Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Wow, is it really Sunday evening already?  

I can not say we did anything tremendously exciting this weekend, but I also can not say we didn't enjoy every moment.  It was laid back, relaxing and restful.  I don't have many pictures to show you, but here are some of the highlights….

Farm Fresh Eggs!!!!! 

I recently discovered a coworker of mine has chickens and can not get rid of the eggs fast enough.  Ummmm…how did I not know about this little fact?  Do you know how long it's been that I've been searching for farm fresh eggs?  I signed up to be on the weekly rotation so we should be eating fresh eggs from now on.  Amen! 

I turned this beautiful and delicious egg into an even more beautiful and delicious wrap.  

1 fram fresh egg scrambled, avocado, sprouts, spinach, dijon and laughing cow

I also discovered that the reusable starbucks cups make the perfect smoothie cup.  

I got my hairs cut.  

Love this length on me.  Easier to manage and cute.  Perfect for summer. 

We had dinner with friends on Saturday night and had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos but you can imagine a humungous piece of flounder stuffed to the brim with overflowing hunks of jumbo lump crabmeat can't you?

I asked Toly what he wanted for Sunday Morning Breakfast.  His choices were scrambled eggs and bagels, apple cinnamon waffles or banana split pancakes…

His decision……..

Banana Spit Pancakes

I finally found the Kodiak Pancake Mix at Ross of all stores. I actually had quite the unusual array of merchandise during my shopping trip.  A new black sun dress, sunglasses, 2 new bowls, pancake mix and earbuds.  Don't you love how you can go into a store like that and come out with the most random things. 

Okay, back to breakfast. The pancakes were made using 1 cup of the mix, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup almond milk, mashed banana. 

Once I placed them on the griddle, I added chopped strawberries and chocolate chips (in Toly's). 

I topped them with more strawberries and banana, strawberry yogurt and drizzled dark chocolate almond butter overtop.  They were sensational! 

We had lunch at my parents and spent the afternoon there.  My dad grilled chicken but made sure to have mushrooms for me and my mom made a nice big salad.  It was a great lunch! 

Lunch was on the later side so I think I might just make a big bowl of cereal for dinner.  I use to eat cereal for dinner all the time when I was in college.  It kind of brings back memories of my crazy busy life of a poor college kid.  Throw in some fruit roll ups and fro yo and I'll be recreating my entire meal plan! :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  

**Edited to Add-

Toly and I both enjoyed our bowls of cereal for dinner on the couch watching Friday Night Lights.  Perfect way to end the weekend. 



  1. LOVE the 'do!! And you definitely can't beat fresh eggs from the farm.

  2. Your haircut looks great, almost as great as those pancakes! :)

    I used to eat cereal for dinner allllllll the time!

  3. how lucky are you with those eggs?!?! how do you get that almond butter to drizzle like that, by the way?

  4. Yummy eggs:) I love your haircut- you look so beautiful!

  5. Love your haircut! You rock the short hair. I chopped mine off last summer around the same time... it was a lot easier to manage!

    Are Kodiak Cakes really that much better than other brands of pancake mix you've tried?

  6. Those Kodiak cakes look absolutely incredible, especially with the chocolate almond butter on top!! And I love cereal for dinner, but my ED has always told me it's not okay to eat it after breakfast. I need to work on that stat!! Hope you have a great week love!

  7. you are TOO cute! seriously. love the haircut!

    and your food is off the chains amazing as always. the wraps, those 'shrooms (even though i don't even like them!) and THOSE PANCAKES!


    so glad you had a wonderful weekend my dear! happy monday :)

  8. I'll have to try those banana split pancakes for Seth sometime--he loves bananas and I am always looking for new recipes that include them! :)

  9. cute, cute hair! love it! and the banana split flapjacks look incredible. i love kodiak cakes! and i love you!

  10. love the hair cut and LOVe those kodiak cakes! i hear that batter is So good! you made them quite beautiful too! :)