Friday, December 4, 2009

Sisters Who "Go-Under" Together Stick Together

I'm thinking I should invest in some hospital cots and maybe a bed pan or two because my home is becoming quite the inferno.

Early this afternoon, my sister was dropped off so that we could re cooperate from our surgeries together. If you missed me saying this in my last post, her and I had surgery on the exact same day and time for two entirely unrelated issues. How ironic, I know!

Sammy has been thrilled by all of the company he has gotten over the past few days. This dog sure loves his attention, but I had a hard time keeping him off my poor sister. He feels the need to physically attach himself to any ill-effected person. Same goes for any "dog-o-phobics." Guess he just has that sixth sense.

I made us some lunch before starting the movie.

For me, I heated up Pumpkin Kasha with spinach, cranberry sauce and a little goat cheese.

And for Brooke, Noodle Soup. (One of her side effects has been crazy stomach pains and nausea, so she hasn't really been able to keep much food in her)

We ate our lunch while sobbing over "My Sister's Keeper." How coincidental that we choose the one movie about the relationship of two sisters who undergo a Kidney transplant in order to save the other, right after my sister just had Kidney surgery. Needless, this made the movie all that more emotional for us, but we did enjoy it. Although, I must say, the movie is nothing like the book. It was good, but I hate when the movies don't follow the book. How offensive!

I tried to go a little longer without pain meds this afternoon, but quickly realized that I am just not ready to be without them for long. Seriously, so long as I take them, I have little pain at all, but as soon as they ware off, OUCH!

I quickly grabbed the meds and made sure to eat with them this time. (I made this mistake yesterday and felt extremely queasy)

This is a fantastic discovery, thanks to my gal, Brandi! Blueberry Oikos with Pom Arils and Carbo Chips. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, a new favorite yogurt mix-in indeed!

Brooke and I were happy to spend the afternoon in each other's painful and sluggish state. You know you are sisters when you share your surgery scars with one another. ;)

Toly came home from work a little later and I was very happy to see him. He has been amazing these past couple of days, and I couldn't ask for a better companion to see me through this.

After a long afternoon nap and once the meds kicked in again, I was feeling up for making a little dinner.

Annie's Mac and Cheese sounded like a winner tonight. Soft, cheesy and good, what could be better?

Along with the mac, I also craved some tofu. Wow, tofu has to be the best thing to eat when your mouth is in pain. So flavorful but soooo soft and easy to consume. I made BBQ tofu and roasted veggies to go with the pasta.

Toly had chicken and an extra serving of mac and cheese because the lack of veggies made for more space in his bowl. And because he totally deserves an extra serving or two of his favorite food this week.

I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday, mainly because I'm starting to loose track of my days without having any kind of schedule or responsibility in my life. It's nice.

We are finally getting our Christmas Tree tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!! I love when the tree goes up because then I feel that Christmas is really beginning.

One more thing, I wanted to let you all know that the Sammy issue seems to be resolved. He has been throwing up constantly for the past month and we have not been able to figure out why. Thanks to the insights of the wonderful Andrea, we found out that we had actually been "under" feeding him. After the vet told us that Sammy needed to loose weight, we started to decrease his food and when he started throwing up so much, we took away everything, all his treats, any scraps of food from us, bones...etc. Turns out, the poor little pup was just hungry. As soon as Andrea suggested this, we immediately began increasing his food and gave him more snacks. Cross our fingers, but it seems to have worked! No more vomiting! :)

Thanks Andrea, you are a genius!

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Any big plans for the weekend? I would love to hear because my weekend will be just about as exciting as this, sitting at home in my sweats, getting more rest and sleep. Not so bad I guess. ;)



  1. Hope that you, Sammy, your sister; EVERYONE is 100% better soon!!

    Big plans this weekend = tackling loads of schoolwork. Blah.

  2. Recover soon sweetie! With the semester winding down, test is my thing for the weekend!

  3. Just wanted to say hi! I came over from IGE to see that wonderful Buffalo Chicken Chili recipe and see that we have a lot in common! Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future! Hope you and your sister heal fast :)

    Big plans this weekend- half marathon tomorrow!!

  4. so glad to hear sammy is doing better! & at least oyu have your sister to go through all of this with :) that is coincidental about themy sister's keeper thing, & your eats look really good!!


  5. Glad you and your sister can keep each other company and help each other recover! : ) Sisters are the greatest!

  6. Annie's mac = yummm!

    I hope Sammy feels and your sissy, too. So ironic having surgeries together.

    Feel better soon! Enjoy dressing up your xmas tree!

  7. Glad to see you are gettin some food in ya! Sisters are the best, yeah? :)

  8. you and your sister are so lucky to have one another!!!