Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silly Bands. The New Snap Bracelet?

Can someone please tell me what a silly band is?  I'd like to think that I keep up with the latest fads in schools these days.  I try to at least, because with my job, I work directly with high school students and frequently visit schools.  However, today is the first I have heard of the most recent teenage fashion craze….the silly band.  Just a thin little rubber wrist bracelet, really?  That's what all the hype is about?  I do hope that it ends there and that kids are not taking some kind of sexual association as they do with most things these days.  

Oy, I feel so old somedays.  When I was in school, it was all about snap bracelets, nano pets, and furbies…all of which I had copious collections of.  Anyone else remember those school aged obsessions?  Do you remember pongs?  Haha, what ever happened to pongs? 

Okay, before I completely digress down memory lane, let's get back to business. 

I pulled a serious business woman look today.  I was speaking at a conference and wanted to dress for success. 

I also pulled a speedy run before I got all dressed up.  4 miles in 33 min.  I don't remember the exact breakdowns but it was basically your average HIIT.  Following this with 20 min of abs was all together a decent workout. 

Does anyone notice a pattern to this breakfast? 

Diced Pear, 1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Honey Oikos, Applesauce, Almond Butter, Flax, PB Granola 

I seem to ALWAYS eat it on Wednesdays after my HIIT run.  Do I do this intentionally?  Perhaps.  I like consistency and for some reason my brain associates speed runs with this breakfast.  Maybe it's that I want to run fast so I can get to this bowl faster.  It is one of my favorites. 

Like I said, I was a guest speaker at a conference this morning.  After I was finished, I decided to forgo the lunch they offered us and opted for leftovers in my fridge instead. 

Crab Corn Chowder

Side of veggies with hummus and salsa and toast with cottage cheese

I was starving when I made this but I think I ate it way too fast because as soon as I scarfed it down, I felt a little sick.  Still delicious though. 

The rest of work flew by.  I had an interview with a newspaper reporter who is doing an article on our program that took up a large chunk of the afternoon.  Before I knew it, I was driving home and thinking about dinner. 

It didn't take me long to stop the thinking and move right into the making.  

Wednesday BFD at your service….

Zucchini, Mushroom, Smoke Salmon Frittata with Goat Cheese

I sautéed zucchini and mushrooms in a small pan and added the smoked salmon.  Then I poured over the eggs (2 whites, 1 whole) and crumbled goat cheese on top.  I placed the pan in the oven at 400 for about 15 min. 

It turned out perfect! 

I also made a side salad with strawberries, pecans, avocado, cucumber and radish. 

My parents bought me this Cranberry Honey Mustard and I have been finding ways to use it every change I get.  I thought it would be lovely on the frittata. 

And it was…..

Toly's plate…..

Toly asks me all the time if I remembered to take a picture of his plate.  He really likes that I put them on the blog.  I never really thought people cared to see what he ate, but I get a lot of comments on his too.  So many people ask if Toly eats the same thing I do, and the answer is no!  We always have the same base but his ingredients are altered to fit his liking.  I would never expect him to eat the way I do just because it's what I like.  He likes cheese, bacon, and meat, but he also likes salads, fruit, and veggies so I compromise and try to give him a balance of everything he likes. 

Dinner table shot…...

I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday!  Where has this week gone? :) 



  1. I've never heard of silly bands?? But of course I remember pogs! And beanie babies! I had like a million of them. Great job on the workout-whoop! And you know I will probably have brinner tomorrow night after seeing this deliciousness

  2. Silly bands sound like the jelly bracelets of the early '00s...different colors meant different things, and if you ripped someone off of someone's wrist, they had to do that deed with you. Classy, right? I only ever wore the hot pink ones, which I think meant kiss on the cheek or something like that, because I was afraid of boys until I was about 15. No lie.

    My brother had millions of pogs! I was more of a Beanie Baby girl myself. And I loved my Tomagotchi too!

  3. I am not a high schooler but I do have a silly band, my friend's Mom gave her a bunch and she gave me a few. The frittata looks just amazing!

  4. What do you do? Your job sounds so interesting!

  5. You look so fierce, lady! I love the blazer/pencil skirt look, and wear it a lot myself!

    Also, can you come cook for me? Crab corn chowder is one of my absolute favorites.

  6. I'm going to have to ask my students about silly bands...I've never heard of anything referred to as that!

    Your frittata looks amazing! I need to use eggs more than just at breakfast time!

  7. Remember beenie babies? Those were from a while back... I remember having a huge collection, which was totally innappropriate because I was way too old for stuffed animals. Apparently at one point they were worth a lot of money, and my parents kept trying to get me to sell them but I wouldn't. And randomly, overnight, they were worth nothing. Man, what a waste!

  8. My students LOVE silly bands (high school students, not so much--but the elementary and middle school aged ones do). I did not know what they were for weeks until one of my students brought them in to show me. Now I jokingly find myself thinking, "Why didn't I think to invent cheap rubber bracelets that morph into shapes when they are not on your wrist?" Haha.... I'm picturing that schools will no longer allow them in the next six months--like they banned snap bracelets, a product of my childhood. ;)

  9. OH, my cousins have those bracelets but I didn't know that's what they were called. Huh. Who'd have thought such simple ideas would catch on like that?

  10. ow ow! looove the outfit, you look amazing!

    my b/f always asks me if I have taken a picture of his food as well, he just wants to make sure he makes it onto the blog, lol!

    i love smoked salmon and eggs, that fritatta looks so good - I need to make something like that soon, thanks for the dinner idea =)

  11. hey! a silly band is a 'brand name' for a rubber band bracelet that, when off, is SHAPED like something (an animal, a car, etc) and they come in packs (aahs has them) and kids go NUTS for them. They are multi colored and pretty cool:)