Monday, November 30, 2009

Nachos Make it Better

Another month is behind us and pretty soon, we will be saying goodbye to entire year. Crazy how fast the time flies these days.

I do think December is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is all of the Christmas hype so thrilling, but for some reason, I feel that I have the fondest memories during this month. There are countless traditions, like Cookie Baking with the girls, Christmas café's at church, me and Toly's customary Christmas Eve dinner and "It's a Wonderful Life" watching, and so many more.

Although my month is starting off a bit damper with my surgery in 2 days, I am hoping that the time off will allow me to get fully enthralled in the Christmas spirit. So much time on my hands to decorate, wrap and bake (well maybe not bake, but we'll see).

Speaking of my face, I am thinking that it's well time that I had this surgery. It's getting worse every single day and my cheek has actually formed a rather disgusting looking sore. I am guessing it is due to the stretching and bruising from the swelling over the past 6 months.

Here is what it looks like 2 days before the surgery.

Gross I know!

I was just not feeling 100% and blame most of it on the fact that I started my array of drugs that were prescribed. This little body does not do so well on narcotics, so it's no wonder I was a little out of it.

The steroids I am on seem to make me pretty nauseous but they require you to continually keep something in your stomach. It's weird because I feel sick but eating makes it feel better. I think that is what they say the first trimester of pregnancy is like but I could be wrong.

Today was actually quite uneventful so I won't bore you with the details. Instead I will just move right on to something interesting…

Dinner! (If I haven't made you vomit already from my wretched looking face...)

It was cold and rainy and I wasn't much in the mood for cooking. I thanked the Lord for the leftovers that sat in my fridge and realized I could still whip up something fantastic without much effort.

Being that I was feeling irritable and anxious, I decided to drown my misery in a big bowl of comforting nachos.

My Nachos were made from the last of the Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

I layered Sweet Potato Tortilla chips on the bottom of a bowl, topped with baby spinach, chili and pepper jack cheese. Then I baked these for about 15 min. When they came out, I added diced avocado and "sour cream" (Greek Yogurt).

So amazing and it really did the trick in lifting my spirits. Whoever says food doesn't make you happy is full of it! Nachos make you happy. Trust me.

I made Toly one of his favorites. Buffalo Chicken Nachos. You can see how I make these here…


Okay, now on a totally unrelated note, I need some advice from all of my dog lovin owners out there. For the past month or so, Sammy has been incessantly throwing up. It's been every day at least once. Toly and I really can not figure out why he is doing this. We stopped giving him any morsel of "people" food, we took away his toys, we changed his food. Nothing is working. He went to the vet a few weeks ago and all of his tests came back normal. And he is still eating and acting completely normal, just throwing up all the time. Any ideas? It's really getting discouraging!

Tomorrow is my last day of eating normal for awhile so in honor of this, we are having a party at our friend's house. Pizza, crab dip, cookies…oh you name it. I must get in the good stuff before I am limited to liquids for awhile. I did manage to stock up on ice cream, so I am thinking 3 gallons will last me. ;) I remember how amazing the cold felt the last time I had surgery so I wanted to be prepared.

Hope you all were able to transition back into the work week. I know it's hard, but just remember, Christmas is only a month away!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ah! I just want to give you a hug. Its just not fair that you have to go through all of this. Glad the nachos made things a bit better :) They look freaking incredible.

    Hmmm....did you change his heart worm or flea/tick medication??? Thats all I can think of?

  2. First time reading and commenting. Wanted to wish you good luck with the surgery and tell you that your nachos look amazing! I'm going to have to try the chili over chips sometime soon :)

  3. Oh my! I am so sorry. Have a blast at the party. :)
    Yes, nachos do make it all better. I always crave nachos. I often make the mistake of going out for them and no place ever make them right (for me). I seriously think I should open a nacho bar/restaurant.

  4. Oh my gosh Lauren I cannot even imagine the pain you are in!!!! Hopefully this surgery will be the answer. I'll be thinking of you on Wendesday.

    Keep up the positivity--it'll certainly help!

  5. Ok, so I know that Copper was a cat...but when he started throwing up it was for attention. Seriously. No other reason humanly possible. Maybe that's what Sammy is up to--especially if you have explored all the other options. Boo to your surgery--I hope it goes well!

  6. Aww Lauren, you poor thing! You must be in so much pain :( I hope the surgery goes really well! You are such a fighter :) And I love December, too. I'm so nostalgic holiday-wise!

  7. so sorry you have to go through all of this!! But I'll be praying for a good surgery:)

  8. You are still BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

    :) good luck with your surgery!!

    Sending you happy and healthy vibes!

  9. good luck with the surgeryy-- i hoep you feel better asap!
    & im soo sorry about your dog, i have no clue why that would happen :\ .. the eats look really delicious!

  10. I hope everything goes well the next few days with prep + surgery! At least the rest of December should be better :)

    those nachos sound great!

  11. awww!! so sad to see my Laur's face not 100%! you are still stunning btw, with or without a red lump!! I mostly just hope the surgey goes smoothly and you feel better asap!!!

    At least you had the most delicious bowl of chili everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, right?! seriously, can I come over and have some?!

    ew steroids!! i have been on them before for skating injuries! totes not fun.


    p.s. how are we not facebook friends yet?! email me your name if you have one!!!!!!!!! MWAH MWAH MWAH

  12. Hoping and praying that your surgery is successful and you can finally put this awful stage behind you!! I can't even imagine how frustrated you must be, but also so excited to move past all this. Fingers crossed!!!

  13. You poor thing! I hope that the surgery goes well and that you feel better soon!

    Question: where do you buy sweet potato tortilla chips? I have never heard of those before!

  14. Oh girl I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this!

    Email me about your puppers so we can talk vomit without getting all gross on the food blog. :p

  15. Ow girl, that swelling looks so uncomfortable! I'm so glad you're having the surgery.

    YAY for 3 gal of ice cream!!

    No idea about Sammy but hope he feels better soon.

  16. i am stumped about sammy. i guess you should not worry too much because you had everything tested, but i can understand why it would be frustrating! poor little one :( and poor YOU! your face looks like it hurts. i hope that this surgery fixes everything and you can be on your merry way to have a fabulous december~you deserve it. the nachos look fabulous!! good luck tomorrow hun!!!!