Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out of the Loop

Do you ever have one of those days where you just have a weird sense that something is going on?  The vibe is just off and you kind of feel like you're out of the loop on things. 

That was my day.  Not bad, just different.  I can't really explain it but I just kind of got a sick sense that things in the world were not aligning quite right.  

It didn't start out that way.  As you can see, there was absolutely nothing out of whack with my breakfast today. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oats

  • 1/3 Cup Scottish Oats with 1/2 Mashed Banana and Almond Milk
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberry Oikos (about 2 TBL) 
  • Chocolate Almond Granola
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
  • Pinch of Coconut 

I also ate an entire grapefruit. Usually, I just eat 1/2 with oats because they are big and it's just too much, but I couldn't help myself.  The grapefruit tasted so amazing there was no way I was stopping at half. 

I had another fancy event to go to today which was another opportunity to play dress up. 

Love this dress!!  Such a worthy purchase.  My dad told me that the last time I put a picture of myself in this dress on the blog, he thought the boys would like it too much.  Haha, I will always be his little girl. :) 

The event I attended was a luncheon so I don't have pictures to share but lets just say I decided that a piece of carrot cake would make a fine choice for my meal.  The only other options were pasta and chicken, both which I do not care to eat.  I do care very much to eat carrot cake, so maybe not the most nutritionally sound decision, but it definitely tasted amazing. 

I made up for my lack of fruits, veggies, and just about any other nutrient with dinner. 

Chipotle Bowls 
I have been craving Mexican all week so this meal was waiting in the bank to be made. 

I started out by cooking up some rice. 

This was great!  Mildly spice and extremely flavorful.  Just how rice should be!

I then sautéed tofu, zucchini and mushrooms and added a bit of enchilada sauce at the end. 

Why doesn't Chipotle offer tofu?  Wouldn't that be a fantastic menu addition?  I think I shall lobby for this at my nearest Chipotle next time.  Who's with me?

So the layering included 
  • Spinach
  • Rice
  • Tofu and Veggies
  • Mango Avocado Salsa (homemade) 
  • Peach Salsa (Newmans Own aka BEST EVER)
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Hot Sauce

Dare I say up to Chipotle quality? 

Toly's Bowl was just how he would order it.  Rice, Chicken, Cheese and Tomato. 

Ah, dinner was perfect.  Even more exciting are the leftovers I now have for tomorrow's lunch! 

So the goal for tonight is to make it through Grey's.  We got rid of our DVR because were currently in a war with Comcast.  The DVR was the first to go! :(  Now I actually have to watch my shows at their current time if I want to see them.  Not good for me since I usually have a hard time staying awake through Sesame Street, but I'll try. 

Good night everyone!  :) 



  1. mmm having carrot cake sounds like a perfectly acceptable lunch!

  2. I totally have days like just feel odd/out of it. CUTE outfit- love it. And I think having dessert as a meal sometimes rocks. Those bowls are making me crave Chipotle. That new place near us- Gringos- is very close to chipotle status!

  3. I love playing dress up! And chocolate almond butter sounds marvelous. What brand have you been enjoying?

  4. tofu? I wonder how they will uh, "Mexicanize" it? lol. With Mexican spices? Maybe drenched and baked in mole sauce? Hmm...

  5. Chipotle having tofu would be the best idea ever!!!!!! I hope htey do one day!

    Loving the amazing oats, your oats are always amazing though, but today, wow!!!!

    Love the dress! U look beautiful in it! Awwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet dad looking out for you!!!

    Have a great Friday girl!!!!

  6. That dress is awesome on you, I definitely agree with your dad!! You look great in it :) And I just got some chocolate almond butter, so seeing your breaky makes me want to try it!!

    Carrot cake sounds like a perfect lunch in that situation. I've definitely gone straight for dessert when all they're offering is meat-based dishes! Hope you have a wonderful Friday love!

  7. such a cute dress! It's so fun to dress up, isn't it? :)

  8. First, love the dress!! Don't you love playing dress up and pretending to be a grownup :)

    Second, that Chiptole bowl looks fabulous! And the mango avocado salsa sounds delish. Any chance you're planning on sharing the recipe ;)??

    Have a fabulous Friday!!

  9. HA your dad is so funny! Ari said something like that to me once, too.

    I have been CRAVING carrot cake lately! I might just have to make some... or just one cupcake. Every once in a while, dessert is a fine substitute for a meal ;-)

    Have a great day, doll!

  10. I just had breakfast but seriously your food made my mouth water from those Strawberry Chocolate Covered Oats to your Chipotle bowl. That is such a great idea - I NEED to recreate it (sans the tofu :D) soon :)

    Happy Friday!!!