Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

Happy Hump Day!  

Everyone seems to be saying this today.  I never really liked this phrase, but for some reason, I just felt like it fit to start tonight's post. 

Well, I am happy to report that today's run went much better than yesterday.  It's so odd how some days are bodies are just physically off.  No point in trying to comprehend, just move forward to the next day right?

Anyways, back to the run…..I did the 3…2….1 Treadmill Workout as mentioned by Kristin the other day. 

Here is a run down….

Minutes 1-5     6.5    incline 0
Minutes 6-9     6.8    incline 1
Minutes 10-12  6.9   incline 2
Minutes 13-14  7.0   incline 3
Minutes 15-18  6.8   incline 1
Minutes 19-21  6.9   incline 2
Minutes 22-23  7.0   incline 3
Minutes 24-27  6.8   incline 1
Minutes 28-30  6.9   incline 2
Minutes 31-31  7.0   incline 3
Minutes 32-33  7.2  incline 4
Minutes 33-35  6.5  incline 0 

This was a great run!  Very challenging but the time fly by!  

After 4 miles, I finished with some lifting.  Now I am pretty sore.  I realized I haven't lifted in awhile and my muscles always seem to remind me of these little hiatuses. 

After a much better workout, I celebrated with a fabulous breakfast of course. 

Are you getting sick of seeing this?  Because I'm sure not! 

Diced Warm Pear with Cinnamon, Applesauce, Kashi Go Lean, Carmel Okios, Sprinkle of Granola and Almond Butter sauce

I used Kath's method to make the AB sauce by mixing a teaspoon on almond butter with a pinch of water, warming in the microwave and stir like crazy until you get a creamy sauce. 

Love this method; however, as I was eating this, I saw a on Ashley's blog that she made her PB sauce with coconut butter!  Ummmmm….yeah, I'm pretty sure that would be amazing.  Why have I not thought of this?  Well, thank you Ashely, I will be channeling you next time I make some nut butter sauce. 

So the rest of breakfast looked like this…

Coffee and fruit for good measure.  

Delightful way to start my day.  

The morning flew by because I was incredibly busy catching up at work.  I haven't been at my desk much all week and there were a ton of emails, voicemails and other things to tend to. 

I skedattled for lunch around noon. 

So, I must admit, I am NOT a soda drinker. I never really was.  I drink H20 about 90% of the time, with the occasional seltzer or green tea.  But lately, plain old water has been making me rather nauseous. I have been finding that carbonation is soothing on my stomach and doesn't make me want to puke, so I've been rolling with it.  Hope this doesn't develop into a nasty little habit. 

I was sent these Zevia's months ago to review.  Literally, I think I've had them since last spring and I have only had 1 so far.  Yeah, that kind of explains how much I drink soda. 

Today, I tried the Ginger Ale.  I was impressed.  It didn't really have any artificial or weird taste and I was impressed at how natural this "soda" claims to be. 

Tasted just like the real thing.  But then, I don't really consider soda to be a real food, so I guess it's quite the oxymoron. 

Anyways, the rest of my lunch was just spectacular! 

I took my leftover coconut tofu last night and made the most sensational wrap…...

Flat out, Coconut Tofu, Spinach, Spicy Hummus, Raw Asparagus, Avocado, and TJ's Peanut Sauce

I ate this glorious thing with a little side salad and some grapes.  Wonderful lunch.  So balanced and delicious! I wish I could make this again, but it's not very often that I have leftover coconut tofu lying around. Oh well, I savored it. 

The rest of work was quick.  2 hour meetings will do that to your day.  When I got home, I was suddenly exhausted.  It was so weird.  I'm usually not tired at all after work and try to get in a little workout, either with yoga or lifting, but today, I sat down on the couch and actually drifted off for a 1/2 hour.  WEIRD!!!  I NEVER take naps.  It was actually quite amazing. 

Toly worked late, and I slept, but when he got home, and I awoke, I made some dinner for us.

And do you know what tonight was?

If you guessed BFD in this casa, you are entirely correct.  

Egg Sammies! 

Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin, Spinach, Egg Whites, Morning Star Maple "Sausage", mustard and tomatoes

With some roasted squash and brussels 

Devoured this!  I never really realize how hungry I am these days until I actually start eating.  Suddenly my appetite appears as soon as food touches my lips.  I just have to keep remembering this because I feel like I am not eating enough these days.  Regardless, much of this I can do nothing about, but I hate feeling like I am not nourishing correctly.  I do the best I can given the situation so all I can do is just hope it gets better soon. 

Okay everyone, I feel like I've been typing for too long, so time to say goodnight! 

Random Act of Kindness
One of my coworkers was having a bad day today.  While she was at lunch, I put a few chocolates on her chair.  I know this doesn't seem like much, but I think it made her smile! :) I didn't reveal to her that I did it, so hopefully she just thinks it was because someone cares.  



  1. hmmm...I'm intrigued by the Zevias, since I'm not really a soda drinker either, but have been craving something a little more than water lately.

    You are so sweet to do that little random act of kindness! Love it!

  2. WOOHOO BFD!!! I love the BFD :) I've had the Zevia sodas a couple times, and have been quite impressed with how good they were.
    Hope you keep feeling good! Love ya!

  3. Lauren! The world is seriously blessed to have someone like you in it! And I'm even more blessed than the world because you're my friend ;) Mwahaha! ANYWAY, I really love this random act of kindness thing you're doing. You're already thoughtful as it is, and sharing it with people to bring some brightness to their day is amazing. I used to date a really incredible guy (the only one that never cheated on me but that's not why he's incredible lol)... anyway, he would wave at random people when he was driving because for that moment that person may think oh heyy I know that guy (Even though they don't lol), but that little connection or acknowledgment of a person can really lift someone's mood. I'm all about spreading positive energy :D It's my favorite thing to do!

    I also liked the ginger ale Zevia!! BUT like all sodas.. it makes me burp like no other lol. Everytime I have a pear I think of you.. is that weird? lol. I dunno, you just eat them a lot and I got a bag the other day inspired by the variety of fruits and veggies you incorporate.

    And cheers to giving it your best!

    XOXO and tons of love!!

  4. im the same way with my appetite!! sometimes i think i'm not hungry but when i start eating, i realize i am sooo so hungry LOL.

    and as for soda drinking, i wish i didn't! if i got all those zevias, they'd be gone in probably a week haha.

    and your eats look sooo good- im nOT sick of seeing that breakfast at all and your dinner sounds/looks delicious

  5. i feel like eating jogs my appetite too. but looking at food pix like yours does too :)

  6. Love your breakfast bowls! Messy combinations are always delicious. And the coconut tofu in that wrap...yum! Have a great day!

  7. WOOHOO for a good run! Sorry the other day's was rough. Actually sorry to hear the whole day was tough!

    I totally understand the repeat eats for breakfast! Once you find a winner it's hard to branch out. Eat what you crave! Your lunch and dinner = AMAZING. I'm in love with both of those combos!

    I'm not a nap girl either but when I can take one, it feels so good! Aww you're the chocolate fairy - how sweet :)

  8. Delicious looking as always Lauren!
    And how sweet of you to give out mystery chocolates - that definitely would have made my day!

  9. BFD! I don't really care for the hump day phrase either. I never understood where that came from!

  10. excuse my tardiness as i catch up on all your posts! that coconut tofu looks amazing - what a fabulous idea! and let's get through the mid-week/hump day/wednesday (whatever you want to call it!) and roll right on into the weekend!

    love ya!

  11. Great run girl!!

    I'm so inspired and loving your random acts of kindess everyday. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. RAOK, no matter how small, really do change people's entire days, weeks, months...! Keep it up, girl. :)