Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 5th of May aka Cinco De Mayo!

Ola! I have no idea why I love Cinco De Mayo so much. I'm not Mexican nor do I really know many people that are, but I do love some Mexican food.  I know that these holidays are meant to celebrate the country's heritage and pride; however, we seem to take them and turn them into a reason to drink and eat.  Good old U.S.A! :) 

Regardless, I still love these holidays and usually commemorate with food and drink, like the obliged US citizen that I am. :) 

Today's run was a speedy one.  I usually try to incorporate one speed-work run a week.  And usually on Wednesdays for some reason.  I'm really a creature of habit. 

4 miles in 33 min followed with some strength.  

Legs to be specific…..
  • Alternating Lunges with 5 lb weights
  • Hamstring curl 
  • Squats with bar
  • Leg Curls 

It's take a long time, but I finally feel as though I am strengthening my IT Band muscle.  If you remember, I screwed it up a few months ago and I have been working on healing this muscle for quite some time.  The leg exercises have helped tremendously, as does my foam roller. 

Breakfast time! 

Bowl of Berries

There was more to this.  
1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean, 1/4 Cup TJ's Twigs, 1/4 Cup Flax Flakes, Peach Chobani, flax

More toast with sweet cottage cheese!  My favorite. 

You can bet that work was busy today.  You will now believe me when I show you another lunch at my desk….

 In honor of Cinco De Mayo…..

Amy's Bean and Veggie Burrito

I had to celebrate in some way, since dinner was not going to be Mexican inspired.  I actually have plans later in the week to celebrate more appropriately, but I could not miss out on the actual day. 

Dinner tonight was neither Mexican nor BFD style.  What the heck is going on?  Well, you see, my wonderful hubby has been requesting a certain pasta dish for quite some time and I have been waiting for the right day to make it.  It needed to be sunny, warm, and summer-like because I really feel that eating certain things will taste better if the atmosphere compliments the dish.  Tonight was that night! 

What did he request?

Bruchetta Gnocchi with Grilled Chicken and Feta

Since I love him so, I could not resist making this for him. 

For me, I did not grill chicken but rather these….

Baby Artichokes!  Good, but I still think I like the canned over the fresh.  Not many times in my life when I say that about a veggie, but they are just too much work and lack the flavor I was hoping. Still good though! 

I also grilled a ton more veggies….

Asparagus, Eggplant, Squash, with Tomatoes and basil over arugula with lots of balsamic.  I also had a little gnocchi tossed in a basil pesto.  It was all so delicious! 


Yep, eating this meal out doors in the warm sunshine made it taste so much better. :) 

I'm a little disappointed I didn't toast with a margarita or mojito.  It just felt so unnatural.  Oh well, no rules about extending a holiday, right?  There is always tomorrow. 

Good night! 



  1. mmm gnocchi and pesto! i wish i could say i was celebrating cinco de mayo properly, but alas, i am not!

  2. Great job on the run! So glad to hear your IT band is feeling better! That is WONDERFUL!!I've heard that foam rolling works miracles. What a cute lunch! I need those mini peppers- I'm getting some this weekend :). We just went out and celebrated cinco with friends- it was a blasty. Your din din looks awesome and I must agree...I like canned artichokes better too! I'm planning brinner for tomorrow night

  3. As much as I love Mexican food, I think your dinner looks far better than any kind of taco!! Gnocchi are the only kind of pasta I go nuts for, and with feta and artichokes? Perfection. Toly is one lucky guy!!

  4. There's always going to be plenty of time for more margaritas!

  5. That is such a fabulous bowl of grilled veggies. Ugh...I don't have a grill right now and all this summer weather makes me want grilled veggies. There's something about the grilled's sooo good!

    You had a fast run girl! Go you!

  6. I love Cinco de Mayo too! The food, drink, festivities... all fun things!!
    4 miles in 33.. that's a grea ttime! :D
    I want to try that Amy's burrito.. I love Amy's products!!

  7. All those grilled veggies look great! Oh and I LOVE those Amy's burritos. I'm putting them on my grocery list as we speak!

  8. i just realized i closed the browser before my comment appeared. CRAP i hate it when that happens.

    anyway.. i said something to the effect of i didnt know baby artichokes existed! they are so cute. and i love your celebratory burrito. and hooray for dining al fresco! and i love you. of course.

  9. I love cinco de mayo too!! I'll take Guac and Margaritas any day : )

  10. I love grilled veggies. Sadly, we have no grill! Oh well! It just makes them that much more enjoyable when we do have them!

  11. Hi Lauren! I just found your blog!

    That gnocchi recipe looks fantastic! Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe? :-)