and agave.

Serve with Cinnamon Pita/Tortilla Chips

Toly said that this was a new favorite and that this is something that you would probably never find on a menu out.  Haha, too bad I got the idea menu special the other day, but I was still so flattered! :) 

Dinner was summery and delicious! 

I must say, it's a wonderful feeling to have a spotless home.  Now lets just hope we get some bites! 

Oy, time to crash!  




  1. I know how trying to sell a house goes! You never stop cleaning - good luck! Your meals look delicious!

  2. Good luck with the sale of your house! How exciting!!

    Fruit bruchetta looks amazing!

  3. I love the idea of fruit bruchetta...I don't know why I've never thought of it. I am going to make a batch for 4th of July weekend!

  4. The fruit bruschetta looks so yummy and easy too!! I love your lunch too, tasty!!! Good luck selling the house :)


  5. Holy YUM - such delicious eats, Lauren!
    As always, obvs :D
    Wish you a fabulous week, girl!