Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am an Almond Butter Thief

Hello blog world!  Welcome to the middle of your week already!  Tomorrow is actually my Friday so this week is particularly short and sweet. 

My alarm woke me from a deep sleep and dream.  I can't remember the details but I do remember I was running along the road when I saw jars upon jars of almond butter overflowing someone's trash can.  I went over to the jars and then were completely full and untouched.  So I did what any natural person would do and took them.  But just as I started to run away, a man (who is someone that works in my building that I NEVER EVER have spoken to) started running after me calling me a thief!  Weird!!! 

Funny thing, I saw that man today too. I did run 4 miles (HIIT) but he did not run after me, thank goodness. And he may or may not have had almond butter for breakfast but I sure did….

Drizzled to perfection on my Pear and Yogurt Bowl….

1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, 10 Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Nuggets (mind you I usually don't count out my nuggets, but today I noticed I grabbed exactly 10 from the box and thought it was interesting that that is how many fits in my hand), 1 small pear diced, 1/4 Cup Natural Applesauce, Carmel Oikos, Almond Butter Drizzle 

More Grapefruit…I can't get enough these days

So I must show you this great little dress I picked up at White House Black Market over the weekend….

Price tag: $98.  Paid: $19.99!!!  Such a steal and not to mention I am in love with it.  I told you I always find the best deals when I shop with my sister. 

Today at work was much like yesterday in that I spent the morning in the office and the afternoon teaching.  Before my presentation, I was invited to attend a luncheon with some of the students.  On the way there, I stopped to satisfy an apparent craving….

Yes, it's true….I crave these much like an smoker would crave a cig.  I bought the Honest brand because it was on sale but I think I like the GT's (original brand) better. 

Still good and kept me from twitching…

I was about 95% sure that they would be serving pizza at the luncheon.  I didn't expect a menu of grilled tofu and veggie trays at a lunch put together by 16 year olds.  And my inclinations were 100$ correct.  

I can only do greasy pizza knowing I will "pay" for it later.  Take out pizza has always been one of my "trigger" foods for my IBD, and since I didn't want to pay for it while I was teaching, I skipped eating during the lunch and talked with all of the kids. 

After the lunch, I had about an hour to kill before my presentation so I ran across the street to Sandella's (a sandwich cafe) to grab myself lunch. 

I ordered one of my favorite summertime lunches…a salad and a smoothie. 

Peach Pear Smoothie

Apple Walnut Salad with Blue Cheese and Dried Cranberries

With my salad, I noticed a warm piece of pita hiding underneath the greens.  However, they forgot to include any hummus to go on the pita. 

Silly them, who eats pita without hummus?  I fixed that! 

I also paid $1.05 for this scant cup of hummus, but totally worth it.

Much better.

When I got home, I did 20 min on the ET followed with 20 min of abs.  I try to do abs 2 times and week and strength 3 times a week.  Yoga is thrown in there once as well.  I love the variety. 

Toly got home and we took Sammy for a walk like we usually do and then started on dinner.  Tag teaming it tonight with the grill. 

I bought Mahi Mahi Burgers at Trader Joes and couldn't wait to give them a try. 

Thinking of what I could do to these burgers, I came up with something extraordinary! 

I give you, 

Grilled Teriyaki Mahi Mahi Burgers with Pineapple Salsa 

I made my go-to teriyaki sauce and told Toly to keep basting the burgers while they cooked. For the salsa, I combined diced pineapple, red peeper, red onion, lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro. 

I had mine open face and on the side..grilled zucchini fries. 

Toly's plate

My plate

The burgers were awesome!  I have been so into the TJ's salmon burgers but these were a nice change.  And the teriyaki was an excellent choice.  Everything was just scrumptious! 

Okay, now the Flyers are about to WIN this next game.  Yes, I am predicting a big and much needed win for them.  Who is with me? :) 



  1. LOVE the dress!!!! you look gorgeous! i actually just got a similar black/white dress with my mom for my new job @ TJMaxx yesterday that was $25 and was super excited. i love bargain shopping!

  2. Lauren!!! I've missed you so much! You are looking gorgeous as ever and I LOVE that dress. I feel the same way about this long blazer that was on sale while I was in NY. It just makes it that much better, right?

    I seriously forgot that I was dreaming your.. wait what? LOL! I mean READING your dream. I was like holy crap this happened?! Then I read it again because I couldn't believe my eyes.

    I love that you and Toly tag teamed your dinner. It turned out beautifully and looks delicious :D Just got back from walking Matilda and reading about you both taking Sammy out on a walk just made me smile. Don't you just love our furry little friends?

    Anywho, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the night and a fabulous "Friday" tomorrow!

    XOXO always thinking of you!

  3. I have weird dreams too, haha :-D

    LOVE that dress! Very chic.

  4. I love love love that dress! You look fantastic in it :) Have a great night sweetie!

  5. hahhahah what a great dream! And I love the dress- you look amazing. That is one of my favorite stores. You are also looking might tan. I'm jealous :) Yummy lunch. Pita and Hummus were meant to be together. Thanks for inspiring my dinner last night. I felt so Lauren making a pretty breakfast for dinner plate!

  6. Yay Flyers! That dream is too funny, I guess you're thinking a lot about almond butter and running! And I can't believe they gave you pita without hummus- that 1.05 was definitely well spent!

  7. First, LOVE the dress! I have a special spot in my heart for White House/Black Market. We don't have one here, but that's where I got my prom dress! Beautiful, and we got it for $50 down from $200!

    second - that dream is cracking me up :) you're not the only one that would have taken those jars!

  8. Hot dress girl! You look so cute!

    Only food bloggers would dream about almond butter lol!

  9. I totally am cheering for the Flyers (even if Pronger is on their team)!! I really wouldn't mind seeing the Hawks win, but JVR has my heart.

  10. Haha that dream is too funny! You know love almond butter but it makes its way into your subconscious. :)

  11. You have been having the most luscious eats recently!!!!

    And I LOVE that dress! WHBM is where I got my bridesmaid's dresses from - they always have such a classy selection! :D

  12. great meals! ilove the big salad for lunch & the nice, balanced dinner. I think you handled the pizza situation well. You lookin smokin in the dress =)