Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to Work Back to Work

Yep, sadly my little recovery vacation has ended and I was back at work today. I must say, it was a nice 2 weeks, but it did feel good to get up, dressed and actually feel like I had a purpose again.

Since I didn't post yesterday, (sorry just didn't really feel like it) I thought I would show you the only meal that I felt was worth sharing, which would be our Sunday breakfast.

Banana Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

With a touch of berry jam and toasted coconut. The cakes were outstanding! I usually detest chocolate chips in my pancakes but there is just something about raspberry and chocolate just seems so romantic. They make a beautiful marriage of flavors, don't you agree?

Work flew by obviously. I guess that is what being out for 2 weeks does to you. I found out that I will be starting my new position after the new year, so I have a few weeks to get things together and train the new employee before I leave.

Toly and I were able to resume our workout schedule. It felt really good to be back in a routine again and we did a nice 30 min strength workout at the gym. I used Jessica's Upper Body Blast routine from her 25 days of workout series. Seesh, this was a doozy. Not sure if it was due to the fact that I haven't lifted in a week but it really had me working hard.

One thing that wasn't too hard was dinner, which had been on my mind all day.

I made Maple Dijon Pecan Crusted Tofu

Super easy and by far one of my favorite methods for tofu cooking. Do your usual drying of the tofu, then season with salt and pepper and set aside. In one bowl, mix bread crumbs, oats, crushed pecans, garlic salt and parsley. In another mix dijon, maple syrup and soy sauce. Dredge the tofu in the sauce and then press into the bread crumbs. I drizzle a tad more syrup and bake at 425 degrees for about 25-30 min.

Along with this, I roasted Brussels in Balsamic and added dried cranberries and goat cheese.

And layered these beautiful creations on a bed of wilted spinach topped with Pumpkin Kasha. My kasha is officially gone! Boy was it ever delicious, thanks Mama P! :)

Before I end this for the night, I promised my mom I would give her a Benny update.
Don't let this cute little face fool you, 3 pounds of adorable Chihuahua can be quite destructive! Haha, no I kid, he's way too cute to be destructive and a little pee on the carpet doesn't matter with those Puppy eyes staring at you.

Okay kids, that's all I have for you today.

Hope everyone's Monday was grand!



  1. Haha no worries - Chooey is deceptively cute as well ;)

    Hope you have a restful evening!

  2. That looks like a PERFECT Sunday breakfast! :)

    Glad to hear you're back to "normal" life now ... ha, it was probably kinda sad to go back after a vacation like that but I'm sure you're ready to put your mouth issues behind you ; )

  3. Your din din is CALLING MY NAME!! Pecans?! Cranberries?! Goat cheese!? Brussels!?! Oh my goodness gracious!

    And for the 39028th time, I LOVE your Mrs. mug :)

  4. I'm glad that you are back to work and feeling ok dear girl!!

    That tofu looks great and I don't even really dig tofu! Of course, ALL your food looks amazeballs. All the time, lol.

    Keep early January open so we can get together, ok?

  5. um...did i hear you right? you usually DON'T like chocolate chips in your pancakes?!?!?!

    so it looks like we'll be in philly from dec. 28th thru the 30th. if you and toly do decide to go come to town, lemme know!!!

  6. I'm digging the roasted brussels - twas my veggie of choice at lunch today! Do you and Toly have matching Mr. and Mrs. mugs?

  7. That tofu looks granola bars...but amazing none the less!

  8. Glad the first day back went well. Getting back in the swing of things is always tough. Great looking pancakes and brussels mix. I love the idea of a little sweet mixed in with brussels. Cute picture of your little baby :) Have a good Tuesday

  9. Go Team!!!! Way to go back and conquer the office! I am very curious about this whole Pumpkin Kasha thing. It sounds delicious!

  10. i know work sucks but it is awesome you are recovered!! & those pancakes look like a FINNE way to start your day :) yum!


  11. wow that 2 weeks went by really fast! well at least on my end. i am sure even faster for you! those puppy dog eyes melt my heart. it is hard to stay mad at cute faces, isn't it?! :) hope your day back at work goes well love!

  12. UGH - back to work!! Hope it went well for you and the transition was ok!

  13. My oh my oh my what a FANTASTIC tofu recipe!! i'm drooling just thinking about the combination of the tofu, oats and honey!! I've only done panko crusted tofu, but the oats will add such a wonderful chewy crunchy element to it. YUM!!!

    I agree- chocolate plus a berry = romance. :)

  14. OMG those pancakes look sooooooo good!

  15. Oh my gosh all those foods look fantastic! The tofu had me drooling and I don't even care for tofu! I may give that a whirl though! And the sprouts with cranberries and goat cheese is a great idea!