Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hell Has Frozen Over

Yes, it is true! Such a sad and unfortunate event happened today and I would like to take this opportunity to offer a moment of silence in the respect.

Do you remember when I told you all that there would be no Pumpkin left until next year's crop? Well, considering this devastating news and the fact that I will be unable to partake in solid foods for awhile, I thought I should b-line to the store to stock up for the next year.

Today, when I was shopping, it happened. Once where the generous cans use to sit, was now empty. Zippo! Nothing! There was a sign that said "We are sorry but due to the shortage, we will not be supplying canned pumpkin until further notice!"

Ahhhh!!!! What a tragedy.

So, now I am on a serious mission to find all of the pumpkin left in PA. It could be a very long year without pumpkin in my life.

Anyways, I'm digressing now.

Today was just like any other glorious Sunday.

Sunday breakfast was superb.

I am in love with these baked apples for breakfast. If you have not tried these yet, and are looking for something new and exciting for breakfast, please try this. All I do is core an apple and scoop out the flesh to make a large empty cavity. Then I mix together oats, dried cherries/apricots, walnuts, agave, cinnamon and brown sugar and stuff the apple until it can be stuffed no more. I bake the apple at 350 for about 30 min. Cut it open and glob on yogurt, almond butter and granola. It's amazing!
After breakfast, Toly and I spent the remainder of the morning cleaning and running errands. After my unfortunate incident at the grocery store, I needed something to ease my shock. I guess I worked up quite an appetite amongst my distress, because I came home starved.
I heated up a Veggie burger with BBQ sauce and honey mustard and pickles. Oh so good! I also baked a hefty amount of squash fries to complete this meal.
This lunch qualifies in my top 5 of favorites!

We managed to do some more house work and I eventually crashed on the couch for an hour or so before I worked on dinner.
Crab Melts tonight!

I made mine "Greek" by adding artichoke and sun dried tomatoes and feta. Served on a Porto with spinach.

Side salad of spinach, Pom, and oranges with leftover roasted veggies (still from Thanksgiving because I think I am the only one who ate veggies at Thanksgiving and made enough for an army.)
Toly opted for his melt on an Asiago bagel which smelled divine. There is something about Asiago cheese, it just has such a distinct smell and taste that I really like. And I honestly don't care much for cheese unless it's extremely pungent and flavorful (hence goat, feta or blue cheese).

Sunday's usually result in a romantic dinner. It bring nice closure to a great weekend.

Aside from the Pumpkin mayhem, today was rather relaxing. I have a short week because Wednesday is my surgery and then I will be out for 2 weeks!!! Crazy. I have a lot to get done at work beforehand, so these two days should fly by.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend everyone!


  1. No WAY! I saw tons and tons of canned pumpkin less than a week ago on shelves everywhere. I'll have to check it out!

    That baked apple looks amaaaaazing!!! Good luck with the sugery m'dear.

  2. ahh sorry about the pumpkin incident...but glad u had a relaxing sunday! & the asiago bagel sounds delicious :)


    -- wishin u the best w/ surgery!

  3. I'm not a fan of canned pumpkin, so I'm not that devastated...but winter squashes are fine, right?

    Oh gosh. Wednesday. I'll be having you in mind! Praying for you, Laura!

  4. gah i am so sorry to hear about the pumpkin~or lack there of i guess i should say!

    and my dear.. wednesday, i will be saying prayers for youuuu

    you will do great.

    p.s. your thanksgiving looked incredible :) xo

  5. Try WFs!!! They had bundles when I was last there. Ok, how freaking good does your bfast look? Apple delight. Oh and totally having squash for dinner tonight- cannot wait!

  6. OMG, that's terrible! I just stocked up, too because of the Shortage--so sorry you couldn't find any! You k now what I think happened? The pumpkin peeps got wind of how much us food bloggers love pumpkin and decided to create a "shortage" to increase the demand...jerks. ;) Jk, keep searching my dear and good luck on Wednesday! xoxo

  7. Asiago cheese DEFINITELY gets the job done for me as well. That stuff is way too tasty! Your baked apple for breakfast looks delicious.

    The pumpkin shortage is so sad!! I hope you get your hands on some soon! Good luck getting ready for your surgery!

  8. The pumpkin shortage is scaring me! Yikes!

    I love that you guys do the romantic relaxing Sunday suppers as well. I love those! And crab melts sound fantastic, goodness!

  9. oh all the goods you can! 2 week recovery? gosh, sending you lots of love and good wishes.

    i am trying that baked apple tomorrow - no lie. i have everything in my kitchen for it, and it looks absolutely amazing! thanks for the recipe!

  10. I love baked apples, thanks for the reminder. I need to make them:)

  11. What?! There still is a pumpkin shortage? I thought that was over?! Have you tried Trader Joe's? I know they now are selling canned organic pumpkin. That crab melt on porto looks divine. And I want that salad with pom and oranges - NOW! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!