Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something New, Something Simple, Something Semi-Homemade

Good evening fine friends.

Unfortunately, the rain did not subside today, but my spirits were a bit higher.  Not much sadly.  I was hoping I was just having "one of those day" but I fear that it's simply amounting into "one of those weeks."  Oh well, I guess we all have them.

I can't seem to get a good handle on my appetite lately.  It's been missing apparently, which is very unusual for me.  I've just been feeling off, recovering from my sinus infection and the stomach has been worse than normal, so I guess my not so enthusiastic feeling for food has something to do with that.

But I promise you I've been trying my best to stimulate it with nothing less than tantalizing eats….

One of my favorite weekday breakfasts.  Warm Diced Pear, Applesauce, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Yogurt, Flax, Granola and Almond Butter Drizzle (using Kath's recent method of suacing the AB) 

The highlight of this was something I have been longing for ever since I heard it came out on the market.

Finally, I found it!! And it was everything I heard it was and more.  Love this new flavor!!!

It was the perfect accompaniment to my pear and granola bowl.

I was teaching all afternoon and had to be at school by 12:30.  I wasn't really hungry beforehand, but I knew I should probably eat something to get me through the afternoon.

I came home for a light lunch around 11:30.

My favorite toast….Almond Butter, Pumpkin Putter and mashed melted Banana with Cinnamon

With some fruit and Zoe's Granola

Like I said, I wasn't very hungry, but this was good and a good source of fuel to get me through hours of teaching.  I intend on having something later, but I just couldn't eat anything all day.  What is going on with me?!?!?

I finally started to get a little hungry later and decided on an early dinner. 

Still not feeling 100%, all I wanted was a big bowl of soup. 

I channeled my inner Sandra Lee and pulled a semi-homemade recipe. 

Butternut Squash, Apple, and Kale Soup 

Two key ingredients into make this soup shine….

The cashew carrot ginger by Pacific is a fabulous base and I finally caved and bought the coconut oil after months of eyeing it.  I convinced myself that the overwhelming reviews of taste and nutritional value were worth the price.  

I sauteed diced apple in the coconut oil and cinnamon. 

Then added the soup…

While this was cooking, I was roasting cubed butternut squash seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary. After about 20 min of roasting, I added the sauce to the pot.   

I added a few more seasonings; paprika, cocoa powder, vanilla, chili powder, and curry (sound weird but it totally worked!) and let these cook into the soup for a few minutes.  Lastly, I blended for a few seconds, added a splash of vanilla soy milk, and threw in a mound of chopped Kale. 

The Kale cooked down in a few minutes and then my bowl was ready for toppings…

Roasted Walnuts, Shredded Coconut and Plain Okios. Unbelievable bowl of soup! 

Along with a hunk of the chewy warm Wegmans bread and sweet red grapes, this turned into a fantastic meal.  Perfectly balanced with warm and sweet flavors.  

My only complaint about this dinner was the hazardous process of blending.  You see, my blender has pretty much gone kaputz and it's quite a hassle to use it anymore.  Luckily, the soup was easy to puree, but most other things stand no chance in this ancient machine any more.  

Fortunately for me, the kitchen appliance gods must have heard my cries, because I contacted about receiving and reviewing a new blender.  I was thrilled, I almost feel off from one of the kitchen barstools when I got the news.  Thank goodness, smoothies will reconvene in my life soon enough! 

I will have a full review on the Klaorik 50 oz Stainless Steel Blender in a few weeks, so stay tuned! :) 

Hope your day was grand.  Until tomorrow. 



  1. I want to try the caramel Oikos so darn badly. It was SO $$$$ when I saw it at WFs though. I just wanna try ONE :(

  2. oooh which store had the caramel oikos? i live in PA too, and none of the markets around me have it yet - maybe i'm not looking in the right supermarket!

  3. OH my gosh! That is like the best looking & sounding dinner- so up my alley! I want to try it. I still haven't located the new Oikos flavors...but I am on the hunt. Hope tomorrow is better! Smile...the weekend will be here before we know it ;)

  4. I have been dying to try the Caramel Oikos! Now I just need to find it in a store near me!! Your eats look super yummy, especially that soup!! Very creative!

  5. I love the warm pear bowl...such a great idea! And the squash soup sounds great, especially with warm bread! Yum!

  6. Sorry you're still feeling "off" Lauren. Whenever I get a sinus infection, or anything that affects my head, it affects my stomach too for some reason!

    I'm glad you made yourself a hearty bowl of soup though - it looks so delicious!

  7. Sometimes when it's "that time" my appetite goes off and I really don't want to eat much. Sorry that you are dealing with that currently. When we love food it's such a bummer when we can't eat!

    That soup looks amazing! Don't you just love the coconut oil? So yummy!

  8. yeah, I'm having one of "those" weeks, too - here's hoping it just keeps getting better!

    i need to find that caramel yogurt! it sounds so good.

    and yay for a new blender! Ours is crap, and the food processor we had broke like 4 months ago and we still haven't replace it. They're so expensive!

  9. Sometimes I feel like nothing is worse than a missing appetite. At least you have been making some delish foods - that toast combo? YUM!

    Woohoo for a new blender!! Enjoy it! Have a great Wednesday - we're halfway there!

  10. i'm missing my appetite too today. it's sad when it goes missing!

  11. So glad you found the caramel Oikos! It's so good :D Especially with apples and granola :D You should try that next!

    What a great way to incorporate kale. I have 2 huge bunches that I got yesterday and I'm a kale freak as of late. I actually tried that once in a spiced pumpkin soup I made and it was so delicious!

    p.s. when we meet up in April.. can I sit next to you?? :D I was thinking about that yesterday before I went to sleep. lol yeah I can be creepy! And yes try Amy's pizza!!

  12. I have had chocolate oikos, which is not as great as you might think, but I'm still dying to try the caramel one!

  13. Nice!! Good things coming your way...a new blender! You deserve it!

  14. i ADORE the caramel oikoes! its soo good frozen for 1-2 hrs before..like a dessert!! i wana try the chocolate too!

  15. you are so creative. apples, squash and kale? i would never put the 3 together but it sounds amazing. careful with that blender! would not want to have a kitchen colammity ;) hope your day goes fabulous, babe!

  16. SO many things about this post are so right, but I am so sorry and so sad to hear that you've lost your appetite. :( That does happen sometimes, but I do hope that your inner growler returns soon. Your eats look absolutely delicious, especially the soup idea. I just bought that soup actually and am not a big fan of it on its own. Now I'm totally inspired to re-do it!!!! Vanilla eh?? :) Adventurous! I love it!!!