Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short but Sweet

It's currently way past my bedtime and since I just preached to you all yesterday that adequate sleep is vital for an early morning workout, I should listen to my own advice and make this short…


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Yogurt Bowl 

1/4 C Kashi Go Lean, 1/4 Cup Natures Path Flax Flakes, handful of TJ's Flakes and Twigs, Strawberry, 1/2 banana, Strawberry Oikos, Dark Chocolate Almond Butter, Granola Sprinkle 

With a chocolate covered spoon.  Who would ever think of wasting the almond butter left over on the spoon? That would be madness! 

Definitely forgot to take a picture of lunch.  It was eaten at my desk and merely leftovers from last night so you weren't missing much.  Don't get me wrong, leftover tempeh and quinoa (which I now know is pronounced "keen-whah" thanks guys!) is pretty darn tasty but looked the exact same from yesterday. 

I had a doctor's appointment and left work early today.  Happy to report that all is well on the stomach front.  The doctor was so pleased with my progress and said I seem to be in a state of remission.  Now the goal is to just stay there for good! 

Later on, Toly and I had another appointment that lasted way longer than I anticipated.  I worked out before we went and didn't eat something afterwards, thinking we would be eating dinner shortly.  Well, 4 hours later, we were finally eating dinner and I was one hungry hippo. 

We went to a great seafood restaurant that sits on the river directly across from the city. Outdoor seating on a beautiful summer night is the only way to dine! 

I told Toly that all day, I had been craving an iced tea.  Very odd, I hardly ever drink iced tea nor do I ever order it, but it's all I could think about. 

Then Toly told me it was National Iced Tea day.  Ha, how cool that my body just knows these food holidays now!  Who am I to neglect a national food holiday? :) 

Just waiting for National Almond Butter Day and I'll be doing some serious damage on the 11 current jars that I have opened in my pantry. 

Okay back to dinner.  It was almost 8pm by the time food was placed in front of us.  When the waitress brought out this basket of rolls and hush puppies, I nearly dived in. 

For my entree, I ordered the Chicken Apple Walnut Salad but subbed a Crab Cake for the Chicken.  Rockbass has some of the best crabcakes!  All real lump meat, no fillers….delicious! 

Demolished this in 15 min and felt happily full.  But never too full for ice cream! 

Ending the night with Bruster's White Raspberry Truffle was a must.  

It turned out to be a great impromptu date night.  Quite the party animals we were by rolling in past 9pm on a work night.  Unheard of for us! 

Okay, it's time for bed! 

Night guys! 



  1. Crab cake? Ice cream? What a great day!!!

  2. aw :) Glad you had such a successful day. The restaurant looks great- gotta love a nice view. Ow ice cream- I need to get out for some this weekend. Enjoy your Friday

  3. Looks yummy! I would still be interested in hearing about why you had been doing 2 workouts a day, especially for someone who doesn't need to lose weight.

  4. LOVE Bruster's!!! And I love your salad substitution. That crab cake looked like it had zero filler!

  5. Looks like a full day of yummy eats! I hear ya on the nut butter-covered spoon! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal? I could kiss you right now!! That is being made TOMORROW. Boy do I ever love chocolate covered strawberries lol

    And I'm actually from Altoona! I went to Juniata, which you probably know about since you went to PSU (:

    I live in Ohio now though, so sad! I miss my native land... sighhhhh

  7. SO glad to hear your tum is doing well! and yay for national food holidays :)