Thursday, May 6, 2010

How Do I Love Thee, Let me Tell you Again…..

May is a great month so far, no?  I know this girl is with me!  

How many times I can tell you all how much I love this time of year?  Many times apparently.  So rather than repeat myself with words, I'll just show you some reasons why…….

Fresh Strawberries.  

So good right now.  When fruit tastes like candy, you know it's a good time of year. 

Another thing I look forward to this time of year is taking my running outdoors.  During the fall/winter, I do all of my running on the treadmill.  I actually like the treadmill.  Probably one of the few, but it doesn't bother me to run 75 min on a revolving machine.  However, when the weather is nice, I LOVE to run in the sun.  Such a different experience and it often feels like an entirely different workout. 

This morning I ran 5.5 miles.  Not outside, because another big reason for running at the gym is that I run at 4:30am when it's still dark.  I don't feel safe running around the neighborhood in the early morning hours.  But the weekends are different.  I can't wait for long runs outside! 

Okay, back to the pictures…..

Breakfast.  I guess this doesn't really matter what time of year it is, it's always amazing! 

1/4 Cup Raisin Bran, 1/4 Cup PB Puffins, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Squares, Blueberry Oikos, Blueberries and Banana, Flax and Piece of Banana Muffin w/Mighty Maple 

With some candy on the side…..

I finally was able to spend the day at the office and got caught up on so much work.  Much needed and felt very productive! 

Lunch was enjoyed at home and was quite tasty.  

New product….

I almost forgot I bought this.  I really didn't know how I would use it, but then I remembered I had a bunch of grilled veggies leftover from last night and thought it would be the perfect accompaniment. 

So I guess you can't tell, but this product was underneath all of this. 

Spinach, TJ's White Beans in Tomato Sauce, Roasted Veggies (leftover), Mushrooms, Capers, Balsamic, Pesto and Hummus

And the last slice of my pizza from the weekend. 

Lunch full of veggies.  

After work, I went to Zumba which was quite fun, visited Jen for a little, and then eventually came home for dinner. 

On my own tonight because Toly was at a baseball game. 

There are many frozen products in my freezer that I should have eaten.  I buy these things for occasions like tonight, when I am dining solo and need something quick and easy.  But, I just couldn't bring myself to heat up a frozen meal….I wanted "real" food like usual.  

Sweet Potato Chips (slow roasted method) so freaking good! 

BIG BEAUTY of a Salad….

Romaine, Cabbage, Cucumber, Radish, Beets, Avocado, Roasted Asparagus and Red Onion, Crumbled Laughing Cow (I was out of goat cheese) Green Apple, Apple Chutney. 

Two new farmers market buys that were used tonight….

I was curious to see how the chutney would compare to my beloved TJ's Apple Cran Chutney (which is no longer available after being discontinued!!!).  It was good, but nothing like TJ's.  :(  How sad that it's all gone and never coming back.  The Maine Maple Champagne Mustard however, was outstanding! 

Okay, I've got a lot to do tonight.  I'm working on planning my sister's baby shower so details are waiting for me to finalize.  

Goodnight friends! ;) 



  1. May I come to your home to eat??? Please??? :-D

  2. You always have the best eats!! Soo many veggies- I love it:)

  3. I have been wanting to try those giant beans...most because they're ginormous. Glad to hear they're tasty too. We're so alike. I always buy a few canned soups/freezer items for when I'm alone...and then I go for something fresh instead :)

  4. I've seen those giant white beans at Trader Joe's and have been meaning to try them! And can you believe I've never had PB Puffins? I love the Original, and the Cinnamon aren't bad, but I've heard PB are the best.

  5. yeah, hooray for may! and hooray for fresh fruit! and i ate pom arils today.. they ALWAYS make me think of YOU!

  6. I love, love, love this warm weather too, so don't worry about talking about it too much!! Running outside is the best...I don't hate the treadmill either, but I definitely prefer a long run in the SUN! Hope you have an amazing day love!!

  7. alright. next time I'm at TJ's, I HAVE to get those beans. I've seen them on blogs everywhere lately!

  8. Your salad combos look fantastic! Hope all is well :)

  9. Wow, 5.5 miles?! You are a rockstar :) I agree, I am really starting to love May. Strawberries are sweet AND cheap right now, which means I am eating them about twice a day!

    Have a lovely weekend, Lauren!

  10. Your sister is having a baby?! Is this new news? How did I not know this! Congrats to her! :D

    Love the salad, mmmm veggies!