Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sunday Routine

Allow me to reveal to you a typical Sunday in the Podolsky house...

6:30am- I wake up, do a 45 min leisurely workout on my ET while catching up on some TV-o, followed by a 20 min ab routine.

8am- Make coffee, get the paper, cut coupons while drinking cup of coffee number 1

8:30am- Toly comes downstairs and I start breakfast

9am- We eat a wonderful Sunday breakfast together while skimming through the classifieds.

This morning, it was waffles....

Mine was a Nature's Path Honey Oat waffle with honey okios, sauteed cinnamon apple, pecans, and a drizzle of honey almond butter.
With a chicken apple sausage on the side. Heavenly!

Toly had two Strawberry Eggos, with banana/strawberry topping and bacon.
9:30am- Clean up kitchen while belting out to the magical tunes of Neil Diamond, clean up self and move on to the next task of the day, which is usually grocery shopping.
12pm- Get home from shopping/errands, put everything away, prep dinners for the week and then make lunch.
Today it was leftover pizza from last night....
Mediterranean Veggie Pizza on my side, Turkey, Bacon, Pepperoni on Toly's.

The rest of the day is spent attempting to tune out the uproar of excitement/dismay coming from the vocalized screams of my enthusiastic husband.
You see, Sunday's are intense here. Loud obscenities are shouted, pillows are thrown, hair is pulled, punches are made (into the couch)......
All for the passionate game of Football.
I did a good job of ignoring the chaos this afternoon. I spent hours in the kitchen getting things ready for a BIG food week. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but tonight, my BF, Jen is coming over for our Girls Night Pumpkin Dinner that we have been planning for months now.
I was in charge of the meal and she is the dessert master. Really guys, Jen is an incredible baker. I never turn down the opportunity to indulge in a Jen made baked delight.
The entire night is dedicated to one of our favorite veggies in the world....
Here is a sneak peak of the menu.....

Pumpkin Spinach Cranberry Risotto stuffed Acorn Squash

Autumn Salad

Maple Roasted Asparagus

I'm not sure what the Pumpkin dessert will be, but if Jen is making it, I know it will be out of this world.
Well, gotta get some wine chilling and ready for Girls Night.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! :)


  1. oh my gosh! Your night sounds awesome! I am so jealous. And your Sundays (surprise surprise) sound exactly like ours :)

    I agree, hiking is totally romantic. We had a blast.

    I am really lame when we go out in terms of ordering. Ever since I went veg- I'm nervous that even the dishes I think are veg are not (i.e. I went out to lunch 2 weeks ago and almost ordered the vegetable soup....until I randomly asked if it was veg friendly- nope! made with beef broth!). I will try to be more adventurous this week, I promise ;)

  2. wow i'm so impressed you're up at 6:30am on a weekend!!! what a wonderful day of eats....

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sunday paper/ads!! Coupon clipping is my favorite past time :)

    SO jealous of your pumpkin dinner!! Oh my goodness--what a great idea!

  4. i need to get invited to this pumpkin party - it sounds way too good to be true :)

    how is the face thing going?

  5. LOL, I've never been to a football game, or watched one, but I did hear it can get pretty rowdy.

    Pumpkin Spinach Cranberry Risotto stuffed Acorn Squash?!! What a mouthful! But I wish that mouthful was IN my mouth! It looks amazing!

  6. ive seen pizza so much all over the bloggie world.. i want it now! i LOVE those chicken apple sausages too

  7. What a beautiful blog and a fantastic post!! Glad I found yours through another site. Your food is beautiful - love the pizza - if you check my blog, you'll see I'm a pizza fanatic ;) ...and the squash...everything looks so fresh and healthy ...makes me guilty for all the nut butters and chocolate I consume - oye :(...anyhow, I'll add you to my roll if you don't mind! Please check out my site and add me if you like it (your decision!).I love finding new great readers and sites. I also see that you are a runner!

    Oh by the way - your blog's title is fantastic - I actually just posting on Satya- meaning a commitment to truth in yoga - so "Say what you NEED to say" is very true and relevant. Good day :)

  8. I am really impressed that you wake up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. The girlie times menu looks great, I am sure you had lots of fun!!!

  9. Girl, what is all in the salad? Those colors look amazing! :D

  10. what a fun idea for a dinner!

    Our Saturdays are the loud football days....and it's usually me screaming, not my husband :)

  11. I love all of your meals from Sunday! The waffles, the pizza, the stuffed squash, delicious!

    I always laugh when guys get REALLY into games - yelling, screaming, throwing things. I'm always like, "does it really help?!" I don't have that special chromosome that makes me think it does ;)

  12. Haha!! ahhh too much to comment about!!! your foods look awesome!! the squash, the waffles, ASPARAGUS (i love ittttttt), and the med. veggie pizza!! wowie!!!

    haha cutting coupons on Sunday morning was one of my FAV things to do as a kid!! :)


  13. LOVE the idea of a pumpkin-themed girl's night. All of the dishes look outstanding... I especially like the risotto stuffed acorn squash. I could dig right into that!

  14. hahah when you said it was waffles that you had for breakfast then showed the photo i was like "where is the waffle?!" it is so covered in amazing toppings that i didnt see it!

    the med/veggie pizza had my mouth watering.

    hate football screaming. seriously. hate it! and it scares the dogs haha.