Monday, January 18, 2010

This Day is Going My Way

Great day today!

No, scratch that, FANTASTIC day today!

It all began when I woke up for my morning run.  I actually felt really good this morning, as opposed to most mornings and felt confident that I would be able to get in a good 6 miles.  I am so happy to report, that not only did I get those 6 miles without trouble, I felt so good that I even did another mile.  That's 7 miles!!!  I haven't been able to run 7 miles in 2 months.  Ah, how I miss my long runs, but I know that as soon as I get this stomach thing figured out, I will get there again soon.

Okay, so first thing that went my way today.

Next, I realized I had an empty jar of peanut butter…..

Actually, this was kind of sad because Mighty Maple is my favorite nut butter of all of the nut butters on this earth and they don't sell it around me.  I found this in Whole Foods in Baltimore and I was even more devastated when I heard that they were discontinuing this flavor. But I knew this day would come eventually.

OIAJ (Oats In A Jar)

Pumpkin Oats with Pom Seeds

Delightful I tell ya!

I ate this fast because my ride was picking me up at 8:30am sharp.

Next wonderful thing on the agenda was a day-trip of shopping at my two favorite stores….

Ikea and Trader Joes!  My dad and I did our monthly stock-up trip and it was fabulous!  I am sure the people think that we are crazy because most people walk into this little shop for a few things and we are the weird people with 4 carts filled to the brim.  But honestly, if this store were any bigger, we would need to make this trip into an entire weekend.

After shopping, we were both pretty hungry.  Tradition goes, that we shop all morning and then dad takes me out to lunch.  I am such a lucky girl! :)

We chose a local favorite in Maryland…

I have only eaten here once or twice before, but I remember being really impressed.

I ordered the Coconut Curry with extra veggies and organic tofu….

And I loved it!

Dad got some kind of Asian bowl that was mighty tasty.  We both shared bites of each others and really enjoyed both dishes.

After we made the trip back home, Toly was anxiously waiting for us so that we could go pick up the new car!!!!  My dad needed to be there to sign the title over to us since his name was on my last car.

Okay, so let's recap……

Great run, great breakfast, great shopping, great lunch, great car……
Could this day get any better for me?

The answer…..


Because when I got home, I had this waiting for me to open…..

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  The sweetest girl on this earth sent me this amazing care package just out of the goodness and kindness of her heart! (She even included a little present for Sammy!) The only sad part about my day was the end of my Mighty Maple and then, this arrives! If you are not already friends with this girl, I highly suggest you make her acquaintance because she is an unbelievable woman!

Janetha, you are an angel!  This was one the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you sweet girl!

Okay, I am going to end this great day on a good note and tell you all again how much I appreciate your kind words and loving support.  I am overwhelmed with joy! :)

Hope you all day a GREAT Monday!



  1. HOORAY for great days!!! TJs, IKEA, and a care package, rounded out by noodles?? Sounds fabulous to me :) So glad you're doing well my dear!

  2. yay for a great day!!! :)
    janetha is a sweetheart.

  3. So glad to hear you had such a fantastic day!! :D May your days continue to be fantastic!

  4. Aww, how nice to get a new jar of Mighty Maple! I'm glad this was a good Monday for you.

  5. OMG that IS so, so crazy. it is like the peanut butter gods knew what was up! because what are the chances the package arrives on THE DAY you run out? haha i love it. and i love you! i am happy to send you the mighty mapes all the time. it is too good to not have. i love noodles and go there often but mine does NOT offer a coconut curry dish. what?! that sounds so good! i will have to come visit you :) hooray for TJs and IKEA! two of the best places on earth. oh and double hooray for your car. congrats. glad you got such a long, good run in. your positivity is bursting through the post. i LOVE you! mwah!

  6. so happy for you about your run and all the great surprises. have faith. you have stellar karma :)

  7. Janetha is just freaking awesome. She sent that to you at the perfect moment! I even wanna give her a hug! Haha!

    Oh, Lauren, are you sure you need surgery? 7 miles is more than I can ever run, lol!
    hope there is more happy days to come! :D

  8. you are so positive- i love it!! and noodles&co is great, i love the bangkok curry and i always get extra veggies!! yum

  9. Aw! So glad you had an awesome day! You totally deserve it after all the craziness. TJS!!!!!!!!!! wahooo! I'd totally rock cart fulls too. Fun lunch too. Seems like you have an awesome relationship with your Dad. Janetha is such a sweet heart. Happy Tuesday

  10. HOORAY! Congrats on that long run, wooo! I love that feeling. :D

    I had no idea mighty maple was your favorite! I didn't really care for it too much when I had it so I made cookies with it. :p I wonder why they are discontinuing it?

  11. This post brought such a big smile to my face!!! I am so happy for you and your day did sound marvelous :D My friend keeps mentioning that noodle place to me--I think I'm going there soon, whenever she's got time! That coconut curry sounds like something I would definitely order. Both of those places you went to are like meccas lol. I hope you have a wonderful beginning to your week my love!


  12. So glad you had a fantastic day!! i would have died and gone to heaven to go shopping like that at Trader Joes!!

  13. awwwwwwww i adore janetha! she is the sweetest!! so glad you had an amazing run and amazing day at TWO amazing stores!! (yes, i tried to use "amazing" as much as I possibly could in that sentence!!!

    im so happy to see you more optimistic, and I really will continue thinking of you and a full recovery!!

    tofu and veggie bowl looks fantastic!!

    love you so!

  14. The perfect day! I love all of the those places:) You deserve it girl!