Monday, November 23, 2009

Multi-Tasking for Turkey Day

It's officially here! Thanksgiving week 2009!

Hopefully, you are all treated to a short week and have glorious plans for the holiday.

I, of course, have off on Thursday, but have to come back to work on Friday because I need to save all of my sick time for the following week when I go out for my surgery.

This week is busy for us as I am sure it is for all of you.

Work is going to be crazy this week because I need to get everything caught up for when I will be out for 2 weeks. I also have a big presentation tomorrow morning that I've been working on as well as our annual Holiday/Birthday Department celebration lunch that I need to make some treats for.

And on top of all of that, I'll be preparing some dishes for Thursday during the evenings. I've actually planned it out well so that I am making a different item each night, so that way I am not stressing to get it all done last minute.

In order to tackle my "To-Make" list, I've decided to plan out some quick and easy dinners for the week so that way I don't have to worry about cooking our meal for the night on top of everything else.

Tonight was a great example. Last night, I threw everything into my crock for The Fitnessista's

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.

This morning, all I did was switch it to "on" and 8 hours later….dinner was ready conveniently without any work at all.

Another method of my multi-tasking was to make one of the side dishes for Thanksgiving and to go with dinner tonight as well.

Pumpkin Corn Bread Muffins…..

This recipe is super easy and utterly delicious. If you are a fan of corn bread, please try this because I promise you will not be disappointed. The pumpkin adds the most amazing flavor and makes the bread insanely moist and sweet.

This is my favorite Corn Bread Mix (because you all know I do not bake from scratch). It's all natural without any of the scary ingredients that most corn bread mixes contain. Like HFCS and artificial additives.

To the mix, I added 1 cup of Canned Pumpkin, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tsp. of vanilla, cinnamon and 1 egg.

Then I sprayed 12 muffin tins and poured the batter into each about half way full.

Baked for 20 min and devour!

These are an excellent dipper for chili and will be a perfect addition to our Thanksgiving table. I can keep them in the fridge so that they stay fresh and warm them up on Thursday. Perfect!

Dinner was winner! The chili was delicious and extremely easy to put together in a matter of 5 minutes.
Slow Cooker to the rescue!

I topped my chili over a bed of slightly steamed spinach and a warm Pumpkin Corn bread muffin.

Toly had his over a baked potato and smoothered in cheese.

Girls Night Pumpkin Party last night was a blast! Jen and I started our evening with a relaxing glass of menage a tuoi. This is becoming my new favorite wine.

We chatted while dinner cooked and then eventually moved to the table to dig in to our pumpkin inspired meal.

Everything was great, but it was even more delightful to be able to spend time with my best friend and just unwind. We really do savor these nights because unfortunately, they aren't able to happen too often with our busy schedules.

But I did promise you all that Jen would deliver a spectacular Pumpkin Dessert and well, I did not steer you wrong.

Once again, she wowed me with her incredible confectionery skills.

Jen made a Pumpkin Ice Crème Torte in a crust of crushed Ginger Snaps and candied pecans drizzled with caramel.

It was to die for! Complete Food Porn!

Thank goodness for great friends and thank goodness for Pumpkin! Two things in my life that bring me great joy. ;)

In other news, check out this UNBELIEVABLE deal on a Garmin 305 at Amazon!!!!

Yes this is my subtle hint family....

Best Christmas present for Lauren in case anyone was wondering..... :)

More news, I just head the sad sad news that Libby won't be making any more canned pumpkin this year. The crop is just not worth trying to save, so they arn't going to try to save it this year.

So you know what that means, STOCK UP LIKE CRAZY ON PUMPKIN!!!!! Because it WILL be gone and won't be back until next year. What a tragedy!

Hope you are all getting psyched for Turkey Day! What are the plans? I can't wait to hear!

Have a lovely evening everyone!


  1. Hey girlie! Pumpkin going away?? Say it ain't so! Sad songs. You are one busy chicky! I love how all of your planning is coming together so nicely- good work! What an AMAZING dinner. You have such good taste in food ;) That Pumpkin Ice Crème Torte does look out of this world. Hope the presentation goes well.

  2. i LOVEEEEEE cornbread!! And that pumpkin torte..dang girl! you and your friend are so cute

    good luck on your presentation!

  3. i love that cornbread mix too....and yes i'm stocking up on pumpkin!!!

  4. I've been seeing so much soup around the blog world these days and it all looks amazing! (I must say, out of what I've seen so far, yours is definitely looking the most appealing to my taste buds! ; ) It's true ... I'm not just saying it because I like it, haha.

  5. My friend has a garmin and she loves it!!! and so do I! it's truly amazing!:) Hope you get it girl:)


  6. omgg that pie looks to diee for! & that is sad about the pumpkin :(

    good luck w/ the presentation


  7. OMG those cornbread muffins look delicious! I just made some on sunday night with some turkey chili! It was a box from trader joes but I just added eggwhite adn almond milk and it came out fluffy and delicious! I must try that box, thanks for posting it :)

  8. I have been dying for a boxed cornbread mix. This is perfect Lauren, thanks! And black bean sweet tater chili is da bomb! LOVE.

    I know you're busy this week and then icky surgery coming up. :( But once you're better, I'd love to tour the farmers market over on your side of the river! I hear it's good. Let me know once you're feeling better dear!

  9. I"m glad pumpkin night was fun - that dessert looks amazing!

  10. Pumpkin ice cream torte sounds amazing! Maybe she can share the recipe? ;)

  11. mmmm what is it about chili and cornbread?! so so good together. whoever started it should get an award. i saw that recipe on gina's blog, it looks so yummy! that torte is incredible. and i am sorry you have to work on friday! good luck on the surgery, i know it is not until next week.. but ya know :) <3

  12. omg - LOVE your kicked up cornbread!! That brand of Krusteaz is melt in your mouth delish...yummmm. :)

    That Menage Tois red wine is my ABsolute fave red wine too! You go girl!

  13. I'm making pumpkin cornbread for Thanksgiving--I hope it's even 0.00001% as yummy as yours!!! You and Jen are so cute and gorgeous and awesome and lovely! Glad you had a great meal.

  14. I've heard great things about that wine!
    Great idea to make a dish each night! You should submit that idea to Real Simple or something ;)
    Hehe...I hope Santa brings you your Garmin :)