Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doozy of a Day

Hey everyone!

Isn't this week just flying by?  Maybe it's because I had off on Monday, maybe it's due to all of the excitement with my Trader Joe's trip and new car, or maybe it's simply because I have been super busy with work and other things, but I am not complaining.  The weekend is near and I am ready!

Before I dive in to my day, I have been meaning to bring up something for awhile.

My best friend, Jen and I, have decided to run a race together this year.  Jen is the entire reason why I began running.  This girl is a pro.  She was a hard core runner in her day and ran her first marathon in around 3:30.  Intense!  Anyways, we have been talking about this idea for a long time, but since she has been out of running commission for a few years after the birth of her two children, she is now getting back into training mode and we are both itching to do a 1/2 marathon or maybe even a marathon.  We really want to make an experience out of this, and have been looking at possible races on the East Coast so that we could turn this into a little getaway adventure.  Time wise, we are shooting for late summer/early fall.

So here is where I need your help….

If anyone knows of any cool races (preferably a 1/2 or marathon) around that time, I would love ideas.  Or if any of you are planning to run in one of them, EVEN BETTER! Heck, if enough people are interested, we could potentially get a whole group race thing going.  Just something to think about. ;)

Okay, enough business, on to the important stuff….

Ugh, today was a doozy health-wise.

Remember when I said I have bad days and worse days…..

Well today was one of those "worse" days.

It started off ify.  By ify, I mean, my stomach wasn't quite sure of itself when I woke up.  I decided to test the waters with a short HIIT run.  Surprisingly, I managed to bang out 4 miles in a 34 min and even finished with a hard core 10 min yoga ab session.

I still felt okay while making breakfast, which was pretty delightful...

Kashi Cinnamon H2H, Cinnamon Puffins, Flax, Banana, Berries (blue and black) and Pumpkin Chia Pudding

Breakfast tasted outstanding; however, the event of eating it was interrupted a few times so it made the experience less enjoyable.  It didn't stop me from finishing though.  I'm stubborn like that, plus forcing food on a killer stomach actually seems to help once the digestion kicks in.  (Usually)

Well, today, the digestion must not have been working with me, because all morning I felt like utter garbage.

I struggled through the morning with tons of work to keep me distracted and by 12:30pm, I knew that I needed to go home and try to eat something and rest or else I would not be able to make it through my hours of lessons that I was teaching all afternoon.

Even though my stomach felt like someone was stabbing me, I knew I needed food.  It took me quite awhile to decide on what to actually eat that would settle and give me enough energy to teach all day.  I went with veggies and carbs.  Always does the trick.

Veggie Sammie on slice of TJ's Whole Wheat Tuscan Bread, Tj's White Bean Basil Hummus, Spinach, Avocado, Artichoke Hearts and Cucumbers.

Paired with a cup of Pacific Brand Cashew Ginger Carrot Soup (with more spinach), carrots, and Mary's Crack Crackers

Good choice!  This lunch made me feel so much better. 

I actually had BIG plans today for lunch when I discovered that the school I was teaching at today was located less than a mile from a Chipotle.  All I could think about was going there for a burrito bowl for lunch, but my sensible mind took hold of me and said "burrito bowl may not be the best idea when you have to lecture in front of 50 students for 2 hours." 

Ugh, darn this Chron's.  It's ruining all of my good intentions and ideas.  


I got through my lessons and came home still feeling off.  Instead of sitting on my bum and doing nothing about it, I decided to be proactive and walk it off.  

To the gym I ventured….

Ended up having a killer 50 min workout…..

15 min warm up on bike
15 hill incline walking on treadmill 
     -5.5 speed, incline 10, 12, 15, 15, 12, 10 (something like that if you can imagine) 

Around the world strength session
           3 x 10, hamstring curls (30 lbs) 
           3 x 12, lat pulldowns (40 lbs)
           3 x 12, shoulder press (30 lbs) 
           3 x 10, seated leg curls (60 lbs) 
           3 x 12, seated row (40 lbs) 
           3 x 12, bench press (40 lbs) 

Great workout and I am so glad I went because I really did feel so much better afterwards.  Exercise is not only a huge stress reliever which is a sure fire treatment, but it also really aids in moving the digestion process along for me.  

When I got back, Toly was home and very hungry.  Apparently, the boy was so busy today, he forgot to eat lunch.  You see to me, this is unheard of.  I really can't imagine forgetting to eat lunch.  Can you? 

Well, to compensate for his lack of nutrition, I made something he has been asking for for days….

Breakfast Bowls!! 

Now, you all know my theory of bowl eating; however, for the sake of food photographing, I realize it's not aesthetically sensible so I thought I would show you the layers of the bowl. 

Toly's Bowl….

Fried Potatoes, Bacon and Sausage topped with a thin layer of shredded cheese

Fried Egg and melted Muenster cheese

My Bowl…

Wilted Baby Spinach, Pumpkin Kasha with cinnamon

Sautéed BN Squash, Apple, TJ's Sweet Chicken Apple Sausage with Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese (just a touch) 

All drizzled heavily with Organic Honey Mustard

Oh boy!  This were killer!  I'm not even going to attempt to explain how good this was because I would do it no justice.  Just trust me guys, breakfast bowls are FREAKING AMAZING! 

The only thing that would have made this better would have been the addition of Brussels Sprouts, but sadly, I was all out. 

Well, that is about it for now.  Tomorrow is another busy busy day for me so you may not hear from me for a few days.  I'll be back soon! 

Take care my friends. 



  1. Hey girly! I think racing with your friend and inspiration sounds like a blast! I know that both Caitlin and Meghann have been talking about some races on their blogs- check them out!! Hope tomorrow is a VERY good day after the issues your belly gave you today! Great lunchy sammy. Veggies and carbs are always a winning combo. Get some rest

  2. UGH i hope you're doing better now, and that tomorrow is better! I'm with you though, I cant believe tomorrow is Thursday!!! HUGS!

  3. Yay for racing! I just posted the same thing about looking for 1/2 or full marathons summer/fall! Guess great minds think alike right?!? Seeing as I was asking for suggestions myself, I don't really have many to offer to you!! Do check out though, that may help!! I hope you have a fabulous end to your week and tell that tummy to get under control! Oh yea, great job getting morning and afternoon workouts in!!

  4. Yikes sorry your tummy is so relentless. My tummy was acting up today but I know it does not even compare to what yours is doing!!

    I would love love love to run a 1/2 marathon. With these shin sleeves though--it might just happen!

  5. Hi Lauren, I am a new reader and really love your blog. I have been struggling with horrible stomach issues for probably close to a year now.. however I haven't done anything about it. What you describe is exactly what I feel!!! The intense jabbing pains that make me want to lay on the floor and cry, terrible gas, horrendous bloating, bad feelings of heart burn.. all of which is painful and frustrating. Have you been diagnosed with Chrone's Disease?? I'm nervous now and thinking I should have gone to the doctor a very long time ago!! Hope you feel better because I truly can sympathize!!


  6. Hey Emily,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. It's just dreadful I know! I have not been diagnosed yet but I have my colonoscopy scheduled in a few weeks. Based on my symptoms and history, the doctors are pretty sure that it is either Chron's or Ulcerative Colitis. Just need to pinpoint the exact disease.

    I would highly recommend seeing a GI doc and getting a colonosopy. The only way to really tell if something is going on would be this test. The blood tests that your regular doctor can do will not detect such a condition and will not rule out if you have an infection (like salmonella or Ecoli or food poisoning)

    I sympathize with you and I do hope that you are able to get whatever it is taken care of. Living like this is awful and NO ONE should have to go through it.
    Email me if you have any questions.

    Take care hun!

  7. sorry id ont know of any races, but i hope you figure someting great out!! love your eats, as always!


  8. Your running/vacation sounds like it would be so much fun! I hope you guys pick a nice place for your getaway :)

    Your sandwich combination sounds killer! Forget to eat lunch? That boy is crazy!! Glad you fixed him up with a wonderful dinner!

    I hope you're having a great Thursday and an even better Friday!!

  9. i *wish* the week was flying for me :) glad it is for you though! the run with your bestie sounds awesome. although i have no suggestions, i look forward to reading about it! so sorry it was a "worse day" :( marshall has crohn's disease and some days are really bad for him! i can't imagine! sometimes when i want to eat mexican he is like NO WAY NO HOW janetha b. haha. great workout! love the his 'n' hers bowls :) hang in there with all your busy-nesssss! love you!

  10. have fun with the running - that sounds great! sorry to hear about the tummy problems....this week DID fly by, huh?

  11. Looooove your breakfast bowl Lauren--the honey mustard is the perfect finishing touch! Sorry you've not been feeling well. I know how much a bad stomach can mess up your day. Good luck with the running. I can't wait til it warms up here and I can get back to it! xoxo

  12. Aw, aren't you a sweetie :) I'm glad that I could inspire such a wonderful hobby! Sounds like we're on board for Connecticut if you're set. I'll check the calendar again for Brian's work schedule and see who can watch the kids. If you hear about another exciting or interesting race from anyone let me know, but otherwise...look out Connecticut, here we come! Can't wait :)

  13. Hi girlie!
    Wow, 3:30 for her first half marathon?! That is very impressive! Sounds like a great buddy to inspire you (well, inspired each other!).
    I'm sorry you've had a rough day with your tummy. Sounds like an overall good week though? New car? Ooooooh!