Friday, June 11, 2010

Defending My Progress

Hey guys!

Okay, so I need to start by addressing an issue that was brought out in my previous past on AM workouts. It seems that some "anon" people disagree with my current training plan and have raised a concern that I should not be partaking in two-a-days (cardio and strength) when I am already thin to begin with. 

Okay, I need to explain that I AM IN NO WAY ATTEMPTING TO LOOSE WEIGHT!  I am actually in the process of gaining weight.  Many of you know, I was recently diagnosed with a colon disease which explained why I had much difficulty retaining fat and keeping weight on.  I was always healthy but considered "underweight."  No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep weight on.  Once I was diagnosed, this explained a lot and since starting this new treatment plan and getting myself in remission, I've gained 7 pounds in three months!!!  Yes, did you hear that, I've been working out 2 times (on most days) a day and I GAINED WEIGHT!!!  I know that the weight I have gained is healthy, solid, good weight.  My muscle definition has increased tremendously, I feel 1000X more strong and healthy, and my clothes still fit the same. That was my goal.  I had this intention and I know what I am doing and obviously, it is working, so I will continue to do what I know is good and right for my body.  

I don't want to sound harsh but "anon", if you have any more questions or concerns, please email me and I will be more than happy to talk more about it.  But please don't accuse me of anything when you really don't know me or what I have gone through.  Thank you! 

Glad I could get that off my chest.  Now on to your regular scheduled post. 

After a glorious workout with Jillian's Yoga Meltdown (which is now my favorite yoga workout) I enjoyed a delectable yogurt/cereal bowl for breakfast. 

1/4 Cup TJ's Raisin Bran, 1/4 Cup PB Puffins, 1/2 Banana, Blueberries, 1/2 Crumbled Banana Vita Top, Flax, Blueberry Oikos, Mighty Maple

Pineapple with Cottage Cheese and Cinnamon

My I put a lot into these cereal/yogurt bowls.  I guess that is what makes them so filling and delicious! 

Lucky for me, I was able to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine today with meetings that forced me to travel around the city.  Can't complain about driving with the windows down, radio up, and the sun shining on my face as a part of my job! 

One of my meetings was a lunch appointment.  I took my co-worker to Juice n' Java because he had never been and it is one of my favorites. 

My usual Strawberry/Banana/Pineapple Smoothie…

I ordered 1/2 the Veggie Wrap with their amazing black bean cilantro salad. 

It was all fantastic!  For the record, this would be the 2nd time this week I have eaten at Juice n' Java and the 3rd time this week I have had a lunch meeting.  Can't complain about that part of my job either! 

After a few more meetings, I had just enough time to get back to the office, answer some emails and peace out for the weekend. 

I realized that we have not grilled all week and immediately needed to do something about it. 

We are very limited on food (shocking I know!) because I was not able to get to the store this week, so I did what I could. 

TJ's Salmon Burger hidden in the depths of the freezer came to my rescue! 

BBQ Salmon Burger on WW Sandwich Thin with honey mustard and mashed avocado

Oh yes, I've discovered that eating avocado slices on my burgers or sandwiches is much too difficult.  They always fall out and then I miss out on the full goodness of the buttery fruit in each bite.  I've solved this quandary with the mashed technique.  Just mash it with a fork and then spread it on your bread.  Brilliant! 

I grilled sweet potato rounds and made a side salad with the very last of anything green in the fridge.

Turned out to be an outstanding meal! 

You know what time it is!  Friday Night Lights!!  Ah, love the summer, love good grilled food, and I just love Fridays!  

Love to you all! :)   



  1. Good for you girl! You know I <3 ya. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I'm so glad its Friday. Your dinner looks awesome. I'm totally going to try mashing my avocado now (I just bought one today!!). Enjoy your weekend

  2. oh the anonymous comments... These people annoy bc they can't stand behind their comment. If youhave something to say, at least be honest about who you are. What are you twelve? If you are afraid of the reaction you will get, maybe you shouldn't make a rude comment. Lauren, your eats look delish. Screw the haters.

  3. I've been a longtime lurker but I need to come out and say this. I struggled with an eating disorder for ten years and although I've been in recovery for over a year now, I'm still "underweight" after my "regain". I'm very petite and I can understand how awful it feels when people think your dieting or want to loose pounds. I love your site and spirit!
    P.S. I just found my own stash of TJ's salmon patties in the fridge! totally forgot I had them and I used to eat them every day with avocado and dijon mustard! your my long lost food soul mate! I totally hear ya about the meanie comments and I'm here for ya!

  4. I'm so glad you came out and addressed this, Lauren. I know it couldn't have been easy for you, and it certainly must be frustrating to have people accusing you of attempting to lose weight when they aren't familiar with your whole story. I do believe that if readers have serious concerns they should share them, but in a more private way (like through email) and certainly not in an accusing manner. Congratulations on the healthy weight gain and on handling your health issues in the best way possible! That's not easy to do, and many of us find it very inspiring. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good for you to address this out loud, Lauren. I already knew you weren't trying to lose weight or anything, and I wish these "anons" would read through your blog and history before accusing you of anything nasty. It's easy to misunderstand considering your work out schedule, but if you have the time to leave a comment like that, you have the time to do some research first, too.

    Wish you all the luck with your goals, Lauren!

  6. I just recently found your blog..I find it refreshing! It has given me many great ideas, and hopefully get my 14yr and 20yr old daughter's to eat healthier, along with myself!
    Thank you! You have a lovely family!

  7. girl i always thought you looked healthy and beautiful! you eat well, live well, and train well.

    anyone who says otherwise? i would imagine it was jealousy!

  8. You handled the anon comment beautifully! As supportive as this community is, there will always be naysayers, and it's usually evident from their comments that they don't actually care about the person's well-being. It's clear that you fuel your body well and eat a substantial diet of healthy foods...good for you for taking that comment in stride! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far :)

  9. I think this "anon" must be the same person going to everyone's blogs and accusing them of having an eating disorder. They must be a very insecure person! Love you! And, I am so proud of you for your healthy weight gain. I know how hard it can be!

  10. Oh anons, they love to comment but don't have the balls to attach their name to their statements. So they just end up looking like cowards. We all know you Lauren and have your back! :D