Sunday, February 7, 2010

April 10th DC Blogger Meet-up (SAVE THE DATE)

Hey everyone! 

Since today's eats and activities will not exactly be noteworthy, nor something I wish to remember, I am going to spare us all and take a break from the normal posting.

Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce an upcoming event that I have been working with Anne P. over at Fannetastic Food to put together.

On Saturday, April 10th, we are planning a Blogger Luncheon in the DC area.  I am running in the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race the next day, and when I found out that Anne was doing this race as well, I knew we needed to jump on the opportunity for a fabulous meet up event.

Not only does this day happen to be a wonderful time of year, it also happens to be the birthday of yours truly! :)  I couldn't think of a more perfect way to celebrate! :)

Okay, so here are the details……


When: Saturday, April 10th (Time, TBD) 
Where: Toscana Grill, Arlington VA
Who: Anyone!  Please email me to let me know if you are interested and think you can join.  I am collecting a list of ladies and hope to get a good turn out.  

I will have more details closer to the event, but if you live near the DC area, or will be in town during this weekend, or are running in the race, this will be a great way to connect with some fellow bloggers and meet some fabulous new friends.



  1. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I just looked at the menu and wow! So many wonderful choices. I hope everyone is a sharer since I can't order EVERYTHING lol. The countdown will begin!

    I hope you have a wonderful day love :)

  2. Yay! :) I'm excited. I'll post on my blog about this closer to the date as well!

  3. I definitely hope I can make it. It would be super fun to meet all you lovely ladies!

    I'll post about it on my blog as well. :)