Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is It All In My Head?

I slept better last night than I have been for the past few days and when my alarm went off this morning, I was not exactly jumping out of bed. 

I probably should have stayed in bed, because my run this morning was just off.  Not terrible but not good.  Just had one of those "bad" runs.  It was so odd.  I didn't even have any stomach problems today, but I was just not feeling it the entire time.  Usually, I can push through this feeling but today, I was dragging for the entire 5 miles.  So many times I just wanted to push the stop button, but out of my own stubbornness, I finished 5 miles.  I had to stop and walk a bunch of times, which is something I never do.  After I finished, I kept thinking how was I so disappointed in the quality of it all.  I mean, sure I forced myself to finish what I had set out for, but then I was thinking, was it really worth it if I felt so bad about it all? 

Has this happened to any of you before?  It got me thinking that there are some days when our bodies just don't operate to their full potential.  Is it worth it to push ourselves during this?  I find this topic a difficult one because I know that there are so many times when I feel like just not doing it, but then after I spend a few minutes working up my endorphins, I am so happy I did.  My body suddenly comes alive and I feel so happy that I didn't give in right away.  So is there an unwritten rule that says we are supposed to know when it's our mind talking to us or our bodies?  I'm not sure, but today, I think it was my body so I probably should have listened.  Oh well. 

I decided that since I was less than satisfied with my run, I would try to make up for it with a bowl of oatmeal. 

This bowl had the usual whipped banana base with a diced peach mixed in.  Topped with Blackberries, Almond Butter and Cottage Cheese. 

I adore cottage cheese.  Before I knew of Greek Yogurt, this was my ultimate source of protein in the morning.  I use to eat it every single day at breakfast but I have strayed away ever since I've been digging the Greek Yogurt love.  But I must say, cottage cheese mixed in hot oats is just as amazing as yogurt mixed in hot oats.  Just sayin'. 

Moving forward, today was not the best of days.  I actually don't even want to talk about it or think about it, so I'm just going to leave it behind me, but let's just say, I encountered an awful and humiliating experience that left me in shambles. I had to repeat my mantra just a few dozen times but I won't lie, there were some tears shed.  

I wasn't in the mood to cook and was happy to have a container of leftover Coconut Curry Stew from the weekend. 

But once I started, I realized that cooking made me feel better and threw together just a few things to accent the leftover stew. 

Coconut tofu and roasted butternut squash

I made Coconut Shrimp and Roasted Potatoes for Toly 

With Naan and hummus

Wow, this was like an entirely new meal.  Everything tasted wonderful together. 

Time to relax.  Night guys! 

****Random Act of Kindness*****
Today, I attended an event for work where I was able to mentor two high school girls.  It was such an awesome experience.  I talked with them for hours and felt so great about being able to share some of my experiences with girls that are hoping to do something wonderful with their lives.   Not only humbling for me, but also an entirely enlightening experience. 



  1. I got a huge tub of cottage cheese last week and in order to finish it by spring break I have been eating it with every meal (no joke). Good thing it works with sweet an savory foods alike!

    I have always loved cottage cheese but for some reason I haven't bought it much lately.

    I definitely have off off off off days. When your body is just begging for a break. Sometimes it's not even that it's tired...it's almost like the blood just doesn't want to pump. I try to see if it's because I didn't fuel enough/well or perhaps my muscles are tired.

    Today was sort of one of those days : / Meh. WIth the good comes the mediocre. SUch is life.

  2. I am a define cottage cheese fan myself!! :)

    Sorry I haven't been around in awhile ... I hope you and Toly and Sammy are doing well!! :)

  3. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your rough day :( I think sometimes our bodies just don't want to be working out, no matter how much we will them to! Hopefully your next run will be better! Have a great night!

  4. I think we were twins today. I just published my blog post and said a lot of the same things you did about having a bad day and an awful 5 mile run this morning. Makes me feel a little better that others deal with the same issues I do, except I wish you didn't have to deal with them either! Hoping tomorrow is a MUCH better day!

  5. sorry about your bad day - remember the song from "free to be you and me" - "it's all right to cry..."

  6. You are strong and beautiful! Get em' tiger!

  7. sounds like we had similar starts to our days yesterday :) Hope today is going better!!! Halfway through the week !

  8. I had to eventually pay attention to my body a little closer to decide if what I was feeling was muscle fatigue or if it was just all in my head. Today I did weights and my legs were just so exhausted. I completed my workout but took it easy with leg stuff. :)

  9. your meal looks amazing for dinner! i love the way you throw such unexpected ingredients together to make something fantastic!

    i hope things were better for you today - those tough days are hard, but it is how we react to them and follow-up that matters. gosh, i sound like a friggin' self-help book!

    anyways, i am sending LOTS of love your way. take care of yourself lady - mwah!