Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Food

We woke up this morning to just about 2 feet of snow! 

I couldn't even open the front door.  

They warned us that a few feet were in our future.  Thankfully, it's stopped and we are now enjoying the white mountains for all of their beauty. 

Another thing I am thankful for, is a husband who has no complaints when it comes to shoveling.  Not sure if you know this about me, but any activity snow related I despise.  Shoveling, Skiing, Ice Skating, Snowmen making…etc.  

Bottom line…. 
I HATE BEING COLD, thus playing in the snow has absolutely no appeal to me. 

When I lived with my roommate, I use to shovel our massive drive way because I had, but one of the many reasons I chose to marry the man I did, is so that I would never have to shovel snow ever again!  It was in our vows.  ;) 

So today, is the day before my "prep" and I have been told to keep it easy as far as eating goes.  Soft foods and nothing heavy.  

Not a problem.  Oatmeal and smoothies are two things I adore.

So for breakfast, it was oatmeal

 Banana Oats topped with Pom, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cran Apple Butter and a few raw almonds. 

I don't really think I am supposed to be eating nuts, however, and realized this halfway eating it, so I ended up taking them out.  Nuts don't pass easily through the stomach when you are trying to clean it out. 

Lunch was a smoothie…

Considering I am keeping a light diet for the next few days, I have been trying to find alternatives that will keep me full and happy without making me sick. 


This stuff is awesome!  Love that it's vegan and love the sweet vanilla taste.  It made the smoothie taste pop! 

My lunch was a blend of 1/2 frozen banana, frozen mango, 2 cups of spinach, OJ, Protein Powder topped with some granola. 

Served with class in a large wine glass of course.  They may take away my wine, but they will never take away my feeling of sophisticated eating. ;) 

A little later I was really hungry and ate some applesauce with a big spoon of almond butter.  It was heavenly! 

So, I hate to admit this, but as dull and nutritionally lacking as this type of diet may be, I have not felt this good in months.  My stomach has actually felt NORMAL today.  I haven't been running to the bathroom every 5 minutes and I haven't had one episode of intense excruciating abdominal pain. 

This really makes me think that the doctor is going to prescribe this kind of diet for awhile until I get my colon healed.  As sad as it makes me, I know it's not forever and I know that I need to heal everything before I am able to continue a healthy whole diet.  This may also mean that I need to back off from the intensity of my training schedule.  If I am not able to properly fuel myself with the right foods and nutrients, then there is no way I would want to attempt to run 30 miles a week.  That is an injury just waiting to happen! 

So, I will know a lot more on Monday after the procedure, but until then, it's bland mush and liquids.  Kind of makes you feel like a baby again, but I'll take an infants diet over a colon disease any day! 

More rest is in store for the rest of the day and possibly some mushy cereal for dinner.  As odd as it sounds, I'm actually really looking forward to it. ;)  Good thing my taste in food is already a bit eccentric.

Hope you are having a good Saturday and if you are snowed in like me, you are probably still in your PJ's.  It's fabulous! :) 



  1. WOW! That is a ton of snow! Stay warm. I hate hate snow and snow related activities too. Glad this diet has you feeling better. I'm not a fan of the rice protein...I tried it with just milk and ice and it was too.... chalky tasting to me. I wish I liked it. Have you tried the egg white protein?

  2. It's snowing here too but not nearly as much!! Stay warm and remember to layer. Seriously, layering is key :D The cold has been way more bearable. Mmm cran apple butter--is that the one they sadly discontinued? A little side note: seeds are a lot better to digest. Have you tried TJ's sunflower seed butter?? It's absolutely delicious. There's also pumpkin seed butter (harder to find and not as tasty).

    I hope you start feeling better and stay bundled!!


    p.s. I am pretty sure I can mark my calender for April 10 :D AHHHHHH

  3. Stay warm and safe in all that snow! Cranapple butter sounds heavenly...actually that whole bowl of oats looks great! Stay strong with the soft foods :)

  4. Oh how i missed your blog Lauren!! And your delicious eats!!! I hate being cold too...and honeslty, baby food sounds yummy to me. Only you can make that green smoothie look like restaurant food. hahaha :) Keep up the positive energy darlin'!!!

    P.s. Come check out my $50 safeway giftcard giveaway!! Every girl needs some extra grocery money! :)

  5. I'm one of those strange people who enjoys the exercise of shoveling snow haha! Now that we are married, Seth only lets me clear off my car before sending me inside. Could be worse... :) Hope things go well tomorrow. No worries, my dear!

  6. Sorry it's not the most exciting diet but I'm really happy to hear you're feeling a bit better! That's definitely a plus!!

    Holy snow! I love that you guys included it in your vows - too funny!! I hope you have a great Sunday :)

  7. oh i hope this diet works well and quickly for you!

    that is so much snow! that was like us last weekend and I know my sis & dad are snowed in up in DC!

    love that you put your green smoothie and granola in a big wine glass, tres sophisticated!

  8. good for ou for recognizing that you need to cut back on running if you are eating less.. that is really mature and probably a really great decision! good to hear you are feeling so great :) ahh 2 feet of snow..stay warm!

  9. We got a foot of snow and are currently expecting another foot. :/ I do the shoveling because it gives me more workout! LOL But I had to have Scott help me this last time, I can't shovel a foot of snow all by myself. Well not this kind of snow which was really heavy and wet.

    Love the smoothie parfait in a merlot glass! And good for you on this diet. Whatever works and makes you feel great has to be on the right track and good for you. :)