Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Chef Artist

Don't you just love waking up and starting the week off on a Tuesday?  I know I do! 

I hopped out of bed and right into the gym to attempt a run.  I sat "attempt" because I really wasn't sure how things would go.  You see, yesterday when I ran, I noticed the muscle right underneath my right bottom side started to really bother me about 1/2 way through my run.  All of a sudden it got really tight and started spasming.  I had to stop and walk a few times and stretch it out and I managed to get through the run but all day, I was limping and sore. When I got home last night, I rolled the thing until I almost cried (but from good pain) and had Toly massage it out for about 20 min.  This morning, I was good as gold!  5 miles, check! 

Breakfast bowl of goodness…..

1/4 Cup Cinnamon Puffins, 1/4 Cup Kashi Cinnamon H2H, handful (probably another 1/4 cup) of cheerios because I'm trying to use up the box, 1/2 banana, blackberries, Vanilla Oikos, Cinnamon PB, Flax

Grapefruit that tasted like candy.  Not quite as good as the Grapefruit Brulee that I ordered yesterday at Miss Shirleys, but then again, this wasn't broiled in a brown sugar candy coating and dusted with powdered sugar.  Still good though. 

I spent the morning in the office and came home for a quick bite to eat before heading out for the remainder of the afternoon. 

A Salad of Leftovers 
(Fajita Shrimp, Veggies, Guacamole Salad, Salsa, Greek Yogurt, Baked Zucchini) 

And this pineapple tasted like candy as well.  Gosh, fruit is just so darn amazing right now. 

I gobbled this up and ran off to teach for the rest of the afternoon. 

When I got home, I hit the gym for some upper body strength.  

Kind of went like this…

1 mile warm up - 7.5 mph at 1% incline (Treadmill) 
3 x 12 overhead press (40 lbs)
3 x 12 bench press (40 lbs) 
3 x 12 pull downs (40 lbs) 
3 x 12 seated row (40 lbs) 
1 mile cool down- 5.5 mph at 10% incline (speed walking) 

When Toly got home, we took sammy for a walk before what looked like a storm.  Never did storm, but we did have a lovely walk. 

Dinner was BFD a day early.  I really thought it was going to rain and I wanted to save the grilling meals for tomorrow and thursday when its supposed to be nice all day.  As soon as I started to make dinner, the clouds went away and the sun came out.  So we could have grilled, but oh well.  I'll never debate a BFD meal. 

I'm not sure how I came up with this one, but it goes along the lines of a Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

So this was an over easy egg on top of a bed of spinach, sweet potato cake, smoked salmon, goat cheese, cranberry chutney and topped with avocado.  I layered some fresh baby beets on the side. 

Here's a money shot so you can see all of the gooey layers coming together in one fabulous bite! 

On the side, roasted Brussels sprouts. 

Loved this meal.  I really just thought that all of these things would taste good together in my head and went with it.  Do you ever do that?  I seem to do this all the time with cooking.  I guess that's what makes me a unique cook though.  I see food outside of the box and so much more than what is really is.  I really think that true chefs are more like artists.  It takes heart, creativity, and the ability to appreciate the abnormal. 

Okay, a little random rant there.  And I'm done. 

Hope you all had a fantastic day! 



  1. Glad the rolling/husband massage helped out! And hooray for a fabulous run. I don't have to teach today and am hoping to get a run in (whoop whoop!). Brinnnner. We're totally having brinner tonight. I had something else planned but just feel like some eggy goodness. Plus we have tons of great harvest bread that could go bad soon (gotta use it up). Hope the rest of your week is just as fantastic as your Monday (Tuesday ;))

  2. that dinner looks AMAZING!!! What a great combination!

  3. Glad to hear that your muscle's feeling better and that you had a good run! :)

  4. Your BFD always look so good! I tend to add whatever sounds good as I go along as well, especially when it comes to things like salads and veggie bowls. I like lots of different flavors! Glad the hubs massage worked things out, definitely a good reason to ask for one :)