Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainbows in my Rainy Day

I was definitely suffering from a case of the Mondays today.  I was just feeling like yuck all day.  Even though my sinus infection is better, I'm still feeling leftover crud in my chest.  I also woke up feeling like a balloon and I'm thinking all of the sodium that I consumed from last nights dinner had something to do with that.  Regardless, I was determined to start this week off on a good note with an easy 5 mile run.  Since being sick for SOOOOOOOO long, my running has not exactly been where I want it to be.  I told myself that this is a new week and I'm going to make my way back into my routine eventually. 

The 5 miles were okay.  Not necessarily a great run but not a bad one either.  Just okay. I didn't want to push myself so I kept it pretty easy.  

I bought a new cereal yesterday and since I can't wait longer than a day to open a new product when I buy one, I had it today for breakfast. 

I think Nature's Path is my favorite brand for cereals.  Not only are they outstanding nutritional wise, gluten free, vegan and organic….every single kind I have tired I am in love with! 

The Blueberry Cinnamon Optimum was delicious!  I also bought the instant oatmeal in this and I am planning on trying it this week as well.  Anyone try this?  Thoughts? 

I didn't have the greatest day at work either.  Nothing terrible but just one of those days.  

My lunch meeting got cancelled and now I am actually happy that it did because I came home at made this AMAZING salad!!! 

The salad I had last night was so good that I wanted to recreate a larger version today for lunch….

Romaine, Cabbage, Beets, Quinoa, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Roasted Brussels and Squash, hummus and balsamic

Isn't it beautiful? 

Then, when I mixed it all up, it only got more beautiful, so I couldn't help but take another picture. Usually after I mix up my bowls, they look like a big ugly mess, but this one only got better.

This salad made me very happy and very full.  So full that I couldn't even think about food for the rest of the afternoon.  Very very unlike me! 

I finally started to think about food again when I realized what I had planned for dinner. 

A few weeks ago, Toly requested that I make him Buffalo Chicken Nachos to curb his craving. 

He asked and I delivered….

Toly's nachos were a bed of tortilla chips, buffalo chicken dip, black beans and corn, lots of cheese….

My nachos were a bit different and I think much better in many ways; appearance, taste, ect.  But I guess that is all in the eye of the beholder….

Bed of tortilla with spinach, sautéed zucchini, red pepper, black beans, broccoli, corn, and feta

Then I added mango, avocado, yogurt and salsa

So so so good! But I was only able to eat about half of these.  Man, I think I'm still full from that salad.  I have a feeling a snack will be needed during the Bachelor tonight. 

Well, despite the rain and my "rainy day" attitude, my colorful eats sure did brighten things up.  Food is always so reliable.  Never fails to change my mood! :) 

Tomorrow I am going to be so much more upbeat, I promise! 




  1. Nature's Path makes some of my favorite cereals, as well. I love their SmartBran- tastes like Rice Krispies! That salad looks absolutely amazing. Roasted veggies always gives salads more flavor! Have a great night!

  2. Your lunch salad has all of my favorite things! And you're so right, colorful eats jazz up even the grayest of days. Have a good Monday night and enjoy sexy Jake!

  3. you're right, food IS reliable. that's why i love it so!!! your dishes are absolutely gorgeous, as usual. glad they tasted good too.

  4. Glad you're starting to feel a bit better. I think that salad would make ANYONE feel better! Gosh- squash and brussels on one plate? Nothing wrong with that one! YUM! So sweet of your to make your man exactly what he was craving. Although, I agree your version looks better to me!

  5. Monday blues aside...all your meals are quite jazzy and colorful! I hope they cheer you up by tomorrow, dear Lauren!

  6. oh honey, no worries! we all have our off days, especially when we are sick! but it looks like you ate some stellar eats, so i hope that helped at least a little bit :)

    lots of love to you girl - remember that tomorrow is a brand new day to start everything off right, with more cereal of course :)

    happy night to you!!!!!!

    xoxox holly

  7. i immediately smiled when i saw the title to this post. such an optimistic, lovely lady you are! nature's path is FOR SURE, hands down my favorite brand of cereals. that salad is SO colorful~ almost too pretty to eat. we all get cases of the mondays~ tomorrow will be better! love you!

  8. You did a 5-mile while being sick?? Woww..thats dedication right there. hehe I'm gonna start running once I get over this ear infection I have going. Blehh - still here and it's Day 6 already!! But all you runners have really been inspiring me plus I feel like my body's strong enough now to start some form of exercise. :-D

  9. I've never had Nature's Path cereal but it always looks great! Glad your lunch meeting was cancelled because YUM to that salad combo. Broccoli on your nachos?! I love that idea!! I may have to recreate that.

    Sorry you had a case of the Mondays - it happens to the best of us! Hope your Tuesday has more sunshine :)

  10. i hope today is a better day!!! :)

  11. WOW - that salad DOES look amazing!!! I think roasted b-sprouts are one of my very favorite things to put on salads - incredible! Hope today goes better :)